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Saturday, January 23


Master's Programmes of the Faculty of Economic Sciences: Open House


Philanthropy in Modern Western Society

Dr. Stefan Toepler of George Mason University (U.S.) is a recognized expert in research on the non-profit sector and the author of more than 70 publications in international journals. He will present a paper at the upcoming seminar of  HSE’s Centre for Studies of Civil Society and the Nonprofit Sector (CSCSNS), which will take place on June 26 and focus on the topic, ‘New Forms of Public-Private Partnership in the Field of Philanthropy in the U.S.’. Dr. Toepler gave a special interview to the HSE news service.

10 Myths on Civil Society Debunked

On June 20, the HSE’s Centre for Studies of Civil Society and the Nonprofit Sector held a seminar led by Lester Salamon, Director of the Center for Civil Society Studies at The Johns Hopkins Institute for Policy Studies and now Academic Advisor of the HSE’s International Laboratory for Nonprofit Sector Studies that was established earlier this year.


of Russians stated that they are willing to overpay for environmentally friendly food products.

Growing Demand Revives Retail

A seasonal revival in consumer demand stimulated an increase inretail trade in Q2 2014. Food retail showed the best results, but intensified moods to save household earnings, a slowdown in income growth, high inflation, and difficulties in obtaining consumer credit might soon change the situation, according to experts from the Centre for Business Tendency Studies at the Institute for Statistical Studies and Economics of Knowledge at the Higher School of Economics in their latest monitoring of the retail business climate.


of young professionals age 19-24 use connections through friends or relatives when securing employment.


– the level to which the business confidence index in retail trade has risen.


of ninth-grade students say that they expect a high salary in their first job.

Informal Medicine Goes Where Formal Medicine Does Not

The markets for healing and witch doctors are often developed in smaller cities and also serve nearby rural areas as well. Such centres of 'informal healthcare' most commonly thrive among individuals who have become disappointed with traditional medicine or among those who do not have access to traditional medicine, Yulia Krasheninnikova, Associate Professor in the Faculty of Management’s Department of State and Municipal Management at HSE Perm campus, said in the study 'Beyond the Healthcare System: The Development of Alternative Health Services in Urban and Rural Areas.'

Alfred Rieber Speaks on Social Fragmentation at First World War Conference

Alfred J. Rieber, University Research Professor at Central European University (Budapest, Hungary), recently presented at the international conference ‘Russia in the First World War’, which was organized by the HSE’s International Centre for the History and Sociology of World War II and its Consequences and took place on June 3-5, 2014.

Fast Food Disrupts Family Ties

The family meal, a tradition which has for centuries helped strengthen family ties, is becoming a rare phenomenon, increasingly replaced by a fast food culture and various individual dietary strategies, according to Irina Sokhan, Associate Professor at the HSE's Department of Applied Political Science (St. Petersburg).