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Elena Mitrofanova

  • Elena Mitrofanova has been at HSE University since 2016.

Student Term / Thesis Papers

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City project: Buildings (Master’s programme; Vysokovsky Graduate School of Urbanism; 1 year, 2 semester)Eng

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HSE Student Awarded at Biodesign Challenge Summit 2019

Anna Budnikova, alumni of the international Master’s programme ‘Prototyping future cities’ received the Outstanding Science Award at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) for her research ‘Mycokarst: New Generation of Self-healing Urban Materials Based on Fungal Spores’ conducted under Elena Mitrofanova leadership.

Shukhov Lab in New York: Biodesign Challenge 2019

Anna Budnikova, graduate of the GSU Master’s programme ‘Prototyping future cities’ and finalist of the Biodesign Challenge 2019, will present her project ‘Mycokarst: New Generation of Self-healing Urban Materials Based on Fungal Spores’ in New York.

Second-year GSU Students Win a Scholarship for Biodesign Challenge Project

'Prototyping future cities' students will present their final project at Princeton University in June 2019.

Fab Lab Founder from Latin America Shares His Expertise with HSE Students

Benito Juarez, the founder of the first Fab Lab in South America and the Latin America Fab Lab Network, has come to HSE University for the 2018 autumn semester as an invited lecturer on Master’s Programme in Prototyping Future Cities. He is delivering a course in Impact Analysis for first-year students and leading the City Project module, a practical component of the Master’s programme. Mr Juarez has talked to HSE News Service about fab lab projects, creative cities of the future, and the courses he is teaching at HSE.

Shukhov Lab announced results of poster contest

Three winners are to present their portfolios for the final decision

HSE Students Come Up with a House of the Future

Perhaps, in the not-so-distant future, people will be living in skyscrapers made of wood and concrete with a farm on the first floor and solar panels on the roof. Such a model of a future residential block was presented by the students of the master's programme ‘Prototyping Future Cities’. To create the model, they studied houses in Moscow that have been built over the past hundred years and analyzed international experience. Their model was presented at the Moscow Urban Forum in July and, on September 13 (HSE Day), it will be possible to see it again at Gorky Park.

HSE rector visited Shukhov Lab exposition at Moscow Urban Forum 2018

Graduate School of Urbanism students presented their ‘Advanced Urban Prototype’ at the Concert Hall of Zaryadye Park

Murmansk: urban field trip

This August, the Shukhov Lab is organising an expedition to Murmansk as a part of the long-term research project ‘New cities and settlements in the North of Russia’


Shukhov Lab of HSE Graduate School of Urbanism in collaboration with IAAC (Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia) and Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design is getting ready for the Global Summer School 2018 in Moscow!