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of Russians believe that fake alcohol products are widespread in Russia. About half of respondents believe that more fakes have appeared over the last 2-3 years.


of Russian company heads believe that the ability to solve work-related problems without help is acquired by employees only with experience in working independently. Various training courses are ineffective in this area.


students from the HSE Art and Design School will present their work at the 14th Weltformat Student Poster Competition in Lucerne, Switzerland. Their exhibition will be part of the festival’s main programme from September 27 to October 5.


of Russian industrial company leaders report that demand for their products is ‘below normal’ levels. This is the worst report since April 2010 when 40% of senior managers were unsatisfied with the level of demand for their products.


is the number of births that a woman from the generation born in the latter half of the 1980s can expect in her lifetime. This number is significantly lower than the replacement rate for the population.


was the level to which the business confidence index in the service sector fell in the third quarter of 2014. One year ago, it was at the level of +6%.


of parents of high school students planning to enter a university don’t give thought to the fact that their children may end up studying in a different region. Five years ago, the number of such parents was higher at 60%.


languages were researched by HSE linguists in three regions around the world during trips this summer.


of upper-class students at Russian universities have experience combining employment and studies. 


employees of the HSE completed individual training sessions at foreign universities and research centres during the first half of 2014.