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Address: 109316, Moscow, 46b Volgogradsky Prospekt
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ORCID: 0000-0002-6006-9777
ResearcherID: N-7126-2015
Scopus AuthorID: 57190490937
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V. Klucharev
M. Feurra
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Zachary Yaple

From my experiences and general interests in psychology I have found myself pondering questions related to selective attention, conflict processing and decision making. Recently I have became interested in a growing field; neuroeconomics. Although traditional behavioral experiences provide us with very interesting findings, by using neuroimaging devices we are able to understand these cognitive mechanisms more thoroughly.
  • Zachary Yaple has been at HSE since 2014.


  • 2012

    Rijksuniversiteit Groningen

  • Research Masters Degree in Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience

    Bachelor of Arts in Psychology(Major) and Statistics (Minor)

Courses (2015/2016)


Oral Presentations:

3rd Science Factory: TMS-EEG Summer School, Aalto University, Pajulahti, Finland, 7-12th Sept, 2015

Society for Neuroeconomics, 13th Annual Meeting Program, Conrad Miami, Miami, Fl, USA 25-27 Sept, 2015

Video and Audio Signal Processing in the Context of Neurotechnologies, St Petersburg, Russian Federation, June 30th - July 2nd 2016


Poster presentations:

Cognitive control, communication and perception, HSE, Moscow, Russian Federation, Dec 4-6, 2014

1st Moscow Conference, Moscow, Russian Federation, 4-5 June, 2015

Society for Neuroeconomics, 13th Annual Meeting Program, Conrad Miami, Miami, Fl, USA 25-27 Sept, 2015



NWG Practical Course, Universitätsmedizin Göttingen, Göttingen, Germany, March 23-25, 2015



The 10th Annual Embodied and Situated Language Processing, Moscow, Russian Federation, 10-12th September, 2017


Published articles:

  1. Yaple, ZA. (2015). A contemporary and interdisciplinary definition of the self. Psychology. Journal of the Higher School of Economics, 12, 4, 7-12
  2. Yaple, ZA., Vakhrushev, R., & Jolij, J. (2016). Investigating emotional top down modulation of ambiguous faces by single pulse TMS on early visual cortices. Front Neurosci, 10, 305. doi: 10.3389/fnins.2016.00305
  3. Yaple, ZA., & Arsalidou, M. (2017). Negative priming: a meta-analysis of fMRI studies. Exp Brain Res, 1-8.
  4. Yaple, ZA., & Arsalidou, M. (in press). N-back working memory task. Meta-analysis of normative fMRI studies with children. Child Dev.
  5. Yaple, ZA., Martinez-Saito, M., Feurra, M., Shestakova, A., & Klucharev, V. (accepted). Transcranial alternating current stimulation modulates risky deciison making in a frequency controlled experiment. eNeuro.



Recently, I have began interested Neuroeconomics. Currently, I am examining the tendency for respondents to choose between risk and certainty options under gains and losses while stimulated with transcranial alternating current stimulation (tACS). I hypothesize that tACS is able to modulate risk taking behavior  in a frequency-specific manner, when stimulating the left DLPFC.

In addition to my background in applied research, I have also contributed to basic research fields such as visual perception and attention. During my Master's thesis I was involved in a research project that examined a neural model of selective attention. From this experience I had gained a vast knowledge of the ERP technique, visual perception and neurological mechanisms involving top-down processing.