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Florian Stache

  • Florian Stache has been at HSE University since 2017.


  • 2013

    Doctor of Sciences*

  • 2013

    Free University of Berlin

* Doctor of Sciences
A post-doctoral degree called Doctor of Sciences is given to reflect second advanced research qualifications or higher doctorates in ISCED 2011.

Continuing education / Professional retraining / Internships / Study abroad experience

Postgraduate Studies

Freie Universität Berlin                                                                                                 2008-2012

Dissertation in business studies within the excellence doctoral program
“Research on Organizational Path Dependence” with a grant from the
German Research Foundation (DFG). Supervisors Prof. Dr. Jörg Sydow
(Freie Universität Berlin), Prof. Dr. Volker Amelung (MH Hannover),
Prof. David Stark (Columbia University)

Grade: 1st class/highest honors (“summa cum laude”)


Freie Universität Berlin                                                                                                        2006

Graduation in business studies (Dipl.-Kfm., equiv. MSc.)
Thesis: “Cooperation with Eastern European Companies:
Partnership without Trust?”, including extensive fieldwork in Ukraine
Grade: 1.6 (best 5%)

International Internships

Pischepromavtomatika Odessa                                                                                          2003

Assisting the operations of an Ukrainian IT consulting enterprise

Bayer España S. A. Madrid (previously Schering)                                                               1999

Assistant to the board member responsible for organization. Co-developing
a new organizational structure

Studying abroad

Universidad Carlos III Madrid                                                                                                 2000

Awards and Accomplishments

Student Term / Thesis Papers

Full list of of student term / thesis papers

Courses (2020/2021)

Courses (2019/2020)

Strategic Management (Bachelor’s programme; St.Petersburg School of Economics and Management; 3 year, 3, 4 module)Eng

Courses (2018/2019)



  • 2019
    Cultural Forum: Implementation of Cultural and Environmental Sites into the World Tourist Routes (Saint Petersburg). Presentation: Creative Spaces and New Types of Tourism: Berlin and Saint Petersburg
  • 2018
    European Group for Organizational Studies (Tallin). Presentation: When Life or Death is a Matter of Organization: How Self-reinforcing Mechanisms Helped Institutionalizing Cooperative Children Cancer Care in Contemporary Russia
  • 14th Workshop on New Institutionalism in Organization Theory (Milan). Presentation: Institutional Creation Fueled by Self-reinforcing Mechanisms? How Pediatric Cancer Care was Organized in Contemporary Russia
  • 2017
    European Group for Organizational Studies (Copenhagen). Presentation: Innovating within and across the Organizational Boundary of a Synchrotron Facility: Structural Folds, Collaborative Practices, Individual Characteristics
  • Conventions of Power Conference (Reutlingen). Presentation: Die Ökonomie der Konventionen: Potenzial für die betriebswirtschaftliche Organisationstheorieforschung?
  • 2016
    Bridges Over Troubled Water - Die Konstitution von Netzwerken im Innovationsprozess (Berlin). Presentation: Collaborating within and across the Organizational Boundary of a Synchrotron Facility: Innovation at Structural Folds?
  • 2015
    European Group for Organizational Studies (Athens). Presentation: Innovation in a Structural Fold? Organizational dynamics of creating new knowledge at a Synchrotron facility
  • Columbia University Center on Organizational Innovation Conference Workshop (New York). Presentation: Innovation in a Structural Fold? Organizational dynamics of creating new knowledge at a Synchrotron facility
  • 2014
    Academy of Management Annual Meeting (Pennsylvania). Presentation: Organizational Change: Effective Cancer Treatment through Multi-Center Cooperation
  • 2013
    European Group for Organizational Studies (Montreal). Presentation: Change in Russian Healthcare: Organizing Effective Cancer Treatment through Multi-center Cooperation
  • Workshop on International Management (Bremen). Presentation: Jacobs University Trust and Management in Eastern Europe
  • 2011
    Focus-Workshop Eastern Europe (Oxford ). Presentation: Oxford Brooks University Trust and Management in Eastern Europe


DAAD                                                                                                                                ongoing
Co-funding of Freie Universität Berlin - Higher School of Economics joint chair
in business administration

WZB (Berlin Social Science Center)                                                                         2016-2017
Scholarship to continue collaboration with scholars
in France on the Economics of Conventions Theory (EUR 6.200)

ISIS/PEPS (Interactions entre Science, Innovation et Société)                                      2015
Project funding to organize a joint conference with COI (Center on Organizational
Innovation) taking place at Columbia University, New York (EUR 15.000)

DFG (German Research Foundation)                                                                       2008-2011
Scholarship for the excellence doctoral program “Research on Organizational
Path Dependence” (EUR 45.000)

DAAD (German Academic Exchange)                                                                      2004-2005
Scholarship to conduct Fieldwork for diploma in Ukraine (EUR 4.000)


Employment history


Higher School of Economics Saint Petersburg/                                                       2020-now
Freie Universität Berlin
Joint chair in Business Administration, DAAD co-funded
Associate Professor Strategic Management & Organizational Innovation

Higher School of Economics Saint Petersburg                                                        2017-2019
Associate Professor
Department of Management
Researching innovating processes in Russian industrial clusters
Teaching Strategic Management & Organization

Freie Universität Berlin                                                                                               2015-2019
Associated Researcher
School of Business and Economics, chair for inter-firm cooperation
Researching innovating processes in healthcare networks
Teaching Supply and Operations Management, key example car industry

École Normale Supérieure de Cachan Paris                                                            2014-2015
Researching high-tech, high investment innovation in a synchrotron (SOLEIL)
within an evolving cluster (PARIS-SACLAY)
Teaching  innovation in the car industry (RENAULT)
in collaboration with the international GERPISA automobile network

Columbia University New York
Postdoc (visiting)                                                                                                                  2013
Center on Organizational Innovation Prof. David Stark
Researching path-breaking organizational change


Tauentzien Medical                                                                                                    2019-now
Consultant Business Development Eastern Europe

Kantar                                                                                                                                   2016
Freelance Consultant. Change management: responsible for the
preparation of the Bayer-Monsanto takeover reputation report.
Evaluating the potential change of perception amongst industry
experts in 11 key countries

Inav Institute for Applied Healthcare Research                                                               2013

Consultant. Change management: developing concepts for
organizational change and digital health (Pfizer, MSD, BAG)

ZAO Terminal Smolensk                                                                                            2007-2008

Vice-president. Representing the German investor starting up
a German-Russian logistics joint venture. Company founding,
warehouse design, construction planning

Droege&Comp. Internationale Unternehmer Beratung Duesseldorf                    2006-2007 
Consultant. Supply chain strategy development for one of the leading
German boutique strategy consultancies. Reorganizing the logistics of
a Russian client (Moscow) operating in pharmaceutical retail including
warehousing design and project-management of implementation                            

Delfingen Automotive (previously Langendorf technische Textilien)                           2005-2006
Freelance Consultant. Logistics/outsourcing: Identifying potential
cooperation partners to produce automotive textiles in Ukraine,
assisting the CEO visiting production sites

Timetable for today

Full timetable

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