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Illustration for news: 'In Times of Misunderstanding, We Must Remember Our Alliance during WWII'

'In Times of Misunderstanding, We Must Remember Our Alliance during WWII'

On April 24, Former U.S. Ambassador to Russia (2008-2012) John Beyrle gave a lecture at the Higher School of Economics on American and Soviet cooperation in the Second World War. The lecture also commemorated the 70th anniversary of Elbe Day, when Soviet and American troops met at the River Elbe on April 25, 1945.

Illustration for news: HSE Publishing House Books for Sale in London

HSE Publishing House Books for Sale in London

HSE Publishing House books are on sale in London now. In the huge Waterstones bookshop on Piccadilly, with four floors of English books there is a cozy space allocated specially to Russian language fiction and academic literature.

Law Students Should Realise That in the Future a Person’s Life Could Be in Their Hands

The finalists in the Model for an International Criminal Court competition have been announced at HSE. This game in the form of a trial is based on proceedings at the ICC in the Hague. In Russia the first two rounds of the competition are happening for the 4th time, for three years in a row they have been held at the HSE Faculty of Law.

Parenting Styles and Economics

Does the economy influence the way people bring up their children? How can we determine and measure a child’s utility? How can parenting styles be categorized in an economic model? These are the questions that Professor Fabricio Zilibotti of the University of Zurich addressed in his honorary lecture ‘Parenting with Style’, which he delivered at the April International Academic Conference.

Latest Measurement Technology Displayed at MIEM Symposium

On April 3, HSE’s Moscow Institute of Electronics and Mathematics (MIEM) and the company National Instruments organised the first international symposium ‘Computer Measurement Technologies.’ 

‘If You Broke off Communications — Consider That You Have Lost’

HSE held an international conference on 'Crisis Communications in Sports Management Bodies: Active Versus Reactive Strategies'. FIFA top managers spoke about how one of the largest international organisations manages its relations with the media, with politicians and public opinion.

Two Days — Three Startup Winners

A voice navigator for the visually impaired, English language learning games, teaching computer programming to children are the results of two days intensive work by young people at Hackathon (forum for developing software), Hack for People at the HSE Centre for Prototype Development. The participants had just 48 hours to formulate the concept for a project, write a strategy to promote and create it or fine-tune a prototype.  

HSE Enters Second Stage of Project 5-100 a Leader

The Higher School of Economics is among the top four universities ranked by the Council on Enhancing the Competitiveness of Russia’s Leading Universities. HSE is the only university participating in the project to have kept its leading position in the ranking. The university’s Vice Rector, Maria Yudkevich, who also presented HSE’s Roadmap at the Council’s meeting in Tomsk, talks about how the university was able to achieve this and describes what HSE has set as its priorities in the next stage of the fight to enter the list of the world’s strongest universities.

Professor Kimberly Martin and Counterfactuals in International Relations Research

On the 17th March 2015 in the European Club, a series of academic encounters organised by the Department of International Relations at the Faculty of World Economy and International Affairs, Professor Kimberly Marten gave a talk asking, ‘Could NATO have avoided expansion?’

Solving Climate Problems Is Not That Expensive And Even Profitable

Fighting climate change requires close international cooperation, but global politics and short-term economic interests still hinder the execution of a joint plan of action. How can this be overcome? Participants of HSE’s international conference ‘The New Economics of Climate: Prospects for Russia’ tried to answer this question.