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ORCID: 0000-0002-3682-6854
ResearcherID: A-3675-2009
Scopus AuthorID: 6602487611
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D. Maltseva
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Anuška Ferligoj

  • Anuška Ferligoj has been at HSE University since 2017.


  • scientific leadership of the laboratory, general organization of scientific and educational activities

Education and Degrees

  • 1983

    Edvard Kardelj University in Ljubljana

  • 1979

    Edvard Kardelj University in Ljubljana

Courses (2022/2023)

Courses (2021/2022)

Courses (2020/2021)


All publications and scientific activities

Detailed information on the scientific activity can be found here.


Detailed information on the conference participation can be found here (sections 1.06 - 1.13).  

Editorial board membership

  • 2004: Methodology

    1987: Metodoloski zvezki

    1987 – 2012: Metodoloski zvezki (Editor)

    2007 – 2011: Advances in Data Analysis and Classification

    1999 – 2010: Journal of Mathematical Sociology

    2007 – 2008: Statistical Analysis and Data Mining

    1995 – 2008: Statistics in Transition

    1996 – 2006: Statistical Theory & Method Abstracts

    1993 – 1998: Series: Studies in Classification, data Analysis, and Knowledge Organization

    1991 – 1994: IFCS Newsletter

    1985 – 1991: Statistička revija

    1982 – 1983: Bilten Statističnega društva Slovenije (Editor)

  • 2005: Member of the Editorial Board, Structure and Dynamics (Structure and Dynamics: eJournal of the Anthropological and Related Sciences).

  • 2003: Member of the Editorial Board, Social Networks (Social networks).

  • 2001: Member of the Editorial Board, Journal of Classification.

Employment history

ANUŠKA FERLIGOJ, born August 19, 1947 in Ljubljana.

Ph.D. in Information Science (University of Ljubljana, 1983), M.S. in Operational Research (University of Ljubljana, 1979), Bachelor of Science: Mathematics and Physics (University of Ljubljana, 1971).

Full Professor of Statistics.

Pedagogical work:

She has lecured at all levels and several faculties at the University of Ljubljana and abroad courses on statistics (e.g., Statistics, Multivariate Analysis), social network analysis and methodology. She was guest professor in 2009/10 at the University of Vienna (Paul Lazarsfeld Professorship). 

Scientific work:

Her research fields: multivariate analysis (especially cluster analysis with constraints and multicriteria clustering), social network analysis (especially measuring networks and blockmodeling), assessing reliability and validity of measurement, analysis of the scientific collaboration networks in time and the use of statistical methods in various scientific disciplines. She published 83 scientific papers, also in the most outstanding journals in the field of methodology and statistics. Her most important books include: Razvrščanje v skupine (1989), Osnove statistike na prosojnicah (1995, 1997), Zanesljivost in veljavnost merjenja (1995) (et al.), Statistični terminološki slovar (1994, 2001) (et al.), Generalized Blockmodeling (et al., Cambridge University Press, 2005), and Understanding Large Temporal Networks and Spacial Networks (et al., Wiley, 2014). She was editor of the journal Metodološki zvezki in 2004-2012 (before series from 1987), now a member of the editorial board. She is also member of the editorial boards of the scientific journals: Journal of Classification (2003-); Social Networks (2003-2015); Journal of Mathematical Sociology (1993-2008); Methodology (2005-); Advances in Data Analysis and Classification (2007-2012, in 2011 guest editor); Statistical Analysis and Data Mining (2007-2011); Structure and Dynamics (2005-); Bulletin of Sociological Methodology (2010-); Statistics in Transition (1995-) and Corvinus Journal of Sociology and Social Policy (2010-). She is elected member of the European Academy of Sociology and elected member of the International Statistical Institute. She is a board member of the International Federation of Classification Societies (IFCS).

Expert and organizational work:

She is the head of research programme Social Science Methodology, Statistics and Informatics which was selected among the best research programmes financed by the Slovenian Research Agency in the years 2005 and 2006. She leads other research projects, co-ordinated ESF ECRP project (2010-2012) where co-authorship networks of Slovenian researchers were studied. She also participated at TEMPUS-JPCR project and recently at two COST Action projects (TD 1306 and CA 15109). She was the head of the Programme Council of the Interdisciplinary Doctoral Programme in Statistics till 2012, now she is the head of Masters programme on Applied Statistics at the University of Ljubljani. She is the president of the Statistical Council of the Republic of Slovenia and was a member of the European Statistical Advisory Committee (ESAC) (2011-2015). She is a member of the  Scientific Advisory Board of the Austran Platform for Surveys, Methods and Empirical Analysis – PUMA (2014-) and was a member of the Scientific Council of the Slovenian Research Agency (2011-2015). She organized more than 30 international conferences, also the conferences sponsored by RC33 (1988), INSNA (2004), IFCS (2006), ESRA (2013) and first meeting of the COST Action 15109 (2016).


She received the Boris Kidrič Fund Award (1990), the Fulbright Scholarship (1990/1991), the title of Ambassador of Science of Republic of Slovenia (1997), the award of the Statistical Society of Slovenia (1997), the Rok Petrović Fund Award for mentoring diploma thesis (1998), the award of the best professor at the Faculty of Social Sciences in 2007 and 2008 given by faculty students, the Simmel Award in 2007 given by the International Network for Social Network Analysis (INSNA), Marijan Blejec Award given by Statistical Society of Slovenia (2012), and Golden Plaque given by the University of Ljubljana (2013). For the monograph Generalized Blockmodeling she was awarded the Harrison White Outstanding Book Award for 2007 of the Mathematical Sociology Section of the American Sociological Association. In 2010 she received Doctor et Professor Honoris Causa at Eotvos Lorand University (ELTE) in Budapest. In 2020, she became a Professor Emeritus of the University of Ljubljana.

‘This Summer School Made Me Realise How Important Data Analytics Actually Is Nowadays’

From July 4–8, the 14th Summer School ‘Methods and Tools for Analysing Social Networks’ was held by the International Laboratory for Applied Network Research (ANR Lab). The dissemination of knowledge about the most recent methods of network analysis is one of the goals of the laboratory. Social network analysis is an interdisciplinary field that studies networks of interactions between different objects (such as people, organisations, institutions, countries, words in texts, texts on the internet) and identifying hidden patterns within them.

How the 14th ANR-Lab Summer School 'Methods and Tools for Analyzing Social Networks' went

On July 8, the Summer School 'Methods and Tools for Analyzing Social Networks' ended. We present you a brief overview of the events that the ANR-Lab team held as part of the 14th Summer School.

MASNA Graduation 2023

On July 3, the graduation of the master's programme 'Applied Statistics with Network Analysis' was held for students of the 2021 enrollment.

Daria Maltseva’s business trip to the University of Ljubljana

In December, ANR-Lab Head Daria Maltseva visited the Center for Methodology and Social Informatics of the University of Ljubljana, where she met with the laboratory supervisors, exchanged experience with foreign colleagues, and also agreed on future cooperation in the field of scientific and educational activities.

Scientific advisors of ANR-Lab have received honorary awards from Slovenia

Congratulations to Anuška Ferligoj and Vladimir Batagelj on receiving the honorary awards of the Republic of Slovenia for achievements in research and development.

Laboratory staff took part in the 5th European conference on social networks EUSN 2021

The conference was held online on September 6-10 and brought together sociologists, statisticians, computer and science specialists, economists, humanitarians, and scientists from all fields related to network science. The conference presented current results and the latest methodological developments in the field of social network analysis.

ANR-Lab employees took part in the Networks2021 conference

On July 5-10, Networks2021 was held – joint conference of Sunbelt and NetSci, the main international conferences on network analysis and network science. Nine laboratory members made oral and poster presentations at the conference and took part in workshops within the conference framework.

ANR-Lab employees took part in the STS Italia Conference

On June 17-19, the 8th STS Italia International Conference "Dis/Entangling Technoscience" was held, dedicated to the interaction between technoscience and society. Seven ANR-Lab members made presentations in the track "The New Role of R&D Networks and Evaluation Processes in the Time of "Big Science.""

We congratulate our colleagues with new academic titles

The laboratory's scientific advisor, Anuška Ferligoj, and senior research fellow Vladimir Batagelj got new recognitions.

Vladimir Batagelj and Anuška Ferligoj at COSTNET 2020

On September 24-25, the ANR-Lab Anuška Ferligoj and senior researcher of the lab Vladimir Batagelj took part in the European Conference on Statistical Network Science COSTNET.

A new book of scientific supervisors of ANR-Lab Anuška Ferligoj and Vladimir Batagelj, dedicated to new achievements in blockmodeling

In January 2020, Wiley published the book "Advances in Network Clustering and Blockmodeling", edited by the ANR-Lab leading foreign experts Anuška Ferligoj and Vladimir Batagelj, jointly with Patrick Doreian. The work contains an overview of developments and achievements in the field of network clustering and blockmodeling over the past 10 years.

ANR-Lab at the international workshop ARS'2019 in Salerno

The 7th international workshop on the analysis of social networks was held on October 29-31 in Salerno, Italy. The workshop was about multilayer, multilevel and multimode networks. Some of our laboratory members and students of the master's program presented the results of their research on the thematic sessions.

10th International Summer School “Analysis of Scientific Networks” and International Workshop on Scientific Networks

ANR-Lab, jointly with the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana, has conducted the 10th International Summer School “Analysis of Scientific Networks” and the International Workshop on Scientific Networks.

Anuška Ferligoj presented at the ANR-Lab Monday open seminar

New scientific advisor of the ANR-Lab prof. dr. Anuška Ferligoj has made a presentation on the topic “Measuring networks: Reliability and Validity” at the Monday open seminar.

22nd Young Statisticians Meeting in Zagreb (Croatia)

Senior Researcher of the International Laboratory for Applied Network Research Daria Maltseva took part in the 22nd Young Statisticians Meeting, which was held on October 13-15, 2017 in Zagreb, Croatia.