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Address: 20 Myasnitskaya Ulitsa, room М20-520
S. Roshchin
A. Y. Melville
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Galina Cheremushkina

  • Galina Cheremushkina has been at HSE University since 2010.


  • directs the activity of the study office  and supervises the execution of  the tasks and functions specified in the Regulations on the Study office, the decisions of the Academic Council, orders of the Higher School of Economics and instructions of the HSE administration, the dean of the faculty, his deputies , the academic head of the educational program (hereinafter EP);
  • adjustment of issues of social support for students;
  • work with Fee-paying students;
  • makes suggestions  to the dean, the deputy dean, the academic head of the EP on improving the activities of the study office and increasing the effectiveness of its work;
  • develops draft documents on the organization of the study office activity;
  • organizes trainings of professional skill of the study office staff with the responsible HSE units;
  • ensures the creation of optimal conditions for high-performance of work;
  • monitors compliance of study office staff with the legislation of the Russian Federation, the charter and local acts of the Higher School of Economics, including the Rules of Internal Regulations of the Higher School of Economics, labor safety and safety regulations, fire safety;
  • develops drafts of study office staff  job descriptions and submits them for approval to the rector;
  • takes managerial decisions to review the claims of the study participants and interested parties on issues of organizational, resource, methodological and information support for the EP;
  • carries out the documentary registration of the decisions of the academic council (secretary).



Degree in International Relations
Moscow State Institute of International Relations (University)