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People in America are More Interested in Tolstoy than Putin

Andrey Shcherbak, Associate Professor at the HSE Saint Petersburg School of Applied Political Science, spent six months in the USA, thanks to the Mellon Visiting Scholar Fellowship programme. Andrey told us about the programme and his research.

Vasily Klyucharev, Dean of the HSE Faculty of Psychology: ‘Our objective is to integrate our faculty into the European academic space’

Vasily Klyucharev is the new Dean of the HSE Faculty of Psychology. His professional interests lie in neuroeconomics - more specifically, in the study of social influence, of the ways our decisions can be manipulated, what mechanisms are at play, and which parts of our brain are involved when someone tries to manipulate us. The new Dean talked to our news service about the faculty's upcoming research projects and academic courses.

Lev Lubimov: A Warm Human-Being at the Heart of the HSE

Dr. Lev Lubimov, Professor Emeritus of the HSE’s Chair for Macroeconomic Analysis, helped found the University in the early 1990s and since then has been instrumental in its development by heading the Educational and Methodic Association in Economics and Management, the Scientific and Methodic Council of Education, and the Methodic Association in Logistics. Recently, Professor Marion Wyse of the HSE’s School of Asian Studies met with Dr. Lubimov and, afterwards, filed this special report for the HSE news service.

‘Without data you are just another person with an opinion’

Valentina Kuskova is a Research Fellow in the Center for Advanced Studies and an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Management. Valentina joined the Higher School of Economics in 2011, she repatriated from the United States, where she spent 16 years, 12 out of which she devoted to research and teaching. She kindly agreed to share her experience, opinion and plans with us.

How to Create a Proper Macroeconomic Picture of the World

Boris Kuznetsov, Professor at the HSE Subdepartment of Economic Analysis of Organizations and Markets has recently returned from the US where he read a series of lectures on Russian economics to students at Stanford University. The HSE news portal asked him to talk about his impressions after the trip and about what prospects there are for working together in the future with our American colleagues.

‘To Keep our Position We Need to Improve Very Fast’

Alexander Shokhin, President of the HSE, in his interview at the XIV HSE April Conference spoke about barriers and prospects for the investment climate in Russia.

In Search of Social Entrepreneurs

Alexandra Moskovskaya, Director of the HSE Center for Social Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation Studies, has won the first annual award for ‘Impulse for Good’ in the category ‘For Leadership in the Advancement of Social Entrepreneurship’. She told the HSE portal about her research and how new subjects in science and social entrepreneurship are perceived in Russia.

‘The More You Give, the More You Get’

Anita Soboleva, Associate Professor at the HSE Faculty of Law Department of the Theory of Law and Comparative Law, has been voted one of the best HSE teachers by students in 2012.

‘Each Student Studies on His Own, and the Teacher Is Only the Torch Which Lights His Way through a Dark Forest’

Ella Khabina, Associate Professor at the Faculty of Economics department of Higher Mathematics, was named one of the best HSE teachers conducting seminar classes in 2012, in a vote by students from the Faculty of Economics.

Apply Early for the Russian-British Master’s Programme in Financial Economics

Interview with Maxim Nikitin, Academic Supervisor of the ICEF master’s programme in Financial Economics.