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Address: 3 Krivokolenny Pereulok, room 3-108
ORCID: 0000-0002-3687-3634
ResearcherID: ABH-6708-2020
Scopus AuthorID: 56373043000
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A. Shestakova
V. Moiseeva
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Beatriz Bermúdez-Margaretto

  • Beatriz Bermúdez-Margaretto has been at HSE University since 2018.

Education and Degrees

  • 2017

    University of Oviedo

  • 2013

    Bachelor's in Cognitive Neuroscience and Special Education Needs
    University of La Laguna

  • 2012

    Bachelor's in Psychology
    University of Oviedo

Continuing education / Professional retraining / Internships / Study abroad experience

Donders MEG/EEG TOOL-KIT 2018: advanced data analysis and source modelling of EEG and MEG data. Organized by the Donders Centre for Cognitive Neuroimaging, Nijmegen, The Netherlands, on April 9-13, 2018.

Student Term / Thesis Papers

Full list of of student term / thesis papers


Employment history

Use of Events Related Potentials (ERPs) for the studying the neurobiology of reading processing and, particularly, the electrophysiological signatures of the novel word learning. 

Implementation of different techniques for EEG signal analysis, as cluster based non parametric techniques, multiple regression analysis of ERPs or neural source localization, using softwares as Analyzer, Cartool or Matlab.

Teaching in Psychology degree in subjects related to language processing such as Psycholinguistics and Cognitive Neuropsychology (Spanish language). 

Participation in different research projects on which the main topics were the cognitive,  neuropsychological and electrophysiological changes during novel word lexicalization. 

Congratulations to our graduates!

Teachers of the School of Psychology and the Institute of Cognitive Neurosciences congratulate 2020 graduates.

HSE Researchers Receive Grants in Russian Science Foundation Competitions

The Russian Science Foundation announced the results of its 2019 competitions for support from the Presidential Research Project Programme. One competition was for grants in support of research initiatives by early career researchers, and another was in support of research conducted by research groups headed by early career scholars.