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SPIN-RSCI: 9854-3842
ORCID: 0000-0002-8687-2752
ResearcherID: T-6228-2017
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Igor Pellicciari

  • Igor Pellicciari has been at HSE since 2014.

Education and Degrees

  • 1998

    University of Pavia

  • 1994

    University of Bologna

Awards and Accomplishments

Institution (Date from - Date to)

Degree(s) or Diploma(s) obtained:

University of Pavia  - Faculty of Law, Italy


Doctorate in Research (Ph.D). in Comparative Constitutional Law and History

University of Bologna – Faculty of Political Sciences, Italy – (9/1992 – 06/1994)

Master (MD) in Human rights and Humanitarian Intervention

University of Bologna - Faculty of Political Sciences, Italy 11/1987-03/1992

Laurea (BD; cum laude - with Honours) in Political Sciences and International relations

Courses (2018/2019)

Courses (2017/2018)

Courses (2016/2017)

Courses (2015/2016)


Employment history


Tenured Professor of Contemporary History and History of International Aid and Cooperation at the Faculty of Political Sciences of the State University of Salento (www.unisalento.it)

(March 2006 - today), Lecce, Italy

The University of Salento has achieved the 262. position in the last Times World Higher Educational Rankings for year 2013\2014.


2015 Visiting Fellow at IDEAS/ the London School of Economics (London), conducting researches on International Aid Public Policies in post-war and post-soviet scenarios.


Contract Professor of International Law and Aid and European Union Foreign Policy at the Faculty of World Economy and International Relations of the Higher School of Economics, (September 2014 - today) Moscow, Russia


Visiting Professor of History and Politics of International Aid Programs and Projects and of Russian History and Politics at the LUISS University, Rome, ITALY (www.luiss.it) (March 2013 - today)


Visiting Professor of History and Politics of International Aid at the Juridical Faculty of the Moscow State University  (April 2014- today)


Senior Correspondent for International Affairs, the Review of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. ( May 2011 - today), Moscow, Russia


Honorary Consul of the Russian Federation in Bologna and Emilia Romagna Region (since September 2014 -2017) – dealing primarily with Cultural Diplomacy.






Academic positions


Tenured Professor of History of International Cooperation, University of Mostar (2003)


Tenured Professor of Compared Constitutional History, University of Tuzla (BiH) (2000-2002)


Lecturer in Contemporary History, University of Bologna (1998-1999)


Visiting Professor of International Aid Policies, University of the Republic of San Marino (2013)


Visiting Professor of European Union Foreign Policy, University of Urbino (2002 –2005)


Visiting Professor of International Relations and International Aid, University of Belgrade (2004 –2005)


Visiting Professor of Constitutional History, University of Zagreb (2004-2005)




Non-academic positions


Since 1994 has been an active and often resident advisor to a number of State Governments, primarily in the field of Setting up and Institution Building of State Aid Agencies, Public Administration Reform, Public Sector Change Management, Justice Sector reform.


Among the Governments that he has been directly producing policy, legal advice and technical recommendations for: Italy, Russian Federation, HK Jordan, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, the United Arab Emirates, Moldova, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, S.Marino.


Since almost 20 years he is an institution building and aid programming expert for a number of International Organizations – primarily the European Union, the Council of Europe, the OSCE, the World Bank, the United Nations.


More recently, from 2006 to 2011 he has been a resident EU Advisor to the Legal Department of the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation.


After that, he has become a Consultant for the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the United Arab Emirates, dealing primarily with issues related to History and policies of Aid Programmes 






Coordinator of the EU funded project “Technical Assistance to the Government of Azerbaijan. Budget Support Coordination, including Justice Reform Support Program ”  in cooperation with the Ministry of Economic Development and the Ministry of Justice of Azerbaijan (2012-2013)


Coordinator of the EU funded project: “Improvement of Access to Justice in the Russian Federationin cooperation with the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation (2008-2011) in support to the introduction of new laws on Mediation and Free Legal Aid in Russia. (2008-2011)


Coordinator of the EU funded project “):“Raising Public Awareness of the Russian Legal System” in cooperation with the Russian State DUMA . Policy and Legal Advice project to support for capacity building of selected parliamentary committees and of the Central Legal Department. (2006-2008)


Coordinator of the EU funded research “Evaluation study for reducing the number of pending cases in Courts in Western Balkans Countries” -   (2008)


Coordinator of the EU funded research : “Evaluation of Human Rights education in Russia” (2008)


Coordinator of the EU funded project: “Assistance to the Strengthening of the National Center for Human Rights” in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan (2006)


Coordinator of the EU funded Project “Support to the Implementation of the EU-Jordan Association Agreement” in cooperation with the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation of the HK Jordan (2004-2005)


Coordinator of the EU funded Project “Monitoring of EU funded projects in the former soviet countries” (2001-2003)


Coordinator of the EU funded Project: “Justice and Local Democracy in Bosnia and Herzegovina”, in cooperation with the Council of Europe (1996-2000)






Timetable for today

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