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What the Faculty of Business and Management will be like

The HSE has concluded a process of expanding its faculties. What opportunities has this process opened up for students? How are BA and MA programmes now managed? Will this help ensure decision-making centers are closer to student audiences and scientific laboratories? Here we take the 'big' Business and Management Faculty, which now unites specialists in management, logistics, and business informatics as an example in exploring these issues.

HSE Expands Transfer Opportunities for Students

HSE has developed a set of policies and procedures for foreign students wishing to transfer.

Usable Pasts

In 2015, the international master's programme in English will launch, called Applied and Interdisciplinary History 'Usable Pasts'.The programme is headed by Associate Professor at the School of History of the St Petersburg Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, Julia Lajus.

HSE and EMC Corporation Will Study the Market of Bioinformatics in Russia

Higher School of Economics and EMC Cloud and Big Data R&D Center in Moscow (Skolkovo) have signed a cooperation agreement, which includes the creation of a Project and Study Group in Bioinformatics. HSE students and lecturers are a key part of the group.

Illustration for news: Humanities at HSE: One Faculty, Different Programmes, More Opportunities

Humanities at HSE: One Faculty, Different Programmes, More Opportunities

The united Faculty of Humanities has been launched and recently held an open day at HSE. For those who missed the event we share the most important information about the faculty.

A New Research Adventure Begins

On December 4-6, a cross-disciplinary workshop called ‘Cognitive Control, Communication and Perception: Psychological and Neurobiological Aspects’ will be held at Higher School of Economics in Moscow. Dr Pascal Belin, Professor at the Faculty of Medicine at Aix-Marseille University, Director of the European Center for Research in Medical Imaging, one of the key participants at the event, kindly agreed to speak with the HSE news service and shed some light on his research.

Illustration for news: A Unique Sport Management International Cooperation

A Unique Sport Management International Cooperation

HSE has become the sixteenth partner in the FIFA/CIES International University Network.

School of Asian Studies to Become Part of the Faculty of World Economy and International Affairs

On May 30, 2014, the HSE Academic Council voted to open a new ‘mega department’ – the Faculty of World Economy and International Affairs. The structure of this big division will include a Department of World Economy, a Department of International Affairs, and the School of Asian Studies. Sergey Karaganov will serve as Dean of the Faculty.

Illustration for news: HSE and University of Bologna sign new agreement on dual-degree programme

HSE and University of Bologna sign new agreement on dual-degree programme

Students in HSE’s Political Analysis and Public Policy master’s programme who have studied for at least a semester at the University of Bologna and successfully defended their thesis will be able to receive degrees from both universities. Similarly, Italian students who study for a semester or a year at the HSE will have the same opportunity.

Illustration for news: Russian Network Analysis Begins at the HSE

Russian Network Analysis Begins at the HSE

The HSE has set up a new International Laboratory for Applied Network Analysis. The lab’s Academic Supervisor, Professor at Indiana University, Stanley S. Wasserman and Deputy Dean for International Relations at the HSE Faculty of Management, Valentina Kuskova talked to the News Service about the aims of the new laboratory.