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Marek Dabrowski

  • Marek Dabrowski has been at HSE University since 2014.

Education, Degrees and Academic Titles

  • 1995
  • 1979

    University of Warsaw

  • 1974

    University of Warsaw

Continuing education / Professional retraining / Internships / Study abroad experience

  • Institute of the World Economics, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest (September 1986, November 1987)
  • Institute of the Economics of the World Socialist System, USSR Academy of Sciences, Moscow (September – October 1987, October -November 1988)
  • Vienna International Institute for Comparative Economic Studies, Vienna (March 1988)
  • Institute of Economics, Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, Prague (September 1988)
  • Oxford Hospitality Program, Oxford, UK (April – June 1989)
  • The International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA), Laxenburg, Austria (February 1991, July 1993)
  • The Senior Visiting Fellowship Program, The World Bank, Policy Research Department (October 1994 – May 1995)
  • Bank of Finland, Helsinki (November 2012 – February 2013)
  • European Commission DG ECFIN’s Fellowship Initiative (June 2014 – June 2015), non-resident fellowship

Student Term / Thesis Papers

Full list of of student term / thesis papers

Courses (2020/2021)

Courses (2019/2020)


Member of the Scientific Committee of the European Journal of Comparative Economics (from 2004)

Member of the Consulting Board of the ‘Economic Systems’ journal (2005-2009)

Member of the Editorial Board of ‘Economic Policy’ journal (Moscow, since 2006)

Member of the Editorial Board of 'Russian Journal of Economics' (Moscow, since 2019)

Employment history

Dr. Marek Dabrowski, a Non-Resident Scholar at Bruegel, Brussels, Professor of the Higher School of Economics in Moscow, Fellow under the 2014-2015 Fellowship Initiative of the European Commission – Directorate General for Economic and Financial Affairs, Co-founder and Fellow at CASE - Center for Social and Economic Research in Warsaw, former Chairman of its Supervisory Council and President of Management Board (1991-2011), Chairman of the Supervisory Board of CASE Ukraine in Kyiv (1999-2009 and 2013-2015), Member of the Scientific Council of the E.T. Gaidar Institute for Economic Policy in Moscow, Former First Deputy Minister of Finance of Poland (1989-1990), Member of Parliament (1991-1993) and Member of the Monetary Policy Council of the National Bank of Poland (1998-2004); Since the end of 1980s he has been involved in policy advising and policy research in Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Egypt, Georgia, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Macedonia, Moldova, Mongolia, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Syria, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Yemen, as well as in a number of international research projects related to monetary and fiscal policies, growth and poverty, currency crises, international financial architecture, perspectives of European integration, European Neighborhood Policy, trade policy and political economy of transition; EU, World Bank, IMF, UNDP, USAID and OECD consultant; Author of several academic and policy papers, and editor of several book publications.

Timetable for today

Full timetable

The Perfect Coronavirus Storm: a Crisis with Hope for a Speedy Recovery

How high is the risk of a full-blown financial crisis after the pandemic? Which countries and regions are most at risk? Are national governments managing to cope with the challenge of preventing economic collapse? Such topics were the focus of attention at the annual conference organised by the HSE University Faculty of World Economy and International Affairs.

Prospects for economic recovery in Russia

The 7th issue of “Voprosy Ekonomiki”  (Questions of Economics) contains the speeches of the participants of “Long-term economic growth in Russia: prospects for recovery” round table, which took place on April 12 as part of the “April XXI” conference. The publication includes materials by Natalia Akindinova, Marek. Dabrovski, Alexandr Shirov, Dmitry Belousov, Ilya Voskoboynikov and Evsey Gurvich.

Long-term economic growth in Russia: prospects for recovery

On May 12 the roundtable was held, chaired by Evsey Gurvich, head of the Economic Expert Group. Topical issues of economic growth were discussed, including prospects after the coronavirus pandemic and forecasts for the short-term and long-term growth rates of the Russian economy. The current budget policy, the experience of recovery after the crises of 1998 and 2008, and sectoral growth drivers, in particular, were considered.

A Unique Opportunity for Students from Developing Countries

At the HSE Faculty of Economics  Professor Marek Dabrowski teaches a Master’s course in Macroeconomic Policy in Transition and Emerging Economies. Global trends are changing and everything from consumer goods to life insurance is available online. Should education follow the trend of immediate online access or is there a special path for it? In December 2014 the course in Macroeconomic Policy in Transition and Emerging Economies was launched on Coursera. Could it help students from less developed countries achieve their career goals? HSE online student magazine Read Square has asked Professor Dabrowski to share his ideas.

An Excellent Platform for ‘People-to-People’ Contacts

Dr. Marek Dabrowski became a Professor at the HSE Faculty of Economics in 2014 where he teaches a Master’s course in Macroeconomic Policy in Transition and Emerging Economies. In the run up to the XVI April Conference he agreed to talk to the HSE English News service  about being an international academic at HSE.

Co-author of Polish Economic Reforms to Speak about Transition Economies on Coursera

On November 24, an English-language course will begin on Coursera called ‘The Economics of Transition and Emerging Markets,’ taught by Marek Dabrowski, a well-known Polish economist and professor in HSE’s Department of Applied Economics.