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Ahmet Oguz Demir

  • Ahmet Oguz Demir has been at HSE since 2018.

Education and Degrees

  • 2013

    Istanbul University

  • 2005

    Istanbul University

  • Education and Degrees

    2013: Ph.D. in Economics, University of Istanbul, Doctoral Dissertation: “Foreign Direct Investment Attractiveness Index” 

    2007: M.A. in International Trade, Institute of Social Sciences, Istanbul Commerce University

    2005: B.A. in Economics, University of Istanbul

Introduction to Economics I: Undergraduate level (Since 2013)

Introduction to Economics II : Undergraduate level (Since 2013)

Economic Theory I: Undergraduate level (Since 2013)

Economic Theory II: Undergraduate level (Since 2013)

Turkey’s Foreign Trade Policies : Undergraduate level (Since 2017)

European Economic Integration : Undergraduate Level (Since 2017)

International Economics : Master level (Since 2014)

Globalization : Master level (Since 2015)

Economic Integrations : Master level (Since 2015)

Digital Economy : Master Level (Since 2017)

International Trade and Emerging Economies: Master Level (Since 2017)

Economic and Social Trends, Trend Analysis & Future Foresighting: Master Level (Since 2018)

Global Political Economy : Master Level (Since 2018)

Advanced Microeconomics : Ph.D. Level (Since 2015)

International Trade Policies : Ph.D. Level (Since 2016)


Employment history

Since 2017: Head of Master Programme in Digital Economy and Marketing, Institute of Social Sciences, Istanbul Commerce University

Since 2016: Deputy Director, Research Center for International Creative Economy, Creative Industries and Creative Cities, Istanbul Commerce University

Since 2013: Assistant Professor of Economics, Istanbul Commerce University

2014-2016: Director, EU Research Center, Istanbul Commerce University

2014: Visiting Scholar, Institute for Innovation, Creativity and Capital, University of Texas at Austin

2005 – 2013: EU Expert, EU Research Center, Istanbul Commerce University

Futures Literacy of Students

HSE ISSEK joined the ‘FORESIGHT — Future Oriented Education for Students Incorporating GSC in High-paced Times’ project launched by five European universities. The three-year project funded by European Union started with the kickoff meeting held on November, 29–30 in Tilburg (the Netherlands). HSE ISSEK was represented by a post-doctoral research fellow Dr. Oguz Demir, who will be the overall coordinator of the project.