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S. Yakovlev
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Krister Sairsingh

  • Krister Sairsingh has been at HSE University since 2020.



Professional Interests

Awards and Accomplishments


1. Introduction to Karl Barth, Kirchliche Dogmatik, vol. 2, vii-xxx. Biblieysko Bogoslovsky Institut, Moscow, 2011 ( pp. 7- 30)

2. Introduction to Karl Barth, Kirchliche Dogmatik, vol. 1, vi-xxiii. Biblieysko Bogoslovsky Institut, Moscow, 2007 ( pp. 6-23.)

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7. The Intellectual History of Europe. A Reader in 2 volumes . The State University Higher School of Economics, Moscow. 2004.

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13. "Reflections on the Life of Alexander Men" Bulletin of the Memorial Church, Harvard University, October 1991 (Also accessible on the A. Men web page).

Professional Interests

  • Philosophy
  • History of philosophy
  • Theology


1971 - B.A. Yale University, Religious Studies and Philosophy

1997 - M.A. Harvard University, The Study of Religion

1986 - Ph.D. Harvard University, The Study of Religion (Theology)