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Address: 21/4 Staraya Basmannaya Ulitsa, Building 1, room 427
SPIN-RSCI: 9897-8918
ORCID: 0000-0002-1281-1201
ResearcherID: S-2903-2017
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V. Kurennoy
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Ketevan (Keti) Chukhrukidze (Chukhrov)

  • Ketevan (Keti) Chukhrukidze (Chukhrov) has been at HSE University since 2016.

Education and Degrees

  • 2013

    Doctor of Sciences*

  • 1998

    Candidate of Sciences* (PhD)

  • 1994

    Lomonosov Moscow State University

* Candidate of Sciences
According to the International Standard Classification of Education (ISCED) 2011, Candidate of Sciences belongs to ISCED level 8 - "doctoral or equivalent", together with PhD, DPhil, D.Lit, D.Sc, LL.D, Doctorate or similar. Candidate of Sciences allows its holders to reach the level of the Associate Professor.
* Doctor of Sciences
A post-doctoral degree called Doctor of Sciences is given to reflect second advanced research qualifications or higher doctorates in ISCED 2011.

Continuing education / Professional retraining / Internships / Study abroad experience

2017-2019 - Marie Sklodowska Curie Alumna at the Wolverhampton University, UK.

Student Term / Thesis Papers

Full list of of student term / thesis papers

Courses (2020/2021)

Courses (2019/2020)

Performativity and its Institutes (Master’s programme; Faculty of Humanities; 2 year, 3 module)Eng

Courses (2018/2019)

Curatorship in Modern Culture (Master’s programme; Faculty of Humanities; 1 year, 3, 4 module)Rus


Research expeditions, organisation of projects and conferences

08 2008-11/2009 – worked for the “Gender Check” exhibition at MUMOK Museum (Curator Bojana Peich) as a researcher from Russia.

Since autumn 2009 – member of the international research team “Sweet 60-s”, Tranzit, Austria.

08/ 2012 – organising symposium with Mladen Dolar, Slavoj Zizek. “Psychoanalysis Today”. NCCA. Moscow.

2013-2015 – Running the International Research Project “Humanism, Post-Humanism and Emancipation” at the department of Theory and Research, NCCA. Moscow.

30/06/2014, 11-12/11/2014 – Orginizing two conferences in the frame of the program “Theory research in cultural anthropology”, NCCA. Conference #1: “Avant-garde and Production of Humanity” and Conference #2: “Whether Humanism can be Reconsidered”. Moscow.

07/2015- 08/ 2015 – Organization and leadership of “Summer school of Poetic Action and Performativity”, supported by the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation. Moscow.

2016 – onwards, Launching and running of the research program “Paths of the Performativity” at the Theory and Research Department, NCCA.

10/2015 – 08/2016 – Consulting editor of the project and publication of “Primary Documents”, MOMA, NY.

16/07/2017-20/07/2017 – Summer School at Stacion Center for Contemporary Art, Pristina. Performativity and its Institutes.

2017 – Research program at the Theory and Research Department of NCCA “Art as the Institute of Global Contemporaneity”.



Selected List of publications

Technology and Theology. Interview for the Life.Pravda. https://life.pravda.com.ua/culture/2017/01/26/222285/, 2017

In the Nebulous Zone between Class Antagonism and Violence, E-flux journal#76, October. http://www.e-flux.com/journal/76/69448/in-the-nebulous-zone-between-class-antagonism-and-violence/ , 2016

There has Been No Aesthetics or Adorno vs Krauss. Moscow Art Magazine, #97, 2016

A Few Notes of Class Reconstitution. E-flux conversations, http://conversations.e-flux.com/t/keti-chukhrov-a-few-notes-on-class-reconstitution/3974, 2016.

Jenseits der Ideologie. Springerin, Heft 2, April, 2016. P.32-38.

On the Violence of the General. In the reader “Invisible Violence”. Ed. By Z. Eric, Museum of CA, Belgrade. Artium, CCA, Vitoria, 2016.

In/human. Entry for the Glossary of the Post-human. Ed. By R. Braidotti and M. Hlavajova. Utrecht Un-ty. 2016 (in print)

Why to Preserve the Name ‘Human’. E-flux #56. 2015

3 Components of Realism: Sensuousness, De-alienation, Humane Resignation. Springerin, Heft 2, April, 2015.

On the False Democracy of the Contemporary Art. E-flux #57. 2014.

Contemporary art in the Midst of Democracy and Institutional Policies. Moscow Art Magazine Digest. 2014.  P. 142-150. (rus)

Art Without Sublation of Art.  Praznine journal, 2014, Igor Zabel Website.

Sexuality in a Non-libidinal Economy. E-flux #54. 2014

Between Performing and Performance. Springerin .#2. 2013. P. 27-32.

Epistemological Gaps between the Former Soviet East and the “Democratic” West. E-flux  № 41, 2013 .

Art after Primitive Accumulation. Afterall (London-Amsterdam), February, 2011. P. 127-137.

Topology of Tragedy. In Chto Delat (What is to be Done) №31,  2010.

Humanism as Metanoya. in. : Moscow Art Magazine, №77-78. 2010. (rus)

When Production Becomes Art. in: Moscow Art Magazine, №75-76. 2010. P. 43-51. (rus)

Whether there was Gender in the USSR. Gender Studies, 20/21, Harkov, 2010. (rus)

Religion and its Economy in Russian „Empire“ (in German) in: Springerin № 4, 2008. p. 32-38.

On the Ground. Moscow. in: Art Forum, XLVII, December, № 4, 2008, p. 234-237.

On the Crisis of Representation. in: Moscow Art Magazine, № 73-74. 2009,  p. 16-22. (rus)

Image vs. Event. Iconography vs. Artistic Act. In: Brumaria №14, 2009. P. 109-115.

State on the Watch of the Bodies. in: Siniy Divan № 10/11, 2008, p. 208-221. (rus)

Bare Art in the Conditions of the Governmental Modernism, in: Brumaria №9, autumn, 2007. p.359-365.

Glamour as a Form of Culture. In: Sarai Readers. (Frontiers), № 7, 2007. p.236-248. http://www.sarai.net/publications/readers/07-frontiers/236-248_keti.pdf

The Simple Machines of Conceptualism. Moscow Art Magazine, № 69, 2008. p. 9-16.

Art and its Thresholds. in: Moscow Art Magazine Digest, 2005-2007. M.: 2007, p. 27-33.

From Seria to the Expanding Universe. In: Piere  Boulez. “Point de Repère.” (Orientiri). M.: Logos-altera, 2005. p. 7-37. (rus)

Introduction, a foreword for Theodor Adorno’s ‘Philosophy of New Music. М.: Logos, 2000. P. 7-37. (rus)

Compiling and translation of selected works by Ch. S. Peirce (in collaboration in X. Golubovich, T. Dmitriev). M.: Logos, 2000.


Research monographs, chapters in collective volumes.

1.Pound & £. The Modes of Utopia. monography dedicated to investigating the interrelation between poetics and politics in the late works by E. Pound. M.: Gnosis, 200p.1999. (rus)

2.To Be – to Perform. Project of “Theatre” in the Philosophic Criticism of Art. SPb.: European University. 2011. 275 p. (rus).


“On the Anthropology of Performing”. in: «Experience and the Sensible». Ed. by V. Podoroga. M.: Philosophy Institute of Academy of Sciences, 2004.  p. 222-245. (rus)

«Product ‘Russia‘ and the Non Representable Body». In: “Back from the Future”. Ed. by B. Groys, A. von der Heiden, P. Weibel, Suhrkamp, 2005. p. 662-675.

Body as Political Excess. in: VALIE EXPORT, Ed. by Hedvig Saxenhuber,  Folio, 2007. p. 174-184.

“What Adorno Forgot and Brecht Didn’t”.  In: The 11th Istanbul Biennale Reader,  Istanbul, ed. by WHW, Ilcay Balic, 2009. P. 459-469.

“In the Trap of Utopia’s Sublime: Between Ideology and Subversion”. In: Gender Check Reader, Mumok Museum. Vienna, 2009. p. 32-38.


“Punishment”; “On the Socialist Background”. Entries for the Encyclopedia “Monument to Transformation Glossary”. Ed. by Vit Havranek, Prague, Transit, 2010.


“From Immaterial Labor to the Space of the General”. In.: “Shockworkers of the Mobile images. The reader of the 1st Ural Industrial Biennial Art. Upprint, Moscow, 2010. P. 61-84.

“To Deserve the Event: On Rabih Mroué’s Poetics of Performing”. The Reader on the works by Rabih Mroué, Ed. by M. Hlavayova, C. Costinas, BAK, Utrecht, 2011. P.44-61.

“Labor Beyond Materiality and Immateriality”. In: Post-Fordism, Precarity, and the Labor of Art. Ed. By J. Aranda, A. Vidokle, NY: Sternberg Press, 2011. P. 94-112.


“Soviet Material Culture in Moscow Conceptualism”, in: Conceptualism Revisited, a collective monograph ed. by B.Groys, NY: Sternberg Press, 2012. P. 73-88.

“G. Deleuze: from Multiple to General”. // in: Politics of the One. Concepts of the One and the Many in Contemporary Thought. Ed. By A. Magun. London; NY: Continuum. 2012 (UK, USA).  P. 51-62.


“The Anthropology of Performing”. in: Moments. A History of Performance in 10 acts. Ed. by S. Gareis, G. Shoellhammer, P. Weibel. Walther Koenig, Koeln, 2013. P. 33-40.


“Between Revisited Historical Socialism and Imported Western Discourses”. In the Post-Post-Soviet?. Ed. By M. Dzievanska, E. Degot. M Books, Warsaw, 2013. P. 251-262.


“Classical Art and Human Resignation in Soviet Marxism”. In: Sweet 60-s. Ed. By Melanie Ohnemus and G. Shoellhammer. Vienna, 2013. P. 26-37.


“On the Condition of Externality in Contemporary Art”. 5th Moscow Biennial Reader. Ed. By N. Molok and C. de. Zegher.  M.: 2013.

“Argument on the “Human” in the contemporary Art and Philosophy”. In: Judgment Day, or the Problem of Aesthetic Judgment. Moscow, IPSI, 2013. (rus)

“On the Critique of the Notion of Aesthetics”. (lectures 1, 2). On the Genealogy of the Notion of ‘Gender’ (lecture 3). In Selected Lectures in Contemporary Art and Philosophy. Vol.1. Moscow: Institute of Problems of Contemporary Art. 2013. P.132-168. (rus)

“On the Sexuality of the Oppressed”. In: Sex of the Oppressed. Ed. N. Oleynikov and Svobmarxizd. Berlin: Archive books; PS Guelf, 2016.


 “In the Nebulous zone between Class Antagonism and Violence”.  Extending the Dialogue. Essays by Igor Zabel Award Laureates, Grant Recipients, and Jury Members. IZA, Ljubljana, Archive Books, Berlin, 2016.

«On the Non-Libidinal Economy». In: What's Love Got to Do With It. Sternberg Press. 2017. p. 297-317.

36 Short-Stories, Beton-Salon.


Publications in peer reviewed journals.

A Work of Art in the Epoch of  «Contemporary Art». In: Philosophy journal Logos №4 (№77), 2010. P. 72-87 (rus).

Some Provisions of the poetics of А. Vvedensky, In: New Literary Review, №108, 2011. (rus)

On the Question of Ethics in Aesthetics. Whether there can exist Esthetics of Fascism. In: Philosophy and Culture № 5, 2011. (rus)

Genesis of the Event in the Philosophy of G. Deleuze. In: the Voprosi Philosophii (Issues of Philosophy) № 8, 2012. P. 145-153. (rus)

The Aspect of Accidentality in Performing Practices. In: Vestnik of RGGU (Russian State univ. Bulletin in Philosophy), Мoscow,  №3, 2012. P. 134-144. (rus).

Basic Need and Sexuality. Problemi #11, 2015, Ljubljana.

Оn the Mimesis project of V. Podoroga. New Literary Review, № 138, 2016.

How much could Sexuality Cost. In: Stasis. Vol 4, #1, 2016. P. 114-128.

Repetition as the Syndrome of Dying. Problemi journal# 15, 2017.

Marx, Marxism, and Doublethink. Conversation with V. Podoroga on Soviet Philosophy (with A. Penzin), Stasis, №.1, 2017, Moscow.

Desiring De-alienation. Crisis and Critique. In print. 2017.







Article Chukhrov Keti. How much Could Sexuality Cost? // Stasis. 2016. Vol. 4. No. 1. P. 114-128.


Article Chukhrov Keti. Basic Need and Sexuality // Problemi Journal. 2015. Vol. 11


Selected conferences and symposiums:

2. Documenta 12 magazines research conference. “On Bare Life”. Cairo, November 10-13. 2006.

4. Symposium on VALIE EXPORT in the frame of II Moscow Biennale , Art as Political Subtraction. NCCA, (Moscow). March, 3, 2007.

7. Conference “Iconoclasm-Iconolatry” by Brumaria art-magazine and CENDEAC, Murcia. “Image vs  Event. Iconography  vs Artistic act”. October 12-17. 2008.

9. Symposium “Can Gender Speak East”.   Vienna, MUMOK, Art – Between Gender manifestations and Feminist strategies.  November 12-14. 2009.

10. Conference “Where the West Ends”, Former West project. Warsaw, Moderna Museum, “Different Wests and their “Communist” Other.” March, 2010.

11. Conference “The Politics of the One” European Un-ty. St. Petersburg. April 9-11. The Meaning of the General within the Inevitability of the Multiple (Event in Deleuze and Badiou). March, 17-20.  2010

12. Symposium “Return to Conceptualism”, by B. Groys and Stella Art-Foundation, Moscow, Soviet Material Culture and Socialist Ethics in Moscow Conceptualism. April 14-15. 2011

13. Conference “Feminist Perspectives and the Critical Cultural Practices”. Center of Feminist Studies. Zagreb, by WHW. Methodological and Ethical contradictions between the post-Soviet and Western Gender Theory and Practice. November 11th 2011.

14. Conference “Judgment Day”, Org. by Moscow Biennale Foundation. Moscow, Politechnical Museum. The Argument about the Human in Contemporary Art and Philosophy.  September 29. 2012.

16. CIMAM 2012 Annual Conference, “Museums beyond the Crises” Istanbul, Salt Galata, Art and its Contemporary Incoherencies. Between False Democracy and Outdated Aesthetics. November 14, 2012.

17. Workshop at the Former West Congress. HKW. On the Metanoya, and the End of Art. Berlin, March 21, 2013.

18. Symposium Parallel Modernities. In the frame of the Sweet 60-s project. On ‘Human Resignation’ in Socialist Aesthetics. Istanbul, Salt Galata. May 11. 2013

19. Conference “Historical Materialism”. “Sexuality in the conditions of the Non-libidinal Societies.” London, November 10, 2013

20. Conference “Art as Commitment”. Ljubljana, Museum of Contemporary Art Metelkova.. Art without Sublation of Art. Dec. 7th, 2013

53. Symposium “What is to be Done with Sex”, How much could Sexuality Cost, Ljubljana, Atrium. by M. Dolar. May, 27, 2014.

54.Symposium “Avant-garde and Production of Humanity”, NCCA, Moscow, July 1. “Why to preserve the name ‘human’”. June, 30, 2014.

55. Manifesta 10 conference “Political Violence and Militant Aesthetics after Socialism”. St-Petersburg. 3 Components of Realism: Sensuousness, De-alienation, Humane Resignation. Sept. 19. 2014.

59. Conference “Whether Humanism can be reconsidered.”, NCCA, Moscow, On the non-self Being. Nov. 11-12. 2014

Symposium in Salzburger Kunstverein “Invisible Violence”. On the Dialectics of Culture and Violence. March 18, 2015.

Conference “Political Violence and Militant Aesthetics”. On the Internal Colonization of the Unequal Other. Yale Un-ty, April 17-19, 2015.

Conference “Future Vocabularies: Human-Inhuman-Posthuman”. Utrecht University/BAK. We have never been Human. May, 21-22. 2015

Conference “Philosophy of Subject”. European University, SPb. E.Ilyenkov. Reality of the General. May 23, 2015

Conference “Socialist Modernity”. Poor Object of Socialism. VAC foundation, Moscow, June 23, 2015.

Public-lecture series “Poetics of Acting and Ethics of Performing” at the Kiev Biennial. Cur. G. Schoellhammer and H. Saxenhuber October 7-10, 2015.

70. “Bots. Bodies. Beasts. The Art of Being Humble.” On the New Occultism of the Post-human Condition. Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam, April 8, 2016.

Series of Lectures at the European Un-ty, philosophy faculty, SPB in the frame of the performativity research: Lect.1. Performative Turn as the Problem of an Institute. Lect.2. Effectuation or its Ceasure. On the Two Approaches to Performing. Lect.3 Labor of Sensuousness. Between genesis and Contingency. May 25-28, 2016.


27. “Repetition/s, Performance and Philosophy. Art Faculty of the Ljubljana Un-ty.. Repetition as the Syndrome of Dying. Key-note. Sept.21-24, 2016.

28. Panel “Radical Humanism”. Sidur Museum, V-a-C foundtion. On the presumptions of the Ideal in the Philosophy of E.Ilyenkov, Oct. 22, 2016.

29. Panel «New Archaics and the Search for the Commons ». Project Now. How the Contemporaneity is Structured .Boell Foundtion. Colta, Garage. 5 ноября, 2016.

30. Public Lecture at the VCRC. Kiev. Materiality of the Ideal in the Philosophy and Culture of Socialism. 19.12.2016.

31. Conference “Historical Materialism”. American Un-ty in Beirut. BICAR. Keynote: Aberrations of the anti-Capitalist Critique:Desiring Alienation”. March, 10-12, 2017.

32. Conference “New Narratives. Thinking Economics Differently”. A project by Akademie Schloss Solitude, Akademie der Bildende Kunste Stuttgart, Wurttembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart. How to Evade the Envy of the Servant and the Benevolence of a Master. March 30-April 2, 2017

33. Conference “How Does Performance Philosophy Act? Ethos-Ethics”. Prague. Czech Academy of Sciences. Performativity and its Institutional Ethics. June 22-25. 2017

34.Public Talk at the Stacion Center of Contemporary Art, Pristina, Surplus Population. July 17, 2017

35. Conference “Remembering Gastarbeiters in the Neoliberal Age». Depot, Vienna. October 7. 2017.

36. 1917/2017. «Revolutions, Communist Legacies and Spectres of the Future». European Un-ty in Spb. Who makes Revolution in the Age of Speculative Design. Oct. 24-26, 2017.



Editorial board membership

  • Member of the editorial board of the Moscow Art Magazine (2005-2017)

  • 2005: Member of the Editorial Board, Художественный журнал.


·       Fellowships, scholarships

1/03/2004-1/04/2004 – scholarship at Zimmerli Art Museum, Rudgers University, NJ. USA.

10/09/2007-28/09/2007 – IASPIS scholarship (Swedish Visual Arts Fund’s international program for artists and theorists), Stockholm.

1/03/2011-1/05/2011 – Kulturkontakt scholarship for writers and artists, Vienna, Austria.

06/02/2013 – 17/06/2013 – Patterns lectures scholarship (WUS Austria and Erste Stiftung)  to run a course at the RSUH “The Soviet Aesthetic Theory and the Context of the Soviet Cultural Ethics of the 1960s and 1970-s”.

December 2015 – Fellowship and IWM (Austria, Vienna)

Feb 2011 - Jury member for Innovation Prize. (NCCA).

Nov.2014 – Jury member for Igor Zabel award in culture and theory.

2017-2019 – Marie Curie Fellowship at the Wolverhampton University.


Employment history

·       Previous Positions

1997 – 2006

Editor of Logos Publishers. Russia, Moscow


03/2006 - 06/2009 – lecturing at the Institute of the Problems of Contemporary Art (Moscow)


10/03/2010 – 05/2016 - Associate Professor at the Russian State University for Humanities. Faculty: General History of art and cultural studies

Courses - “Methodology of art theory”. “Gender Theory”, “Contemporary theories in Philosophy of art”.

21/02/201231/10/2017– Deputy head of education and research department at the National Center for Contemporary Art, Moscow.       

25/03/2015 - Visiting professor at the European University, philosophy department (Russia, SPB).

25/04/ 2013 - Habilitation procedure (Post-doctoral dissertation). Russian State University for Humanities. Department of History of Philosophy. “Theatre in Modern Philosophy. Aspect of Performativity.” 11.2013 - acquired degree of ScD in philosophy.

2017-2019 - Marie Curie Alumna at the Wolverhampton University, UK.

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