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Andrey Vorchik

  • Andrey Vorchik has been at HSE University since 2022.



• Master of Economics: HSE University, programme “Economics and Economic Policy”, specialization “behavioural economics”, 2021 – present

• Bachelor of Economics and Finance: International College of Economics and Finance (double degree programme of HSE University and University of London), specialization “economics and finance”, 2017-2021

- First Class LSE BSc Diploma

- Thesis “Quarantine Economics: Epidemiological and Economic Impacts of Lockdown”, scientific advisor – professor Roman Zakharenko, 2021

• Moscow Lyceum No. 2, specialization in physics and mathematics, 2012-2017

- Diploma with honors

Courses (2021/2022)

Employment history


• HSE University, International Laboratory for Experimental and Behavioural Economics, research assistant, 2022 – present

• HSE University, ICEF, microeconomics teacher, 2021 – present

• IES Evening School, chief operating officer, teacher of micro-, macroeconomics and behavioural economics, 2019 – present

• HSE University, ICEF and FCS, teaching assistant in the “Philosophy and Methodology of Science” course (course lecturer – professor Alexander Koryagin), 2021 – present

• HSE University, bachelor programme “Advertising and Public Relations”, seminar teacher in the “Economics for Non-Economists” course, 2022 – present

• HSE University, ICEF, teacher of supporting calculus seminars (calculus helproom), 2020-2021

• НИУ ВШЭ, International Prep Year, English Preparatory Programme in Economics, teacher of economics, 2020, 2021

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