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I. Ivashkovskaya (Head of the School of Finance)
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Елизарова Юлия Михайловна

  • Елизарова Юлия Михайловна has been at HSE University since 2023.


Working on the project 'System of corporate financial solutions for innovative companies: empirical analysis of developed and developing capital markets' in the Corporate Finance CenterResearch topic: “Development of methods for determining the presence of a cluster structure in the data characterizing the financial architecture of different countries (using Russia and the UK as an example)”.

Main objectives:

  • Evaluation of the financial architecture in the UK and Russia, formation of hypotheses about the presence of a cluster structure
  • Collection of data on companies on the Russian and British markets
  • Testing of different clustering variants, results comparison
  • Development of clustering methods using machine learning methods to identify the presence of a cluster structure in the financial architecture
  • Development of an algorithm for mathematical justification of confidence in the resulting clustering


  • 2020

    HSE University

  • National Research University «Higher School of Economics», Master of Science, Data mining (2018-2020)

    National Research University « Higher School of Economics», Bachelor of Business and Management, Economics (2013-2017)

Courses (2023/2024)

Courses (2021/2022)


Article Елизарова Ю. М., Штефан М. А. Оценка эффективности и рисков инвестиционных проектов: интегральный подход // Бизнес-информатика. 2018. № 4 (46). С. 54-65. doi

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