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About the Institute

The Expert Institute was created at the HSE in October 2009.

Key tasks of the Institute's activity:

1. Research in the following fields:

  • Industrial markets;
  • Problems of inflation and economic growth;
  • Socio-psychological studies;
  • Analysis of structural changes in economics;
  • Other areas of economic and social research.

2. Development of methodology of the study of industrial markets, research in this area, preparation of recommendations regarding economic policies and market regulation.

3. Theoretical and applied research of investment processes and preparation of recommendations for the improvement of the investment climate.

4. Research of monetary theory and economic growth theory problems, preparation of suggestions regarding the issues of monetary policy and participation in actions in response to this problem.

5. Theoretical and applied research in cross-cultural, social and economic psychology.

6. Investigation of the influence of socio-economic changes, including the financial crisis, on the values and views of Russian people.

7. Study of the influence of culture, values, social axioms etc. on socio-economic development.

8. Initiating special economic, statistical and econometric research in the areas mentioned above and creation of relevant databases.

9. Expert support and participation in the development and implementation of economic measures in the areas mentioned above.

10. Coordination of work of the expert community in the areas mentioned above, including the organization of conferences, seminars and discussions as well as support and development of national and international scientific links.

11. Support of the HSE's interaction with federal and local governmental bodies of the RF, as well as Russian and foreign educational, scientific and expert centers and other NGOs working in the fields of the Institute's specialization.

12. Distribution of the results of scientific research, preparation of publications and presentations on the results of the research.

13. Support of the HSE's development of international academic cooperation.

International Research Laboratory for Socio-cultural studies

Head of the Laboratory

Nadezhda M. Lebedeva

Main activities: Studying the way culture influences socio-economic development, the dynamics of the cultural values of Russians, devising a concept for measuring culture, and working out new methods for socio-psychological and cross-cultural research.

Laboratory Projects:

1. International project “Values and economic behaviour: examination of explanatory models in experiments and field studies”

2. Project “Socio-cultural factors in mutual adjustment for migrants and local populations in the Russian regions”

Address: Moscow, Volgogradski Prospect, 46 B, room 221

Contact details:

Telephone: + 7 495 367 36 31,  +7 495 709 65 69 (School of Organisational Psychology

Email: lebedhope@yandex.ru nlebedeva@hse.ru


International Laboratory for Research in Inflation and Growth

Head of the Laboratory:  Vladimir A. Bessonov

Head of Research: Revold M. Entov

Main Research Areas: Russian economic growth and productivity, new trends in developing monetary theory and theory of economic growth, initiation of real economic-statistical and econometric research, devising new specialised courses, initiating new teaching programmes on various levels





Address: Moscow, Pokrovsky Boulevard, 11, room 414

Telephone: + 7 495 772 95 90*2050

Email: R. Entov rentov@hse.ru

V. Bessonov bessonov@hse.ru  


Research Laboratory on Industrial Markets

Academic Supervisor of the Expert institute: Evgeny G. Yasin  

Head of Research: Mark I. Levin

Main Area of Research: Industrial Markets

Projects: Analysing structural changes in the Russian economy (industrial sector) lead by E. G. Yasin


Moscow, ulitsa Myasniskaya, 20

Telephone + 7 495 628 66 32


Historical Research Laboratory

Head of the Laboratory: Leonid S. Vasilyev

Main Area of Research: History

Contacts: 101000 Moscow, ulitsa Myasnitskaya, 20, office. 316-K

Telephone: + 7 495 621 15 87

Email: leonidvas100@mail.ru


Laboratory for Comparative Research of Mass Consciousness

Director: Vladimir S. Magun

Main Area of Study: Mass Consciousness


2012: ‘Basic values, work ethics and their dynamics in 1990-2000: A comparison between Russia and other European countries’.

2011: ‘Basic values and Russians’ subjective view of Social Policy: A comparison with other Europeans’

Contacts: 117218 Moscow, ulitsa Krzhizhanovsky 24/35, bldg 5, RAS Sociology Institute

Telephone: + 7 495 719 09 40

Email: maghome@yandex.ru



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