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Equal Opportunities and the ‘Disinterested Government’

On October 4th a special session of the Political Economy research seminar took place at the HSE Faculty of Economics. Yang Yao, Deputy Dean of the National School of Development and Professor at the Center for Economic Research, Beijing University, spoke about ‘Equality, the Disinterested Government, and Economic Growth: The Case of China’.

‘The Conference is Open to Everyone'

On August 23rd the ICABEEP (International Confederation for the Advancement of Behavioral Economics and Economic Psychology) Summer School started its work at the Higher School of Economics. Alexis Belyanin, Co-Director of the School and Head of the Laboratory for Experimental and Behavioural Economics, spoke to us before the opening and told us about the School as well as about the conference which will take place afterwards.

'Political Correctness Constrains Researchers'

From July 26th - 30th the VIII International Council for Central and East European Studies (ICCEES) Congress took place in Stockholm. The event takes place once every five years and brings together researchers from Russia and East Europe. This time 14 teachers and researchers from the HSE took part in the Congress, the largest delegation from one institution at the forum. Some participants of the Congress told us about the event.

‘To Overcome Past Offenses and Mistrust’

On July 5th a Russian-Polish youth scientific seminar, ‘Russia and Poland Today and Tomorrow: the View of the Young Generation’ took place at the HSE Faculty of World Economy and International Affairs. Students from Russian and Polish universities took part in the forum.

‘New Tasks are Facing the Laboratory’

On June 17th an international seminar on ‘Information Law and Politics’was held at the HSE Faculty of Law and a Research Laboratory on Information Law was unveiled.

‘We shall Definitely Attract other HSE Faculties to the Cooperation’

From May 31st to June 1st a joint Russian-Chinese conference on ‘Transition and Economic Development in China and Russia:Past and Future'took place at the HSE. The event was organized by the Faculty of Economics. On the Chinese side, leading economists from two large universities, Wuhan and Hong Kong, took part in the conference. Vladimir Avtonomov, Dean of the HSE Faculty of Economics, told us about the event and cooperation with the colleagues from China.

‘Participants Didn’t Expect an Instant Return on the Seminar’

Between May 3rd –7th the Ronald Coase Institute (USA) Seminar on Institutional Economics took place at the HSE. The seminar is traditionally held in key national research universities around the world. In this, the tenth anniversary year of these seminars, the HSE became a co-organizer and Maria Yudkevich, HSE Director for Academic Development and one of the seminar experts, told us about the event.

‘The Best Occasion to Get Information about what is Going on in the Country’

This spring many international guests came to Moscow to attend the 11th International Conference on the Problems of Economic Development. Here some of them spoke about their impressions and expectations.

Plenary meeting 'Preserving the Nation: Demographic, Socioeconomic, and Political Context'

On April  7th a Plenary Session on 'Preserving the Nation: Demographic, Socioeconomic, and Political Context' took place at the HSE as part of the 11th International Conference on the Problems of Economic and Social Development. You can watch a video of the event here.

‘You Are Lucky to Live in Russia‘

On April 6th - 8th the 11th International Academic Conference on Economic and Social Development took place at the HSE. Some guest speakers at the Conference shared their impressions on the event.