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Address: St. Petersburg, 16 Soyuza Pechatnikov Ulitsa, room 410
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ORCID: 0000-0001-7970-1229
ResearcherID: F-7690-2018
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Fall 2018: Fridays 13.30-14.30
E. Zelenev
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Anahit Kartashyan

  • Anahit Kartashyan has been at HSE University since 2016.


  • 2018

    European University in St. Petersburg, Department of History

  • 2015

    Doctoral programme
    Saint Petersburg State University, Faculty of Asian and African Studies

  • 2010

    Master's in Turkish Studies
    Yerevan State University

  • 2010

    Master's in Oriental (Turkish) Studies
    Yerevan State University, Faculty of Oriental Studies

  • 2008

    Bachelor's in Turkish Studies
    Yerevan State University

  • 2008

    Bachelor's in Oriental (Turkish) Studies
    Yerevan State University, Faculty of Oriental Studies

Continuing education / Professional retraining / Internships / Study abroad experience

18.06-22.06.2013 - Introduction to Islamic Codicology Short Course at the Matenadaran, Yerevan, Armenia (organized by The Islamic Manuscript Association and the Mesrop Mashtots Institute of Ancient Manuscripts), Yerevan, Armenia.

24.07-09.08.2013 - 8th Konitsa Summer School in Anthropology, Ethnography and Comparative Folklore of the Balkans, University of Ioannina. Konitsa, Greece.

13.08-14.09.2013 - Turkish Nationalism Approaching Ottoman and Islamic Legacies beyond Ethnicity, Secularism, and Westernism. Doctoral Seminar, University of Basel. Basel, Switzerland.

04.07-14.08.2015 - Koç University Summer Program for Ottoman and Turkish. The Research Center for Anatolian Civilizations (ANAMED), Koç University.  Istanbul, Turkey.

03.09.2018-07.09.2018 - CERGE-EI Teaching Development Program: Teaching Principles and Practices, HSE – St.Petersburg, Russia

03.08.2020-02.09.2020 - "Advanced Ottoman Turkish Language Online Training Programme", Kubbealtı Academia Culture and Art Foundation. Istanbul, Turkey.

Courses (2018/2019)

Courses (2017/2018)


Research project "The Maronite-Druze Conflict in Mount Lebanon (1840-1860)"



  • 2017
    Conference on the Social, Cultural and Economic History of İzmir and the Region (Измир). Presentation: Public and Communal Celebrations as a Tool for Fostering Ottomanism among the Armenian Community of Smyrna (Izmir)
  • 2016
    The 6th International Symposium on Oriental Ancient Documents Studies (Санкт-Петербург). Presentation: The Missing Link in the Chain of the Armenian National Constitution: the Draft of the Armenian National Regulation of 1857
  • 2015
    ICTA — 15th International Congress of Turkish Art (Неаполь). Presentation: Armenians as the first Ottoman students in Paris
  • 2014
    2014 Graduate Student Colloquium in Armenian Studies (Лос-Анджелес, Калифорния). Presentation: The Draft Armenian National Constitution of 1857 and its Evolution to the Final Version of 1863
  • Всероссийская научная конференция аспирантов и молодых учёных "История востоковедения: традиции и современность" (Москва). Presentation: Армянский миллет в Османской империи до 70-х гг. XIX века: история изучения вопроса в России и за рубежом
  • SAS 40th Anniversary Conference: Armenians in the Ottoman Empire in the 19th-20th Centuries. (Вашингтон). Presentation: The Discourse of First-Wave Ottomanism among the Armenian Intellectuals and Statesmen in the Ottoman Empire
  • 2013
    The XXVII International Conference on Historiography and Source Studies of Asia and Africa «Local Heritage and Global Perspective» (St Petersburg). Presentation: Tanzimat Reforms in the Armenian Sources


2012; 2014the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. Short term research grant for Post-Graduate and recent PhD Students in Armenian and Ottoman studies.

Employment history

2010-2011 - Instructor of Turkish and Ottoman Turkish at Yerevan State University

September 2017 - July 2018 -  researcher at European University at Saint Petersburg