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On March 20, a conference for HSE staff and students will take place at HSE. It will consider the university’s development programme and elect the new Academic Council.


  1. Review of the report on the ‘HSE Development Programme for 2009–2015 and up to 2020’ and discussion of its progress since 2014;
  2. Discussion of the key points in the HSE University Development Programme up to 2030;
  3. Election of the HSE Academic Council;
  4. Election of a representative body representing the interests of HSE staff.

Place and Time

Date: March 20, 2019

Registration of participants: from 12.00

Start time: 13.00

Address: HSE building on 57 Trifonovskaya Ulitsa, Moscow (Conference Hall)

How to get there

From metro station 'Rizhskaya': walk along Prospect Mira towards Trifonovskaya Ulitsa, turn right to Trifonovskaya Ulitsa. HSE building is on the right. 

Track the route form HSE building


On March 20, at the HSE Staff and Student Conference, HSE Rector Yaroslav Kuzminov presented the key points of the new Development Programme for the period extending to 2030. The points he suggested have prompted a series of discussions in the university corporate environment aimed at choosing the best avenues and tools for development.
March 22, 2019
At the HSE Staff and Student Conference on March 20, Rector Yaroslav Kuzminov presented a report on how the ‘HSE Development Programme for 2009–2015 and up to 2020’ has progressed since 2014.
March 20, 2019
Valery Katkalo, former Dean of Sberbank Corporate University, will be taking on the role of HSE Vice Rector for Continuing Education. HSE Rector Yaroslav Kuzminov announced the appointment at the Staff and Student Conference, which was held in Moscow.
March 20, 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the conference?

The conference of HSE employees and students is a collegiate authority at HSE University. It reviews the university’s long-term development programme and holds elections of the Academic Council. The Conference takes place at least once every five years. The last one was held in 2014.

How are the conference delegates elected?

All University staff members (i.e., those for whom the University is their main source of employment) may participate in the vote for delegates.

Conference delegates are elected in several categories of staff and students according to representation quotas approved by the HSE Academic Council. The vote takes place at the general meetings of these categories of staff. The vote is held either online (staff members get an invitation via email to take part in candidate nomination), or at on-site meetings (which must be organized before February 22).

The online vote is organized into two stages. First, delegate candidates are nominated (until February 8), and then elections are held to elect the delegates (from February 13 – 20).

What staff categories are there?

The HSE staff categories are:

  • Academic staff: teaching staff, researchers, heads of research departments;
  • Secondary school teachers;
  • Administrative staff;
  • Supporting staff: teaching support staff, research support staff, engineering and technical staff, other service staff.

I’ve received an email with a link to a list of people whom I can nominate as candidates to the delegation. Who created this list and how?

The list for nominating candidates for delegates has been prepared by the HSE HR Office. You are in the same category of staff as the university staff members whose surnames you see on the list.

If a staff member is not on my list, does this mean that they can’t become a candidate?

Only staff members for whom HSE is their primary place of employment according to their contract can become a candidate for the conference delegation. If a name is not on the list, you cannot include it.

The current members of the HSE Academic Council become the Conference delegates automatically, so their names are not included on the list.

How many candidates can be nominated?

Delegates for the conference are elected according to representation quotas approved by the Academic Council. If, in accordance with representation quotas, your ‘voting station’ has more than one quota, you’ll be able to nominate several candidates (you’ll see a notification in the online vote: ‘choose delegate 1’, ‘choose delegate 2’, etc).

What can I do if I’m not willing to nominate anyone from the list I was offered?

You can vote for yourself as a candidate for a delegate (if your name is on the list), or skip the first round and support candidates in the second round of the vote.

What can I do if the link to the vote is invalid?

Re-send the invitation letter with the inactive link to cim@hse.ru with a notification ‘link doesn’t work’.

What if I don’t want to be nominated?

At the end of the online vote you’ll see the question ‘If your colleagues choose you as a conference delegate, are you ready to participate?’ with the answer options, ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

I have voted. What’s next?

Candidates for delegates who get the most number of votes and agree to participate in the conference will be included on the final vote ballot. In the second round (which is an online vote) you’ll be offered this list to choose delegates who will take part in the conference on March 15.

To vote for the delegates, you’ll also get a link via email to the online voting form.