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The HSE Crow

  • The HSE Crow has been at HSE University since 1996.

A crow is a bird in the order Passeriformes. They live everywhere except for Antarctica. Crows certainly live in the homes of all winners of the Golden HSE award and are welcomed at all HSE University’s events. Since 1997, The Crow has appeared on HSE University merchandise, and since 1998, in the university’s booklets.

The Crow’s mother is artist Anna Arenstein.

Legend about The Crow

The London School of Economics has its mascot – a beaver. All LSE graduates get a stuffed toy beaver. Since ICEF graduates earn two degrees – a Russian and a British one – the London beaver and a Russian crow (which had also transformed from a picture to a stuffed animal by that time) were somehow spotted together on a table at a graduation ceremony. They turned out to be the same size and looked so good together that everyone decided that The Crow should become HSE University’s mascot. It is wise and friendly to humans.


As a permanent university mascot, The Crow is responsible for:

  • Attending official events
  • Inspiring the team to acts of heroism
  • Acting in films
  • Taking part in photo shoots and selfies with students
  • Providing moral support for HSE University applicants, students and staff
  • Snowboarding


Bird University: Passeriformes Faculty, Corvus Department

Egg (Bachelor’s programme) 1992-1996

Nest (Master’s programme) 1996-1998

Continuing education / Professional retraining / Internships / Study abroad experience


Ravenclaw, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry


How to Find the HSE Crow at the Moscow Zoo

The University has been taking care of the bird for 10 years

The HSE Crow: Mascot Now Lives on Myasnitskaya Lamppost

A weather vane in the shape of a big-beaked bird has appeared near the HSE building on Myasnitskaya Street in Moscow. The Crow’s ceremonial unveiling coincided with the 85th birthday of HSE Academic Supervisor Evgeny Yasin, who initiated it as our university’s mascot.