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Address: 21/4 Staraya Basmannaya Ulitsa, Building 5, room Б-613
ORCID: 0000-0001-5359-3020
ResearcherID: U-9082-2018
Scopus AuthorID: 57191222932
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M. Boytsov
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Dragoș-Gheorghe Năstăsoiu

  • Dragoș-Gheorghe Năstăsoiu has been at HSE University since 2018.

Education and Degrees

  • 2018

    Central European University

  • 2009

    Master's in Medieval Studies
    Central European University

Courses (2019/2020)

Historical Vocabulary in English (Bachelor’s programme; Faculty of Humanities; 2 year, 1, 2 module)Eng



  • 2021

    Символическое Средневековье / Symbolic Middle Ages (Moscow). Presentation: St. Ladislas’ Cult, Symbolic Actions, and Heraldic Devices as Tools of Anti-royal Propaganda during the 1401-1403 Political Crisis in the Kingdom of Hungary

  • 2020

    Fourteenth International Conference of Iconographic Studies “Iconography and Hagiography – Visualizing Holiness” (Rijeka). Presentation: Narrative Strategies between East and West in the Life Cycle of St. Catherine of Alexandria in Dârlos

  • Актуальные проблемы теории и истории искусства IX / Actual Problems of Theory and History of Art IX (Saint Petersburg). Presentation: On the Limits of ‘National Schools’ in Art History: Paradigms of Mixed Style, iconography, and Devotion in Medieval Art of Transylvania

  • Museikon International Workshop “Transferul cultural între artă şi istorie / Cultural Transfer between Art and History” (Alba Iulia). Presentation: Byzantine and Gothic Side-by-side. Stylistic Diversity under a Single Roof in the Churches of Late-medieval Transylvania

  • 2019
    International Symposium “Eclecticism at the Edges: Medieval Art and Architecture at the Crossroads of the Latin, Greek, and Slavic Cultural Spheres (c. 1300-c. 1500)” (Princeton). Presentation: Appropriation, Adaptation, Transformation: Painters of Byzantine Tradition Working for Catholic Patrons in 14th- and 15th-century Transylvania
  • Četvrta medievistička znanstvena radionica u Rijeci / Fourth Medieval Workshop in Rijeka (Rijeka). Presentation: St. Ladislas’ Cult and Anti-royal Propaganda during the Political Crisis of 1401-1404

  • Seminar of the HSE Centre for Medieval Studies (Moscow). Presentation: Saint Ladislas, “Athleta Patriae”, and the Cult of Military Saints in Medieval Hungary

  • 12th International Congress of South-East European Studies - Political, Social, and Religious Dynamics in South-Eastern Europe (Bucharest). Presentation: Cross-credal Devotion: Catholic Saints Venerated by the Orthodox in Medieval Cultural Contact Zones

  • International Conference “Visualizing the Other in Late Medieval and Early Modern Art (1300-1550)” (Ostrava). Presentation: Ambivalence towards the Religious Other: Depicting St. Francis of Assisi and Franciscans in the Orthodox Churches of Venetian-ruled Crete

  • 2018
    Joint Seminars “The Symbolic Middle Ages” and “Byzantium: Emperors and Saints” (Moscow). Presentation: Catholic Royal Saints in Transylvanian Orthodox Churches: The sancti reges Hungariae, Romanian Orthodox Noblemen, and the Legitimating Power of Images
  • 2017

    Art Readings 2017 – Old Art Module: Byzantine & Post-Byzantine Art: Crossing Borders (София). Presentation: Painters of Byzantine Tradition Working for Catholic Patrons, Western Painters Working for Orthodox Commissioners. The Evidence of Transylvanian Murals (14th-15th C.)

  • Seminar of the Department of Medieval and Pre-modern History and Art History, Faculty of History and Philosophy, Babeş-Bolyai University (Cluj-Napoca). Presentation: Sfinţi regali şi propagandă politică: Cultul Sf. Sigismund de Burgundia şi regele Sigismund de Luxemburg (1387-1437) [Royal Saints and Political Propaganda: The Cult of St. Sigismund of Burgundy and King Sigismund of Luxemburg (1387-1437)]
  • Seminar of the Department of Medieval and Pre-modern History and Art History, Faculty of History and Philosophy, Babeş-Bolyai University (Cluj-Napoca). Presentation: Statutul social al nobilimii ortodoxe româneşti din Transilvania potrivit mărturiilor din tablouri şi inscripţii votive (sec. XIV-XV) [The Social Status of Romanian Orthodox Noblemen in Transylvania According to Votive Portraits and Inscriptions (14th-15th C.)]
  • Symposium “Cultură şi spiritualitate în comuna Ribiţa (jud. Hunedoara). 600 de ani de la atestarea bisericii Sfântul Ierarh Nicolae din Ribiţa (1417) şi 25 de ani de la reactivarea Mănăstirii Crişan (1992)” (Ribiţa). Presentation: O ipoteză privind datarea picturilor murale ale bisericii Sfântul Nicolae din Ribiţa în lumina unor informaţii noi [A Hypothesis Regarding the Dating of the Mural Paintings of Saint Nicholas Church in Ribiţa in Light of New Information]
  • 2016
    The Middle Ages in Motion (Středověk v pohybu) Lecture Series (Prague). Presentation: A sancta et fidelis societas… Hungarica? The Cult and Iconography of St. Sigismund in Late-medieval Hungary
  • 2015
    Art Readings 2015: Heroes/Cults/Saints. On the Occasion of the 500th Anniversary since the Martyrdom of St George the New Martyr of Sofia (София). Presentation: Hybrid Art or Hybrid Piety? The Representation of the Catholic Holy Kings of Hungary in Medieval Orthodox Churches of Transylvania
  • Town and Country in the Byzantine World: Social and Economic Perspectives (София). Presentation: The Social Status of Romanian Orthodox Noblemen in Late-medieval Transylvania According to Donor Portraits and Church Inscriptions
  • 2014
    Date noi în cercetarea artei medievale din România. Ediţia a unsprezecea (Бухарест). Presentation: Despre datarea picturilor murale ale bisericii Sf. Nicolae din Ribiţa în lumina unor informaţii noi [On the Dating of the Mural Paintings of St. Nicholas Church in Ribiţa in Light of New Information]
  • International Medieval Congress (IMC) (Лидс). Presentation: King Sigismund of Luxemburg’s Promotion of St. Sigismund of Burgundy’s Cult and Its Artistic Expression in Late-medieval Hungary
  • Circulation as a Factor of Cultural Aggregation: Relics, Ideas and Cities in the Middle Ages (Тельч). Presentation: Patronage as Means of Mobility for the Cult of Saints: The Case of the Arpadian Saints in the Fourteenth Century
  • 19th Annual Medieval Postgraduate Student Colloquium Boundaries in Medieval Art and Architecture (Лондон). Presentation: Transgressing Boundaries: Mural Painting in the Orthodox Churches of Fourteenth- and Fifteenth-century Transylvania
  • ARCS Fall 2014 Lecture Series (Sofia). Presentation: “Between East and West”: The Iconography of Donors in Orthodox Mural Painting of South-western Transylvania during the Fifteenth Century
  • 2013
    International Medieval Congress (IMC) (Лондон). Presentation: The Pillars of the Hungarian State and Church: Shaping the Image of St. Stephen and St. Ladislas after the Old Testament Kings Solomon and David
  • Post-Byzantine Art: Orthodox Christian Art in a Non-Byzantine World? (Будапешт). Presentation: ‘East Meets West’: The Iconography of Orthodox Mural Painting in Transylvania during Fifteenth Century
  • OTKA Saints Colloquia Series (Budapest). Presentation: A Holy Bishop among Holy Kings in the Murals of Mălâncrav (Malmkrog, Almakerék)
  • 2010
    Annual Session of Medieval Art Department, Art History Institute G. Oprescu, Bucharest (Бухарест). Presentation: Regii sfinţi ai Ungariei: Stâlpi ai Bisericii maghiare locale [The Holy Kings of Hungary: Pillars of the Hungarian Local Church]
  • Matérialités et immatérialité de l’église au Moyen Âge (Бухарест). Presentation: The Apostles of the Hungarian Church: The Altar Space Iconography of the Hungarian Kingdom’s Medieval Churches
  • 2009
    Annual Session of Medieval Art Department, Art History Institute G. Oprescu (Бухарест). Presentation: “Sancti reges Hungariae” în pictura murală a Regatului Maghiar medieval [“Sancti reges Hungariae” in Mural Painting of Medieval Hungarian Kingdom]
  • 2007
    Annual Session of Medieval Art Department, Art History Institute G. Oprescu, Bucharest (Бухарест). Presentation: Noi reprezentări ale Legendei Sfântului Ladislau la Crăciunel şi Chilieni [New Representations of St. Ladislas’ Legend in Crăciunel and Chilieni]

Employment history

Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, Art History Department (Tbilisi, Georgia)

Teaching Fellow. Course: “Style Analysis as a Method of Art Historical Research” (2012)


National University of Arts, Department of Art History and Theory (Bucharest, Romania)

Teaching Assistant. Courses: “History of Romanian Medieval Art” and “History of Romanian Modern Art” (2009-2010)