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Address: 26 Shabolovka Ulitsa, Building 4, room 4412
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I. Ivashkovskaya
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Polina Khmeleva

  • Polina Khmeleva has been at HSE University since 2018.


Working on the project 'Financial Architerure' in the Corporate Finance CenterResearch topic: “Overconfidence and Other Behavioral Biases of CEO founder and its influence on strategic decisions made by the company (concerning R&D investments, marketing spending and dividends payout”.

Main objectives:

§ Empathizing main biases arising from founder involvement as a CEO

§ Characterizing of CEO-founder influence on decision making processes in the firm and its impact on strategy is sphere of R&D investments, marketing spending and dividends payout

§ Data collection for empirical analysis (Capital IQ, Bloomberg, annual filings, official company`s sites)

§ Construction and testing regressions models to value influence of CEO biases on company`s decisions

National Research University «Higher School of Economics», Master of Science, Strategic Corporate Finance (2018-2020)

National Research University « Higher School of Economics», Bachelor of Business and Management, Faculty of Economic sciences (2014-2018)