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Language Proficiency
Address: 123 Griboyedova Canal Emb.
Consultation hours
Wed 16.20 - 17.20 (Zoom)
N. V. Smirnova
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Anastasia Kapakly

  • Anastasia Kapakly has been at HSE University since 2016.


  • 2021

    St. Petersburg State University of Economics

  • 2015

    Bachelor's in Linguistics
    St. Petersburg State University of Economics

  • 2009

    Bachelor's in Chinese Language and Literature
    Jiamusi University

Continuing education / Professional retraining / Internships / Study abroad experience

2020/ 08, Career enhancement training for Chinese teachers (on-line).  Center for Language Education and Cooperation, BICC, Beijing, China (Certificate)

2019/ 02 - 2019/ 03, Career enhancement training "English language. Discussion and practice of peer review" (32 academic hours). NRU HSE, St. Petersburg, Russia (Certificate No.

2018/ 07, Internship for overseas Chinese teachers (汉语 语言, 72 academic hours). Department of International Educational Exchange, Beijing International Chinese  College  (北京市 国际 教育 交流 中心 , 北京 国际 汉语 研修 学院) (Certificate No. 181030019)

2017/ 11, Internship for overseas Chinese teachers (汉语 语言, 64 academic hours). Beijing International Knowledge Sharing Center, Beijing International Chinese Language Institute (北京市 国际 教育 交流 中心 , 北京 国际 汉语 学院) (Certificate No. 17103036)

2017/ 09 - 2017/ 11, Career enhancement training "Information and communication technology as a means of implementing the FSES", 36 academic hours. Autonomous noncommercial organization of supplementary professional education "St. Petersburg Institute of Advanced Studies" (Certificate No. 7827 00114509)

2017/ 02/ 06 - 2017/ 06/ 26, Career enhancement training "Methods of teaching a foreign language at different stages of training in terms of the implementation of the FSES", 72 academic hours.State funded educational institution  of supplementary professional education "St. Petersburg Academy of Postgraduate Pedagogical Education" (Certificate No. 180001014160)

2017/ 02 - 2017/ 05, Career enhancement training "Pedagogical technologies for the implementation of the FSES: a system of tasks", 100 academic hours. State funded educational insitution  of supplementary professional pedagogical education "St. Petersburg Information and Methodological Center" in Vasileostrovsky district (Certificate No. 780500001537)

2016/ 12, Training Program for Teachers of Chinese as a foreign language (Confucius Institute Headquaters Hanban). Confucius Institute of The Faculty of Oriental Studies at Saint Petersburg State University (Certificate; 2016/12/19 - 2016/12/20)

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