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Working papers by the Basic Research Program


WP BRP Series: Linguistics / LNG

Series Managing Editor: Olga N. LyashevskayaTore Nesset



Ksenia E. Chistyakova, Tatiana B. Kazakova "Grammar In Language Models: Bert Study", Series: Linguistics, WP BRP 115/LNG/2023



Daria Sidorkina, Alexandra Shikunova "Number Marking And Quantification Over Sets In Kazym Khanty", Series: Linguistics, WP BRP 114/LNG/2023

Egor Kuznetsov "Linguistic Landscape Of Orenburg Oblast", Series: Linguistics, WP BRP 113/LNG/2023 

Mariia Lapina, Daria Oleinik "Language And Identity During Language Shift: The Case Of The Republic Of Karelia After 2018", Series: Linguistics, WP BRP 112/LNG/2022


Anastasia A. Smirnova, Matvei A. Mordasov "The Language Situation in Izhma Komi Communities: The Izhemsky District", Series: Linguistics, WP BRP 111/LNG/2022

Irina Provlotskaya, Mikhail Maslennikov, Olga Dragoy "Wada Test: An Optimised Protocol In Russian", Series: Linguistics, WP BRP 110/LNG/2022

Konstantin V. Filatov "Anchiq Indicative Synthetic Verb Morphology", Series: Linguistics, WP BRP 109/LNG/2022

Andrian Vlakhov, Alina Deresh, Elena Mironova, Polina Nedaikhleb, Anastasia Reshetnikova, Aleksei Ryzhkov, Anastasia Smirnova "Language And Cultural Contacts In The Russian-Nordic Borderlands: Change And Continuity", Series: Linguistics, WP BRP 108/LNG/2021 

Denis Zubalov, Margarita Burdygina, Arina Afanasieva, Pavel Ali-zade "Language Policy At The Micro-Level: Challenges Teachers Face In The Multilingual And Multicultural Classroom In Moscow", Series: Linguistics, WP BRP 107/LNG/2021

Ilia Afanasev "A Hybrid Lemmatiser For Old Church Slavonic", Series: Linguistics, WP BRP 106/LNG/2021

Ivan Netkachev "Are There Floating Quantifiers In Indonesian?", Series: Linguistics, WP BRP 105/LNG/2020 



Maria Cheremisinova "Proprietive Attributivizers In Kazym Khanty", Series: Linguistics, WP BRP 104/LNG/2020



Margarita A. Burdygina "Code-Switching (Russian - English) In The Discourse Of It-Specialists From Moscow", Series: Linguistics, WP BRP 103/LNG/2020

 Original Manuscript of an article published in "Journal of Siberian Federal University. Humanities & Social Sciences" in October 2021, available here.


Andrei Tulum, Denis Zubalov "Language Ideologies And Attitudes Towards Russian In Pridnestrovie", Series: Linguistics, WP BRP 102/LNG/2020

Stepan K. Mikhailov "Three -En In Northern Khanty: 2sg Possessive, Salient, And Anaphoric Articles", WP BRP 101/LNG/2020 


Timofey Mukhin "Numerals In Kina Rutul", Series: Linguistics, WP BRP 100/LNG/2020

Konstantin V. Filatov "Nominal Paradigms In Kina Rutul", Series: Linguistics, WP BRP 99/LNG/2020 

Nasledskova Polina "Kina Rutul Spatial Adverbs And Postpositions", Series: Linguistics, WP BRP 98/LNG/2020

Anna Scherbakova "Comparative Study Of Data Clustering Algorithms And Analysis Of The Keywords Extraction Efficiency: Learner Corpus Case", Series: Linguistics, WP BRP 97/LNG/2020 

Maria V. Ermolova "On Some Verbal Features In The West Russian Chronicles (Constructions “Быти + Participle In -ъш- / -въш-”, Pluperfect)", Series: Linguistics, WP BRP 96/LNG/2020 

Timur Maisak "The Verb Paradigm In Kina Rutul", Series: Linguistics, WP BRP 95/LNG/2020

Evdokiia Novozhilova, Elizaveta Gordeyeva, Ekaterina Stupina, Valeriia Zelenkova, Valeriia Zhirnova, Andrey Zyryanov, Andrey Zuev, Nikita Pedyash, Oleg Bronov, Igor Medyanik, Konstantin Yashin, Evgenij Klyuev, Natalia Gronskaya, Andrey Sitnikov, Lidiya Mishnyakova, Alexander Dmitriev, Galina Gunenko, Olga Dragoy "Linguistic Specificity Of The Left Temporal Cortex: Intraoperative Brain Mapping Data", Series: Linguistics, WP BRP 94/LNG/2020

Alexey A. Kozlov "Case Matters For Chukchi NP Structure", Series: Linguistics, WP BRP 93/LNG/2020

Alexander Piperski, Maria Grabovskaya, Ekaterina Gridneva, Alexandra Korshunova, Alisa Kuzmina, Anastasia Orlenko, Alina Tillabaeva "Addressing People By Name In Russian: A Corpus Study", Series: Linguistics, WP BRP 92/LNG/2019



Tatiana Mamonova,George Moroz "Vot Features Of Consonants In Abaza", Series: Linguistics, WP BRP 91/LNG/2019 



Kirill A. Aksenov "Gradable Predicates In Russian Sign Language", Series: Linguistics, WP BRP 90/LNG/2019



Evgeniya Klyagina, Anastasia Panova "Phasal Polarity In Abaza", Series: Linguistics, WP BRP 89/LNG/2019



Alexander B. Letuchiy "Length Of Constituent As A Relevant Factor In Russian Syntax", Series: Linguistics, WP BRP 88/LNG/2019

Ivan Netkachev "Syntax Of General Converb In Rutul", Series: Linguistics, WP BRP 87/LNG/2019 


Anna G. Klezovich "Automatic Extraction Of Handshapes Inventory In Russian Sign Language", Series: Linguistics, WP BRP 86/LNG/2019


Valeriya A. Dushkina "Simultaneity In Polypredicative Constructions In Russian Sign Language", Series: Linguistics, WP BRP 85/LNG/2019 


Alexandra Konovalova "Questions In Kina Rutul", Series: Linguistics, WP BRP 84/LNG/2019


Valeria Morozova "Coordination And Gender Agreement In Kina Rutul", Series: Linguistics, WP BRP 83/LNG/2019

Nasledskova Polina "The Structure Of Kina Rutul Noun Phrase", Series: Linguistics, WP BRP 82/LNG/2019

Nina Ladinskaya, Anna Chrabaszcz, Anastasiya Lopukhina "Acquisition Of Russian Nominal Case Inflections By Monolingual Children: A Psycholinguistic Approach", Series: Linguistics, WP BRP 81/LNG/2019 

Vardan Arutiunian, "Single-Word Recognition Inpairments In Primary School-Aged Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder" , Series: Linguistics, WP BRP 80/LNG/2019 

Irina M. Panteleeva, Olga N. Lyashevskaya, Olga I. Vinogradova "Inspector: The Tool For Automated Assessment Of Learner Text Complexity", Series: Linguistics, WP BRP 79/LNG/2019

  Alexey Starchenko "Periphrastic Nominalization In Khanty", Series: Linguistics, WP BRP 78/LNG/2019


 Olga Lyashevskaya, Kristina Litvintseva, Ekaterina Vlasova, Eugenia Sechina "A Data Analysis Tool For The Corpus Of Russian Poetry", Series: Linguistics, WP BRP 77/LNG/2018


 Alexey Starchenko, Lev Kazakevich, Olga Lyashevskaya "Applying Probabilistic Tagging To Russian Poetry", Series: Linguistics, WP BRP 76/LNG/2018


 Alexey Koshevoy "Morphological Causatives In Abaza", Series: Linguistics, WP BRP 75/LNG/2018

 George Moroz, Antonina Plaskovitskaya, Pavel Rudnev "Automatic Detection Of Natural Phonological Classes In Russian Sign Language", Series: Linguistics, WP BRP 74/LNG/2018


 Ilya Naumov "The First-Person Singular Imperative In Chukchi", Series: Linguistics, WP BRP 73/LNG/2018

 Anna G. Klezovich, Kirill A. Aksenov "Word Order Within The Nominal Domain In Russian Sign Language", Series: Linguistics, WP BRP 72/LNG/2018


 Anastasiya B. Khazova "Automatic Detection Of Gender Identity: The Phenomenon Of Russian Women's Prose", Series: Linguistics, WP BRP 71/LNG/2018

 Anastasia Panova "Derivational Verbal Suffixes In Abaza", Series: Linguistics, WP BRP 70/LNG/2018


 Alexander Piperski, Ekaterina Aplonova, Maria Grabovskaya, Ekaterina Gridneva, Elizaveta Ivtushok, Viktoria Naumova, Anastasia Orlenko, Diana Senkina "How Mothers And Fathers Address Their Sons And Daughters In Russian And Vice Versa: A Quantitative Study", Series: Linguistics, WP BRP 69/LNG/2018


 Maria Grabovskaya, Ekaterina Gridneva, Andrian Vlakhov "Politeness Strategies Of Russian School Students: Quantitative Approach To Qualitative Data", Series: Linguistics, WP BRP 68/LNG/2018

 Anna Yurchenko, Anastasiya Lopukhina, Olga Dragoy "Meaning Relatedness In Polysemous And Homonymous Words: An Erp Study In Russian", Series: Linguistics, WP BRP 67/LNG/2018

 Ilya Yu. Chechuro "Quantitative Analysis Of Pitch Movement In Spontaneous Speech Of Regional Russian Native Speakers", Series: Linguistics, WP BRP 66/LNG/2018

 Elena A. Pasalskaya, "Sentential Negation In Russian Sign Language", Series: Linguistics, WP BRP 65/LNG/2018

 Vardan Arutiunian, Anastasiya Lopukhina "Phonological Neighbourhood Density In Russian Word Production: Evidence From Children And Adults ", Series: Linguistics, WP BRP 64/LNG/2018

 Michael Daniel, Oleg Volkov "Imperative Paradigm in Chukotko-Kamchatkan Languages is Not Formally Homogeneous", Series: Linguistics, WP BRP 63/LNG/2017

 Vera Fesenko "Accusative/Genitive Under Negation in Russian: From Syntactic Marking to Semantics", Series: Linguistics, WP BRP 56/LNG/2017

 Mira Bergelson, Andrej Kibrik "Alaskan Russian Through the Prism of the Ninilchik Russian Dictionary Project: “Archaeological” Approach to Language Documentation", Series: Linguistics, WP BRP 55/LNG/2017

Olga Vinogradova, Tatyana Pitra, "Student Vocabulary Expansion with the Help Of A Learner Corpus", Series: Linguistics, WP BRP 53/LNG/2017


Yury Lander, "The Mehweb “Assertive” Copula gʷa: A Sketch of a Portrait", Series: Linguistics, WP BRP 47/LNG/2016

Nina Dobrushina, "The Language and People of Mehweb", Series: Linguistics, WP BRP 45/LNG/2016 (PDF, 771 Кб)

Olga Lyashevskaya, Kira Droganova, Daniel Zeman, Maria Alexeeva, Tatiana Gavrilova, Nina Mustafina, Elena Shakurova, "Universal Dependencies for Russian: A New Syntactic Dependencies Tagset", Series: Linguistics, WP BRP 44/LNG/2016 (PDF, 1.17 Мб)

Yulia M. Kuvshinskaya, "Predicate Ageeement with Quantifier Phrases Containing the Words Polovina or Tret’ and an Approximative Marker", Series: Linguistics, WP BRP 43/LNG/2016 (PDF, 779 Кб)

Nina Dobrushina, 
"Contact-Induced Usages of Volitional Moods in East Caucasian Languages", Series: Linguistics, WP BRP 42/LNG/2016
See the article

Vladimir A. Plungian, Ekaterina V. Rakhilina, 
"Towards a Lexical Typology of ‘Flying’ and ‘Jumping’", Series: Linguistics, WP BRP 41/LNG/2015
 Download PDF

Tatiana I. Reznikova, Anastasia S. Vyrenkova, "Semantics of Falling: A Cross-Linguistic Approach", Series: Linguistics, WP BRP 40/LNG/2015
 Download PDF

Natalia A. Zevakhina, Svetlana S. Dzhakupova, "Russian Metalinguistic Comparatives: A Functional Perspective", Series: Linguistics, WP BRP 39/LNG/2015
 Download PDF

Yury Lander, Irina Bagirokova, "Two-Faced Subordination Marker In West Circassian Necessity Constructions", Series: Linguistics, WP BRP 38/LNG/2015
 Download PDF

Timofey Arkhangelskiy, Yury Lander, "Some Challenges of the West Circassian Polysynthetic Corpus", Series: Linguistics, WP BRP 37/LNG/2015
 Download PDF

Timofey ArkhangelskiyNatalia Tyshkevich, "Gradual Language Death: The Case Of Bessarabian Yiddish", Series: Linguistics, WP BRP 36/LNG/2015
 Download PDF

Svetlana Toldova, Ilya Azerkovich, Yulia Grishina, Alina Ladygina, Olga Lyashevkaya, Anna Roytberg, Galina Sim, Maria Vasilieva, "Pre-Experiments on Annotation of Russian Coreference Corpus", Series: Linguistics, WP BRP 35/LNG/2015
 Download PDF

Yury LanderAlexandra Kozhukhar"Successfully Looking for Syntax in Mehweb Dargwa Relative Clause Constructions", Series: Linguistics, WP BRP 34/LNG/2015

Olga Lyashevskaya, "Corpus-Based Profiles of Russian Nouns: From Grammatical Number to Lexical Semantics", Series: Linguistics, WP BRP 33/LNG/2015
 Download PDF

Ilya Yu. Chechuro"Nominal Morphology of Mehweb Dargwa", Series: Linguistics, WP BRP 32/LNG/2015

Maria V. Sheyanova, "Specialized Converbs in Mehweb", Series: Linguistics, WP BRP 31/LNG/2015

Egor Kashkin, Olga Vinogradova, "The Domain of Surface Texture", Series: Linguistics, WP BRP 30/LNG/2015
 Download PDF

Marina A. Kustova, "General Converbs in Mehweb", Series: Linguistics, WP BRP 29/LNG/2015

Michael Daniel,
 "Mehweb Verb Morphology", Series: Linguistics, WP BRP 28/LNG/2015

Alexandra A. Kozhukhar
,  "Distinguishing Logophoric Pronouns and Long-Distance Reflexives in Mehweb Dargwa", Series: Linguistics, WP BRP 27/LNG/2015

Daria V. Barylnikova, "Quasi-Causative Constructions in Mehweb", Series: Linguistics, WP BRP 26/LNG/2015

Nina Dobrushina, "Moods of Mehweb",  Series: Linguistics, WP BRP 25/LNG/2015

Vlada V. Baranova
, "Negation Markers in Kalmyk",  Series: Linguistics, WP BRP 24/LNG/2015
 Download PDF

Yury Lander
Timofey Arkhangelskiy, "Producing Polysynthetic Verb Forms in West Circassian (Adyghe): An Experimental Study",  Series: Linguistics, WP BRP 23/LNG/2015 
 Download PDF

Anastasia A. Bonch-Osmolovskay
, "The Statistic Verification of a Semantically Based Hypotheses: Russian Verbs of Volition: Хотеть and Хотеться",  Series: Linguistics, WP BRP 22/LNG/2015  
 Download PDF

Natalia Zevakhina
, “Russian Negative Exclamatives in a Cross-Linguistic Perspective”,  Series: Linguistics, WP BRP 21/LNG/2015  
 Download PDF

Ekaterina Schnittke
, “Discourse Function of Non-Initial Referential Choice in Selected 17th Century Russian Texts”
, Series: Linguistics, WP BRP 20/LNG/2015   
 Download PDF

George A. Moroz
, “Stress In Mehweb: A Lexically Filled Optimality Theory Approach”,
Series: Linguistics, WP BRP 19/LNG/2015   

Ekaterina V. Rakhilina
, Tatiana I. Reznikova, “Doing Lexical Typology With Frames And Semantic Maps”,
 Series: Linguistics, WP BRP 18/LNG/2014   

Denis P. Kirianov, Maria G. Tagabileva, “Complementation Strategies Of Russian Verbs Of Request”,
Series: Linguistics, WP BRP 17/LNG/2014 

Nikolay V. Karpov
, Vera G. Sibirtseva, “Towards Automatic Text Adaptation In Russian”,
Series: Linguistics, WP BRP 16/LNG/2014 
 Download PDF

Ilya Yu. Chechuro
, “The Semantics Of Apud In Lezgian”
,  Series: Linguistics, WP BRP 15/LNG/2014   

Alexandra A. Kozhukhar
, “The Pronoun Sawi And Its Functions In Dargwa Mehweb”,  Series: Linguistics, WP BRP 14/LNG/2014 

Anna Levinzon
, “Visual Image As A Trigger For Children’s Narrative”, Series: Linguistics, WP BRP 13/LNG/2014 

Yury A. Lander, “Modifier Incorporation In Dargwa Nominals”, Series: Linguistics, WP BRP 12/LNG/2014 
 Download PDF

Ekaterina Rakhilina, Anastasia Vyrenkova, “Language Interference In Heritage Russian: Constructional Violations”, Series: Linguistics, WP BRP 11/LNG/2014
 Download PDF

Timofey A. Arkhangelskiy, “Clitics In The Beserman Dialect Of Udmurt”, Series: Linguistics, WP BRP 10/LNG/2014
 Download PDF

Ekaterina Schnittke, “Birch Bark Letters Against The Background Of Written Language Acquisition”, Series: Linguistics, WP BRP 09/LNG/2014
  Download PDF

Barbara H. Partee, Olga I. Vinogradova, "Reading Passages For The Course Of Semantics: Tests For Students", Series: Linguistics, WP BRP 08/LNG/2014
Vera G. Sibirtseva, "Computer-Based Processing Of Literary Works And Study Of Literature", Series: Linguistics, WP BRP 07/LNG/2014

Elena A. Nikishina, "Properties of the addressee In the speech genre “reader’s letter to the newspaper”, Series: Linguistics, WP BRP 06/LNG/2013
 Download PDF

Alexandra A. Rivlina, "Englishization of Russian and bilingual lexical variation", Series: Linguistics, WP BRP 05/LNG/2013  

Alexandra  Kozhukhar , Daria Barylnikova, "Multilingualism in Dagestan",  Series: Linguistics, WP BRP 04/LNG/2013  
 Download PDF

Anna D. Plisetskaya
, "American and Russian “victory” discourse: a conflict of cultures",  Series: Linguistics, WP BRP 03/LNG/2013 

Roza M. Vlasova
, Ekaterina V. Pechenkova, Valentin E. Sinitsyn, "fMRI correlates of the word frequency Effect in Russian", Series: Linguistics, WP BRP 02/LNG/2013

Yana E.Akhapkina
, "Tense-aspect abstraction in Russian-speaking children in the early stages  of native language acquisition", Series: Linguistics, WP BRP 01/LNG/2013 

Alexandra A. Rivlina, "Englishization of Russian and bilingual lexical variation", Series: Linguistics, WP BRP 05/LNG/2013


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