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ORCID: 0000-0001-8136-8533
ResearcherID: AAS-1663-2020
V. Kuskova
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Kirill Lesnykh

  • Kirill Lesnykh has been at HSE University since 2019.


  • Under the supervision of the responsible executor, carry out scientific operations in separate sections (stages, tasks) of the topic in accordance with the approved methods;
  • Collect, process, analyze and synthesize scientific information and experience;
  • Prepare reports (sections of the report) on the topic or its section (stage, task);
  • Fulfill other orders and instructions of the employer.


Article Зангиева И. К., Лесных К. А. Межгрупповые различия в установках к людям с расстрой­ствами аутистического спектра (РАС) // Мониторинг общественного мнения: Экономические и социальные перемены. 2020. № 5. С. 559-577. doi

MASNA students were awarded diplomas of winners of HSE student research competition - 2019

On March 4, 2020, in the Durasov’s house in the building on Pokrovsky Boulevard, an award ceremony for the winners of the HSE student research competition - 2019 was held, where Ekaterina Melianova and Kirill Lesnykh, students of the master's programme "Applied Statistics with Network Analysis", were awarded.