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Vicente Guallart

  • Vicente Guallart has been at HSE since 2015.


1. Academic and professional leadership for the Laboratory for Experimental Urban Design

  • to develop research schedules;
  • to develop research work and to introduce the results of the scientific research into the teaching process and publish results of the scientific work;
  • to initiate and oversee research and consultuncy projects to be carried out by the Laboratory;

2. Academic and professional leadership for the Graduate School of Urbanism master programme 'Prototyping Future Cities'

  • to develop the conception of the programme;
  • to engage international teaching staff;
  • to activate student recruitment both domestically and internationally;
  • to give lectures, seminars and workshops as part of the programme;
  • to encourage creativity and innovation in teaching that feeds directly into enhancements in students learning and expirience;
  • to disseminate new techniques and learning technologies.




Degree in Construction
Polytechnic University of Valencia

Courses (2017/2018)

Courses (2016/2017)

Urban Analytics and Smart Cities (Master’s programme; Vysokovsky Graduate School of Urbanism; 1 year, 3, 4 module)Rus

Employment history

1. Academic positions

2015 – present :

Director of the Project for the Self Sufficient City, IAAC, Barcelona, Spain

2015- present :

Visiting Critic, Miami School of Architecture, Miami, U.S.A.

2015-present :

Lead Professor in Fab City Prototype studio, Master in City and Technology, IAAC,

Barcelona, Spain

2014-present :

Individual Thesis Supervisor In Masters in Advanced Architecture, IAAC, Barcelona, Spain


Director and founder of the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, where he directed

the Master’s degree in Architecture, co-organized with the UPC, which has trained more

than 500 students from 50 countries. He has developed research projects on digital

fabrication and the Internet of things, together with the CBA at MIT. Creator of Europe’s

first Fab Lab.

II. Professional achievements

Ongoing project:

International Architecture Biennale of Rotterdam (april 2016) – exhibitor


Chief Architect, Barcelona City Council, with the responsibility for developing Barcelona’s

urban strategy and for promoting its major projects. He was president of the Commission

for Quality in Architecture and was responsible for design protocols. He has promoted more

than 400 projects in the city of Barcelona and has acted in representation of Barcelona in

100 lectures around the world, presenting its urban model: “Barcelona 5.0”.


Director and founder of the professional studio Guallart Architects, where he develops

projects on multiple scales, including urban planning, architecture, landscape or the design

of urban elements in countries such as Spain, Taiwan, China, Costa Rica and France.


Director and founder of NewMedia Productions, a company that produces interactive CDROMs

and multimedia applications, which receive national and international prizes. Author

of the first CD-ROM of architecture on an international level.


Collaboration with the professional studio of the architect Jose Luis Mateo-Map Architect.


Shukhov Lab welcomed new students of the international master program ‘Prototyping Future Cities’

15 more master students will study in Shukhov Lab in 2018-2020

HSE Students Come Up with a House of the Future

Perhaps, in the not-so-distant future, people will be living in skyscrapers made of wood and concrete with a farm on the first floor and solar panels on the roof. Such a model of a future residential block was presented by the students of the master's programme ‘Prototyping Future Cities’. To create the model, they studied houses in Moscow that have been built over the past hundred years and analyzed international experience. Their model was presented at the Moscow Urban Forum in July and, on September 13 (HSE Day), it will be possible to see it again at Gorky Park.

Faculty of Urban and Regional Development Opens at HSE

The new faculty is set to reinvent the profession of urban planner in Russia. The head of the faculty, Tenured Professor, Mikhail Blinkin, spoke about what it aims to do and where it is headed.

HSE rector visited Shukhov Lab exposition at Moscow Urban Forum 2018

Graduate School of Urbanism students presented their ‘Advanced Urban Prototype’ at the Concert Hall of Zaryadye Park

HSE to Participate in Moscow Urban Forum

The Moscow Urban Forum will take place from July 17 to 22 at Zaryadye Park. This year’s topic is ‘Megacity of the Future: New Space for Living’. HSE representatives will participate in the forum’s expert discussions.

Murmansk: urban field trip

This August, the Shukhov Lab is organising an expedition to Murmansk as a part of the long-term research project ‘New cities and settlements in the North of Russia’

GSU Laboratory for Experimental Urban Design in Ekaterinburg

Today and tomorrow Vicente Guallart and Nadia Khort, members of the Laboratory for Experimental Urban Design will speak at the International 100+ Forum Russia of High and special construction in Ekaterinburg.

Shukhov Lab of the HSE Graduate School of Urbanism carried out the workshop of Mtkvari river regeneration in Tbilisi

HSE Graduate School of Urbanism and RED Foundation carried out in Tbilisi the workshop ‘The river: barrier or connection’ dedicated to the regeneration of the embankments of Mtkvari river.

In Search of Polycentric St. Petersburg

On May 16, 2017, the HSE Graduate School of Urbanism (GSU), together with the ARTS4CITY project, held a workshop on ‘Looking for Polycentrism’ in St. Petersburg. Workshop participants created an improvised map of a ‘decentralized’ St. Petersburg. Vicente Guallart, Academic Supervisor of the Shukhov Lab (Laboratory for Experimental Urban Design), and Nadezhda Khort, Manager of the Shukhov Lab, took part in the workshop on behalf of GSU.

Vicente Guallart  "Beyond a monocity"

Lecture by academic director of the master programme "Prototying future cities: City and Technologies".

Cities of the Future Must be Sought in the Present

Shukhov Lab, a Laboratory for Experimental Urban Design, has opened at HSE. Participants in a roundtable discussion dedicated to the laboratory’s opening agreed that to create the cities of the future, the present must be analyzed without adjusting to the forecasts.

Cities of Future to be Designed at New HSE Lab

The HSE Graduate School of Urbanism opens a Laboratory for Experimental Urban Design. At first, it will organize lectures and meetings with experts in urbanism, and in the new academic year, the laboratory will become an educational and research platform. But you can already meet it now – the Open Day will take place on December 15, 2016.

'Prototyping Future Cities' Programme Will Prepare Professionals Able to Understand the Future of Urbanism

In 2017, the HSE Vysokovsky Graduate School of Urbanism is debuting its English-language master’s programme Prototyping Future Cities. The programme is based on the idea of learning by doing, and it is open to students from all over the world. In an interview with the HSE News Service, Vicente Guallart, who is the Academic Supervisor of the Laboratory for Experimental Urban Design, former Chief Architect of Barcelona City Council, and head of the programme, discusses exactly how it will work.

Rotterdam, Moscow, Venice. Graduate School of Urbanism at the World’s Largest Architecture Exhibitions

In April and May, the Graduate School of Urbanism (GSU) took part in three of the largest architecture biennales, held in Rotterdam, Moscow, and Venice. The exhibitions presented the results of independent research carried out by the School, student projects, and the results of an international student workshop organized by GSU.

Projects by HSE School of Design Students Exhibited at Venice Biennale

Ksenia Ermakova, Sofya Paymanova, and Natalia Chernobrova, third- and fourth-year students of the HSE School of Design, have presented their vision of VDNH’s reconstruction as part of the Russian Pavilion at the 15th International Architecture Exhibition at the Venice Biennale.

HSE Urban Specialists Create New Profession

Staff and students of HSE Vysokovsky Graduate School of Urbanism discussed the prospects for the development of Urban Studies at HSE and in Russia at a meeting with the university’s senior management.

‘Innovation and Technology Should Be Open to Everyone, Not Only to the Rich’

International Laboratory for Experimental Urban Design has recently opened at the Vysokovsky Graduate School of Urbanism. It will be headed by Vicente Guallart, a Spanish urbanist, chief architect for the city of Barcelona in 2011-2015, who will be joining HSE shortly. Mr. Guallart has talked to the HSE News Service about what the laboratory will do, what the Advanced Urban Design master’s programme, the principle of learning by doing, and the application of technology in the city life.

Vicente Guallart on Urban Transformation from Barcelona to Moscow

Chief Architect of Barcelona, Head of Guallart Architects and founder of the world famous Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC), Vicente Guallart has been a major attraction in the Adaptive Cities cycle of seminars (June to August 2015) organised by the Graduate School of Urban Studies and Planning and the Strelka Institute. Guallart gave two lectures and took part in a round table discussion at the end of June and beginning of July.