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Illustration for news: HSE International Students Explore Russia and beyond: Antti Viktor Rauhala in Kyrgyzstan

HSE International Students Explore Russia and beyond: Antti Viktor Rauhala in Kyrgyzstan

Antti Viktor Rauhala is from Finland. He came to HSE this January as an exchange student. As a politics student who has been studying Russian politics in London at UCL, he has found it refreshing to get a 'Russian perspective' on the current political situation. With his friend Christopher he set on a journey through Russia and Kyrgyzstan.

HSE International Students Explore Russia: Schuchi Agrawal in Nizhny Novgorod and Kazan

Shuchi Agrawal came to Higher School of Economics from Brown University, USA. She studied in the Math in Moscow programme in the spring semester of 2015. The programme is organized by HSE’s Faculty of Mathematics, the Independent University of Moscow, and Moscow Centre for Continous Mathematical Education.

HSE International Students Explore Russia: Katherine Alberti in Novgorod

Katherine Alberti came to work as an intern at HSE’s Faculty of Economic Sciences from the University of Texas at Austin. During the May holidays, Kat’s Russian friend invited her to come along on an adventurous journey. Kat had taken a medieval Russian literature class so she was prepared for Russian peculiarities. Visiting Veliky Novgorod gave Kat an opportunity to feel the foundations of Russian culture. Kat has shared her experience of exploring the city with Read Square, HSE online student magazine. She recommends going to Novgorod to discover how Russians of old used to live.


of HSE students are involved in sports, and 22% of them train in university groups and classes.

Illustration for news: HSE International Students Explore Russia: Laura Gather in Siberia

HSE International Students Explore Russia: Laura Gather in Siberia

Laura Gather came to the HSE to study Social Science. She is from Germany and studies in Cologne. This May, her friends and she travelled by the Trans-Siberian railway. From Moscow, they went by train to Ekaterinburg, then to Omsk, Novosibirsk, Ulan Ude, and Irkutsk. Laura spent two nights on Olkhon Island and one night in Listvianka before she finally returned from Irkutsk to Moscow by plane. She has shared an account of her travel experiences with Read Square, HSE online student magazine run by Russian and international stuents.


applications to beautify and landscape spaces were collected by the mini-park project run by Green HSE, a student environmental club. 

HSE Graduation Party: A Step-by-Step Guide

On 20th June HSE invites all graduates, students and teachers to the Star Wars themed University Graduation Party at Space Moscow. This is without a doubt, the best party of the year. But to get the most out of it, remember to follow these few vital steps.  

Illustration for news: HSE’s Courtyard Became a Piece of Art

HSE’s Courtyard Became a Piece of Art

On May 28th, 2015, the festival of children’s and youth art, ‘We Draw the World on the Pavement’, took place in Strogino. The participants spent four hours turning the 162-sq.m. area in front of the HSE MIEM building into a canvas united by the themes of peace, joy and spring.

Heroes among Us — Learn How to Be A Volunteer

Volunteering isn’t a profession it is about following your heart. If you want to help someone in need but don’t know how to begin, then come to our event at the ZIL Cultural Centre. On the 4th June, HSE student organisations are running the ‘A Hero among Us’ festival with dozens of Moscow’s student charity projects.


student creative groups are operated by the HSE Centre for Creative Production and Cultural Programmes.