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Address: Nizhny Novgorod, 25/12 Bolshaya Pecherskaya Ulitsa, room 224
SPIN-RSCI: 7776-0461
ORCID: 0000-0002-1968-0793
ResearcherID: F-3374-2018
Scopus AuthorID: 55355084100
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Office hours
14:00-16:00 every day, room 224
O. Pochinka
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Ivan Remizov

  • Ivan Remizov has been at HSE University since 2018.

Education and Degrees

  • 2018

    Candidate of Sciences* (PhD)
    Lomonosov Moscow State University

  • 2008

    Lomonosov Moscow State University

* Candidate of Sciences
According to the International Standard Classification of Education (ISCED) 2011, Candidate of Sciences belongs to ISCED level 8 - "doctoral or equivalent", together with PhD, DPhil, D.Lit, D.Sc, LL.D, Doctorate or similar. Candidate of Sciences allows its holders to reach the level of the Associate Professor.

Awards and Accomplishments

Young Faculty Support Program (Group of Young Academic Professionals)
Category "New Lecturers" (2019)

Courses (2021/2022)

Courses (2020/2021)



  • 2019
    Математическая физика, динамические системы, бесконечномерный анализ (Долгопрудный). Presentation: Approximation Subspaces in the Chernoff Theorem
  • Операторные модели в математической физике (Москва). Presentation: Неспектральные методы аппроксимации С0-полугрупп и скорость сходимости в теореме Чернова
  • 2018
    Бесконечномерный анализ и теория управления (Москва). Presentation: Approximations of evolution semigroups and calculus of Cheroff functions
  • Семинар по качественной теории дифференциальных уравнений в Московском Университете (Москва). Presentation: Формула, дающая решение задачи Коши для уравнений типа Шрёдингера на прямой с переменными коэффициентами и производными сколь угодно большого порядка
  • Международная конференция по дифференциальным уравнениям и динамическим системам (Суздаль). Presentation: Формула для решения многомерного уравнения Шрёдингера
  • Dynamics, Bifurcations, and Chaos (Нижний Новгород). Presentation: Formula for solution of multidimensional diffusion-type equation
  • Объединённый семинар факультета математики университета Тренто (Италия, г. Тренто) и Международного центра математических исследований (Италия, г. Тренто) (Тренто). Presentation: Approximation formulas for evolution semigroups
  • 2017

    Порядковый анализ и смежные вопросы математического моделирования (Владикавказ). Presentation: Исчисление функций Чернова и задача Коши для эволюционных уравнений

  • Бесконечномерный анализ и математическая физика (Москва). Presentation: Новые приложения функции Чернова с оператором сдвига
  • 2016
    Бесконечномерный анализ и математическая физика (Москва). Presentation: Решение уравнения Шрёдингера, построенное с помощью оператора сдвига
  • Квантовая физика и квантовая информация (Москва). Presentation: О новой связи между решениями уравнения теплопроводности и уравнения Шрёдингера
  • 2015
    Международная конференция по функциональным пространствам и теории приближения функций, посвященная 110-летию со дня рождения академика С. М. Никольского (Москва). Presentation: Квазифейнмановские формулы для группы Шредингера: что это, как их получать, какая от них польза
  • Бесконечномерный анализ и математическая физика (Москва). Presentation: О новых задачах, связанных с квазифейнмановскими формулами

Presentation at the seminar of the South Ural State University

About participation in workshops

‘HSE University Was a Gateway into the Wider World of Science’

Fernanda Florido-Calvo came to HSE University in Nizhny Novgorod from Chile to study mathematics. While on her two-year Master of Science in Mathematics programme, she wrote her master’s thesis and presented it at the All-Russia Contest of Diploma Thesis of Russian Mathematicians 2021, where she won two awards with full marks. Fernanda spoke to the HSE News Service about her passion for mathematics and the paths that lead to HSE University.

The Russian Competition of Theses in Mathematics has finished

The results of the Russian Competition of Theses in Mathematics 2021 have been announced.

XI Round Table of teachers of physics, mathematics and astronomy of the Nizhny Novgorod region

Field seminar at the recreation center SSOL " Zarya" 28 June - 2 July 2021

International Conference OPSO 2021

From April 5 to 9, the international conference "One-Parameter Semigroups of Operators" was held in an online format.

Appeal of a mathematician (Associate Professor of the Higher School of Economics Ivan Remizov) to students and colleagues

Winning in Research Projects Competition

Congratulations to Associate Professor of the Department of Fundamental Mathematics Ivan Remizov and his team on their victory in the competition for research projects of scientific and educational groups in 2020!

Сongratulations to Ivan Remizov on his birthday

December 7, 2019 is the birthday of Ivan Dmitrievich Remizov – a bright young mathematician, associate professor at the Department of Fundamental Mathematics, and senior research fellow at the Laboratory of Topological Methods in Dynamics at Higher School of Economics; he turns thirty-five years old. According to the definition used when awarding Fields Medals, the mathematician is young until 40, so Ivan wil remain young for another five years.

Report of I.D. Remizov at the seminar on the theory of operators under the guidance of A.A. Shkalikov at Moscow State University.

On November 29, 2019, Ivan Remizov gave a talk titled "Non-spectral approximation methods for C0 semigroups and the rate of convergence in Chernoff's theorem" at the Moscow State University at the seminar on operator theory led by corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences A. Shkalikov.

The talk at the seminar of Moscow State University

Ivan Remizov made a talk at the seminar of the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics

The talks by Italian professors Valter Moretti and Sonya Mazzuki

At the laboratory of topological methods in dynamics, on October 17, the talks by Italian professors Valter Moretti and Sonya Mazzucchi were successfully held.

Mathematical lectures by 15-th and 17-th of october

As part of the visit of Italian mathematicians Valter Moretti and Sonia Mazzucchi to the laboratory of topological methods in dynamics this week, three talks will be devoted to applications of functional analysis in mathematical physics and quantum theory.

Everyone is welcome. The first talk will be in Russian (with translation into English for Italians), the second and third talks will be in English (a translation into Russian can be arranged at the request of the audience).

The acceptance of documents for the first intake of programme was finished

HSE does not stand still: it is constantly expanding opportunities for applicants and students. July 31, the acceptance of documents for the first intake of a new Master's English-language programme was finished.

The Work Continues

The Academic Head of the Master's Programme 'Mathematics' and the Head of the Department of Fundamental Mathematics visited colleagues from the University of Passau.

Plenary talk at the international scientific conference

Ivan Remizov made a plenary talk at the conference "Infinite-dimensional analysis and mathematical physics”

Master’s Programme in Mathematics Signs Double Degree Agreement with University of Passau

On November 5, educational partnership between the Master’s programme in Mathematics offered by HSE Nizhny Novgorod and the University of Passau, Germany, was finalized. Upon graduation from the joint programme, students will receive a Master’s degree in Mathematics from HSE and a Master of Science in Computational Mathematics degree from the German university.

International Conference-School Dynamics, Bifurcations and Chaos 2018 (DBC V)

From July 16 till 20 an international school-conference took place in Nyzhny Novgorod.

Staff of the Laboratory of TMD presented lectures at the conference on differential equations and dynamical systems.

The conference took place in July from 6 till 11, 2018, in Suzdal city of Vladimir region.