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Language Proficiency
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SPIN-RSCI: 2950-0003
ORCID: 0000-0002-4895-9793
ResearcherID: K-4905-2015
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I. Froumin
S. Jankiewicz
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Nadezhda Knyaginina

  • Nadezhda Knyaginina has been at HSE since 2014.



Higher School of Economics

Professional Interests

Courses (2018/2019)



Современные технологии поддержки семей, попавших в трудную жизненную ситуацию (Москва). Presentation: Образовательные программы для родителей: правовая грамотность

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Expert Seminar "The Digital Agenda in Education Empowering Education Rights and Innovation in Education: Future Challenges on Policy and Law"

On November 15, the expert seminar was held in the Institute of Education of the National Research University "Higher School of Economics". The seminar was organized by the Centre for Education Law of the Institute of Education.

Publication of the Preprint “The Language of the Republic at School: Who Decides?”

Опубликован препринт С.В. Янкевича и Н.В. Княгининой «The Language of the Republic at School: Who Decides?». Авторами исследуется вопрос, может ли республика Российской Федерации установить обязанность изучать государственный язык республики в школе.

Szymon Jankiewicz and Nadezhda Knyaginina made a report on “Language in Unified Educational Space” on the 19th April International Academic Conference on Economic and Social Development.

Директор Центра образовательного права С.В. Янкевич и младший научный сотрудник Центра образовательного права Н.В. Княгинина представили результаты научного исследования, посвященного вопросу, каким образом гарантируются языковые права в образовании в России.

The HSE University’s Institute of Education Hosted a Meeting of the Authors of the New Commentary to the Federal Law "On Education"

В Институте образования ВШЭ прошла встреча членов авторского коллектива нового комментария к Федеральному закону «Об образовании», в ходе которой авторы обсудили вопросы по работе над комментарием, а также обозначили новые задачи и план работы. 

Minority Rights Are Human Rights

On January 29, 2018, the Centre for Education Law at HSE’s Institute of Education hosted an expert seminar on ‘Minority and Linguistic Rights in Education’. The seminar focused on key issues around linguistic rights of minorities, in particular with regard to education as a basic human right.

Expert Seminar on “Minorities and Linguistic Rights in Education”

On the 29th of January the Center for Education Law held an expert seminar on “Minorities and Linguistic Rights in Education”.

IOE Holds First Ever International Week of Education Law

In early October 2017, IOE hosted its first ever International Week of Education Law, a unique venue to take multiple perspectives on the best national and global practices in tackling the most pressing issues in education-related legal frameworks. Inspired and organized by the IOE Centre for Education Law, the event involved a series of talks and expert seminars by world-acclaimed field professionals, including the Centre’s Academic Supervisor Dr. Jan de Groof, Prof. Ingo Richter of Paris Nanterre University, and Prof. Pablo Meix Cereceda of Roma Tre University.

HSE's Institute of Education has Begun Working on the Commentary to the Federal Law on Education in the Russian Federation

One of the main results of the «Week of Educational Rights» was the decision to prepare a new commentary to the Federal Law on Education. It will be the first bilingual commentary in Russian law based on a detailed analysis of the international law, the decisions of the European court for human rights and the legislation of the foreign countries.

HSE’s Institute of Education has Discussed Problems Concerning the Implementation of Federalism Principle in Education

Within the week of education law HSE’s Institute of Education hosted a seminar on «Federalism in Education». This event was devoted to discussing the most severe challenges of education in the Federal States, especially in Russia’s.

How are Linguistic Rights Implemented in Education?

Within expert seminar, the discussion of the problem acquired a practical focus. Emphasis was placed on the approaches to solve the problem developed by the researchers.

"Before HSE, Nobody Dealt with This Problem!"

On the 14th of November, 2016 the Institute of Education hosted a meeting for the heads of educational institutions in Moscow – participants of the Consortium of Education Laboratories and HSE’s University’s Cluster. The event was organized by the Center for Leadership Development and the Center for Legal Applied Development of the Institute of Education.

IOE Staff Members Spoke on the Right to Education at International Conference

Szymon Jankiewicz, Director of the Center for Applied Legal Research, and Nadezhda Knyaginina, Analyst of the Center, took part in an International Conference, ‘Development of Russian Law-IX: Russian Law and Globalization’,  held on October 6-7, 2016, at the University of Helsinki.

Global University Summit BRICS 

Members of the Centre for Applied Legal Research Szymon Jankiewicz and Nadezhda Knyaginina participated in the Global University Summit BRICS. The Summit is an official event of Russia’s chairmanship in BRICS 2015-2016. The forum was held by MGIMO, MSU, RUDN and MISIS.