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SPIN-RSCI: 3613-4779
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ResearcherID: E-9445-2014
Scopus AuthorID: 36639433500
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Consultation time for graduate students: Saturday from 13-00 to 15-00 by appointment with Irina Sheludchenko (isheludchenko@hse.ru)
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Isak Froumin

  • Tenured Professor (2016)
  • Distinguished Professor (2019)
  • Member of the HSE Academic Council
  • Isak Froumin has been at HSE University since 2009.


- reviewing of publications within the framework of existing projects of the Institute of Education;

- consulting graduate students.

Education, Degrees and Academic Titles

  • 2020
    Member of the International Academy of Education
  • 2007
  • 2001

    Doctor of Sciences* in General Pedagogy, History of Pedagogy and Education
    Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia

  • 1993
    Associate Professor
  • 1990

    Candidate of Sciences* (PhD) in General Pedagogy, History of Pedagogy and Education

  • 1979

    Degree in Mathematics
    Krasnoyarsk State University

* Candidate of Sciences
According to the International Standard Classification of Education (ISCED) 2011, Candidate of Sciences belongs to ISCED level 8 - "doctoral or equivalent", together with PhD, DPhil, D.Lit, D.Sc, LL.D, Doctorate or similar. Candidate of Sciences allows its holders to reach the level of the Associate Professor.
* Doctor of Sciences
A post-doctoral degree called Doctor of Sciences is given to reflect second advanced research qualifications or higher doctorates in ISCED 2011.

Awards and Accomplishments

Special mention in HSE University Best Russian Research Paper Competition – 2021

Courses (2021/2022)

Courses (2020/2021)

Courses (2019/2020)

Courses (2018/2019)

Courses (2017/2018)

Educational Policy Evaluation (Master’s programme; Institute of Education; 1 year, 2, 3 module)Rus

Editorial board membership

  • 2021: Member of the Editorial Council, Мир психологии.

  • 2019: Member of the Editorial Council (The International Review of Education – Journal of Lifelong Learning (IRE)), International Review.

  • 2018: Member of the Editorial Council, International Journal of Educational Development.

  • 2017: Member of the Editorial Council, School Leadership and Management.

  • 2004: Deputy Editor-in-chief, Вопросы образования (Educational studies).

Participating in other editorship:

2014: Deputy CEO of the editorial board of series “The Library of Journal ‘Educational Studies”;

2015: Editorial board member of series “Understanding Student Experiences of Higher Education Series”;


























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Chapter Фрумин И. Д. Базовая экспериментальная общеобразовательная школа при красноярском университете // В кн.: Непрерывное образование: опыт, проблемы, перспективы: межвузовский сборник научных трудов. Красноярск : [б.и.], 1991.


Chapter Фрумин И. Д., Хасан Б. И. «Эпифеномены» психолого-педагогического эксперимента как предмет специального исследования // В кн.: Деятельностный подход в обучении и формировании творческой личности. Тезисы докладов и выступлений на Всесоюзной научно-практической конференции 28-30 мая 1990 года Ч. 1. Общество психологов СССР при Президиуме АН СССР, 1990. С. 3-4.


Chapter Фрумин И. Д. Самоопределение и выбор в интенсивном педагоическом процессе // В кн.: Проблемы самоопределения молодежи. Тезисы докладов и сообщений на научно-практической конференции 5-6 октября 1987 года. Красноярск : [б.и.], 1987.


Article Фрумин И. Д. Решение с оценками ∂¯-уравнения в аналитических полиэдрах общего положения // Сибирский математический журнал. 1983. Т. 24. № 4. С. 176-188.


Employment history

1982 – 1987 - Assistant Professor, Department of Education, Krasnoyarsk State University

1987 – 1999 - Principal, Experimental School "Univers" (Public School Affiliated with Krasnoyarsk State University as A Laboratory School)

1990 – 1999 - Head, Department of General Pedagogy, Krasnoyarsk State University (concurrently)

1994 – 1999 - Director, Institute of Experimental Pedagogy of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Education (concurrently)

1999 – 2011 - Leading Education Specialist, The Moscow Office of the World Bank

2002 – 2006 - Professor, Academy of National Economy under the Government of the Russian Federation (concurrently)

2006 – 2012 - Scientific director, Institute for the Development of Education, National Research University Higher School of Economics (concurrently)

Since 2012 - Head, Institute of Education, HSE University

Delivering on Entrepreneurship Commitments: Evidence from Post-Soviet Universities

‘Entrepreneurialism and Society: Consequences and Meanings,’ a new volume in organizational sociology & economics by Emerald Publishing Limited, features a contribution by IOE experts Pavel Sorokin, Isak Froumin, and Svetlana Chernenko that explores the realm of entrepreneurship-centric learning & development in post-Soviet higher education.

EdCrunch Reload Conference Discusses Challenges and Achievements of Online Education

HSE University recently took part in EdCrunch Reload, Europe's largest conference on new technologies in education. The conference was held in Kazakhstan on November 23rd and 24th. Yulia Remezova, Director for eLearning, talked about the digital expertise of HSE University during a panel discussion entitled ‘Are the Giants Still Strong? The Path of Massive Online Universities in an Ever Changing Educational Context’.

Zeroing in on ‘Big Science’: How Post-Soviet Universities Have Been Building Their R&D Agendas

Out at Palgrave Macmillan is a new volume titled, ‘Building Research Capacity at Universities: Insights from Post-Soviet Countries.’ The chapter featuring the Russian case––‘Russia: The Rise of Research Universities’––has been prepared by Igor Fedyukin, Aleksandr Kliagin, and Isak Froumin of the HSE University Russia.

Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation Announces Winners of Two Innovation Competitions

The winners of the KIVO Education Innovation Competition and the Innovator’s Voice all-Russia contest of youth social and educational innovations have been announced. Both competitions were organized by HSE University: KIVO 2021 in partnership with the Rybakov Foundation with support from the Agency for Strategic Initiatives, and Innovator’s Voice with support from the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs.

HSE University Enters Top 100 of THE Rankings in Two Subjects

HSE University has entered the top 100 universities in the Times Higher Education Rankings for Law and Social Sciences. For the first time, the university is also among the top 150 in the Education ranking and the top 200 in Business & Economics.

A ‘Digital Professor’ on How to Combine Education with Entertainment

Dr. Ger Graus, Global Director of Education at KidZania, is a visiting lecturer invited to work remotely with HSE University students. Last academic year, Dr. Graus conducted a series of seminars on ‘Schooling vs Education’ for students of the Master's programme in Educational Administration.

HSE University Cohosts Virtual THE Young Universities Summit

Several representatives of HSE University took part in the seventh Times Higher Education Young Universities Summit, organized jointly with HSE University on June 22-23 and held entirely online. The Summit focused on the global outlook for higher education and opportunities for new growth for young universities.

HSE Enters Top 15% of THE Young University Rankings 2021

HSE University has improved its indicators of research, international outlook, and industry income in THE Young University Rankings. HSE University now ranks 57th among  475 international universities and is the only Russian university in the Top 100.

‘Today, Studies Visible to the World, and Not Only to Russia, Are Being Recognized’  

After its impressive performance in the recent Shanghai Global Ranking, HSE University is now the highest-ranking Russian university in a number of subject rankings, as well as the only Russian university in five subjects, including Education. Isak  Froumin , Head and Professor of the HSE Institute of Education, spoke with the News Service about the factors for HSE’s success.  

Educational Studies Journal Enters Scopus Q1

Educational Studies, an academic journal founded by HSE University in 2004, has become the first Russian journal to enter the first quartile in Education in Scopus. This success relies on high requirements and thorough selection of publications, when the editorial board tries to select not just good papers, but particularly innovative studies.

HSE Ranks Among the World’s Top 50 Universities in Three QS Subject Rankings

HSE University has expanded its presence in the top 50 of QS subject rankings, placing in two additional subject rankings. HSE is represented in 4 of the 5 broad subject areas ranked by QS, and it has significantly improved its performance from last year in almost half of the individual subjects rankings in which it is included.

HSE University and Skyeng Start Exploring Online Education Together

The HSE Institute of Education has opened a Joint Department with Skyeng to create faster and more effective tools in online education, research, and specialist training in the field of educational technology.

A Weak Foundation

How secondary education affects university dropout rates

When More Is Not Merrier: How Education Helps Overcome Social Inequality

‘The Tragedy of Inequality: Dehumanizing the “Total Human”’ was the dramatic title of a recent seminar held by the HSE Institute of Education. Inequality leads to marginalization of specific individuals and groups. The availability of high-quality education may help decrease the problem.

Isak Froumin Becomes Second Russian to Be Elected to International Association of Education Researchers

Isak Froumin, Head of the HSE Institute of Education, has been elected a fellow of the International Academy of Education (IAE). Until now, its fellows had included only one scholar from Russia – Andrey Podolsky, formerly a department head at Moscow State University, and today, an HSE professor and department head at Innopraktika.

‘We Need to Work on Making Russian Universities More Attractive’

How the pandemic has affected the global system of higher education, how the system will betransformed and what prospects there are for cooperation between Russian and European universities– these were among the issues discussed by representatives of HSE University and other universities, experts and officials at the digital Round Table ‘EU— Russia: New Models of Educational Process Organisation, Novel Education Practices and Internationalisation in the Post-COVID Reality’.

Online Education: The ‘New Normal’ and Its Pitfalls

On the first day of the XI International Russian Higher Education Conference (RHEC), which was held online, representatives of universities and colleges discussed the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on Russia’s education system.

‘Educational Studies Moscow’ Makes It into Q2 in Scopus

The ‘Educational Studies Moscow’ journal, a quarterly international publication by HSE University, now places in Q2 of the Scopus international academic abstracting and indexing database. This reflects the growing citation rates and impact of the journal on a global scale, while further confirming its status as the leading Russian publication in the field of education.

Educational Studies Moscow Journal Strengthens Its International Standing

Educational Studies Moscow journal, which is published by HSE University, is now included in the second quartile (Q2) of the Scopus international scientometric database. This reflects the high level of citation and demand for the journal within the academic community, thus confirming its status as the best Russian publication in the field of education.

World Bank—HSE University Webinar Examines the Costs of School Closures During the Covid-19 Pandemic

On May 21, the joint webinar series, ‘Education under COVID-19: Problems, Solutions, Perspectives, Research’ began with a session about the effects of school closures under the pandemic. Harry Anthony Patrinos of the World Bank presented the results of a model that he and a team of researchers developed in order to predict the extent to which the closures may reduce learning and lead to future losses in labor productivity and earnings for today’s students. The webinar was moderated by Isak Froumin (Head of the HSE Institute of Education), while Professors Tommaso Agasisti (School of Management, Politecnico di Milano) and Sergey Kosaretsky (Director, HSE Centre of General and Extracurricular Education) served as discussants.

University Codes of Conduct Should Be Concise and Precise

The HSE University International Advisory Committee met online on May 19 to discuss the proposed Codes of Conduct for faculty and students, as well as assess the university’s transition to online learning.

Exploring Cross-country Experience in Advancing Education for 21st-Century Outcomes

The new volume titled, Audacious Education Purposes: How Governments Transform the Goals of Education Systems, which has recently been published in open access by Springer, foregrounds cases of educational change to promote 21st-century outcomes across eight nations. A chapter on Russian reforms aimed at future-proofing education in a fast-paced world has been prepared by Head of IOE, Isak Froumin and Rector of Moscow City University, Igor Remorenko.

‘It’s about the “Moral Stability” of the Economy’

HSE experts participated in the first international online forum, ‘The World, Post-Coronavirus: A View from the Heart of Eurasia’, which was held on April 28 in Ufa on the initiative of the Bashkortostan government. Scholars, businessmen, and politicians from different countries discussed threats, opportunities, and solutions for the economy and the social sphere.

‘It Is Difficult Times like These that Bring Us Closer Together’

On March 23, the working group of the Russian Ministry of Science and Higher Education devoted to university education met again to discuss how education should be organized as Russia seeks to prevent the spread of COVID-19. In particular, the group discussed tactics involving volunteerism on university campuses, examples from universities abroad, and developing student questionnaires in order to pinpoint the issues that Russian universities have encountered in their transition to distance learning.

Taking Learning & Networking Online in Crisis Times: Lessons from Global Academia

As the global COVID-19 outburst keeps tightening its grip across the dimensions of life, educational institutions worldwide have increasingly sought to migrate to the digital realm amid social distancing policies to flatten the coronavirus curve. In these circumstances, exploring ways to make the utmost of what modern ICT offer for sustaining academia in times when conventional modes of leaning and networking are on hold has become an imperative as vital as perhaps never before. A webinar held earlier this week as part of the IOE 2019/20 series on ‘Educational R&D’ brought together academic leaders and experts from Russia, China, and the U.S. to share best practices in taking university programs online.

‘No One Expected Online Education to Receive Such a Powerful Impetus for Further Development’

On March 17, the Institute of Education hosted its annual seminar dedicated to issues in education. This year’s seminar addressed the topic, ‘Higher Education during an Epidemic: The Possibilities of Digital Technology’. For the first time in eight years, the seminar participants—representatives of Chinese, American, and Russian universities—participated in the event remotely.

HSE Experts Discuss Human Capital at World Bank Office in Moscow

On January 29 HSE experts participated in a seminar on ‘Skills and Returns on Education in the Russian Federation’ at the World Bank office in Moscow. The seminar was held as part of the analytical support programme for Russia’s national priority project ‘Education’.

A Journey of a Thousand Miles

Ruoqi Cao, from Harbin, China, graduated from HSE University’s Masters’ programme in International Business. She is now working on her PhD at the HSE Institute of Education, where her research focuses on the influence of higher education on the economics of the regions in Russia and China. She has shared with HSE News Service her story of coming to study and work in Russia.

HSE University Confirmed as Top Performer in Russian Academic Excellence Project 5-100

Initiated in 2013, the Russian federal initiative, Academic Excellence Project 5-100, aims to maximize the competitive position of leading Russian universities in the global research and education market. On October 26, the Project Council concluded its seventh annual meeting in Moscow. At the meeting, delegations from participating universities presented reports of their progress in improving their international competitive edge.

RHEC 2019 International Higher Education Conference Underway at HSE

The tenth International Russian Higher Education Conference (RHEC) kicked off at the HSE University Moscow this week and will last until October 25. Bringing together over 400 participants from 15 countries, this year’s forum focuses on ‘Contributions of Higher Education to Society and Economy: Global, National and Local Perspectives.’

International Higher Education Conference Opens at HSE University in Moscow

The tenth International Russian Higher Education Conference (RHEC) has commenced in Moscow this week and will last until October 25. This year’s conference focuses on ‘Contributions of Higher Education to Society and Economy: Global, National and Local Perspectives.’

2019 Winner of the Innovations in Education Competition Announced

The 2019 Innovations in Education Competition, organized by HSE University’s Institute of Education and the Rybakov Foundation, received more than 600 project submissions. First prize went to a St. Petersburg-based team for a project that aims to combat bullying against hearing-impaired children. The winners received an internship grant valid in any country in the world courtesy of the Institute of Education.

Evaluating Effects of Digital Transformation on School Outcomes

Experts at IOE and Yandex have reported findings from a one-of-a-kind massive joint study that they carried out in association with Stanford and the University of California to evaluate whether and how engaging in practices of e-learning contributes to academic performance in primary school. Completing more assignments online can be specifically of aid in catching up those early-graders who fall behind on math literacy, the study suggests.

How Digital Innovation Impacts Educational Systems of Russia and China

In late September, IOE hosted the Second Russia–China Conference, Digital Transformation of Education and Artificial Intelligence. The event has offered a multifaceted forum for leading experts from the two countries to foreground and share the most important research, policy and practical perspectives in how the digital stride has been remolding various dimensions of the national education systems.

Russian and Chinese Education Systems Changing through the Influence of Digital Technology

The Second Russia-China Education Research Conference – Digital Transformation of Education and Artificial Intelligence – was held last week at HSE University. Researchers from the two countries discussed changes taking place in the national education systems thanks to the digital revolution, as well as what can be borrowed from mutual experiences.

The Effect of Digitalization on School Children Calculated for the First Time

The HSE Institute of Education together with Yandex completed Russia’s first large-scale experiment assessing the impact of online technology on primary school students’ performance in school. The researchers concluded that online completion of assignments help improve mathematical literacy, particularly among underachieving students.

IOE to Push Frontiers of Cooperation with the World Bank

On August 22, HSE leaders, including the University Rector Yaroslav Kuzminov and Head of IOE Isak Froumin, met with Jaime Saavedra, Director of the World Bank's Education Global Practice.

HSE Experts Develop New Ways to Assess Professional Skills

Their ideas formed the basis of a declaration that Russian Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova proposed be signed by the participating countries of the 45th WorldSkills Championship. The championship comes to a close in Kazan on August 27.

HSE University and World Bank Discuss Joint Human Capital Development Projects

On August 22, HSE University leadership met with Jaime Saavedra, Head of the World Bank's Education Global Practice.

Global Education Leaders Discuss Best Practices in Vocational Assessment at WorldSkills Kazan 2019

Between August 22 and 27, Kazan, Russia is hosting the 45th WorldSkills international vocational championship that brings together over 1,300 young mid-skilled blue- and white-collar professionals from 63 countries who compete in 56 specializations. As part of WorldSkills Kazan 2019, a global Ministers of Education Summit was held last week where agency heads and top executives at the system level from more than 40 participant nations exchanged perspectives on key challenges and opportunities in deploying more robust frameworks for vocational monitoring and testing.

Sixth International Summer School on Applied Psychometrics Held at IOE

Between August 5 and 10, the Sixth International Summer School ‘Applied Psychometrics in Psychology and Education’ took place at IOE. 

Foresight and STI Governance no 2, 2019

The new issue of the Foresight and STI Governance journal is devoted to the impact of technological progress on employment prospects and the development of competencies. This problem is viewed from the perspective of employees, companies and regions.

Rethinking Human Capital for 21st Century Workplace and Socio-economic Growth

From June 24 to 25, the University of Bologna, Italy, which is the very cradle of the European university tradition with its history spanning as far back as 1088, welcomed over 1,000 academics and institutional leaders from 70 countries for an international conference, Bologna Process Beyond 2020, that celebrated the 20th Anniversary of the Bologna Declaration. IOE experts Isak Froumin and Pavel Sorokin took part in the forum to present novel research insights into the role of education in building future-proof human capital for socio-economic growth.

International Partners’ Week at HSE: Preparing Students for an Uncertain Future

On June 18, the third International Partners’ Week ‘Academic Agility: Preparing Students for an Uncertain Future’ began at HSE University. The event brings together representatives of more than 30 universities from 16 countries, including France, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Turkey, the USA, Finland, the United Kingdom, and China. They have all come to Moscow to learn more about the kind of learning experience HSE University can provide, as well as to discuss practical challenges and solutions regarding international mobility.

IOE Welcomes World-distinguished Academics to Exchange Perspectives on Global Education Policy

On May 20, Days of the International Academy of Education kicked off at the Higher School of Economics in Moscow. Experts from all over the world who focus on global education policy trends will meet up across a number of HSE venues to engage in vibrant, multi-format networking, including lectures, workshops, Q&A sessions, etc. They will share their experience with Russian researchers, instructors and policymakers over the course of three days.

‘In a Digital Environment, the Role of Human Teachers Only Becomes More Important’

How does digital technology affect the behavior and health of schoolchildren? What opportunities does it proved teachers and school administrators? These and other issues were discussed by participants in the plenary session ‘Children’s Wellbeing in the Digital Age’ at the XX April International Scientific Conference of HSE.

Researchers Measure Undergraduate Grasp of Computer Science in U.S., Russia, India and China

An international research team involving IOE has reported findings from a large-scale project that benchmarks the learning outcomes among senior students of Computer Science (CS) at U.S., Indian, Chinese and Russian universities. Based on a unique testing methodology developed by ETS, the study finds that U.S. undergraduates have substantially stronger ability across dimensions of the CS curriculum than their peers from India, China and Russia. The paper has been published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

HSE University: Making Way on Top of QS Rankings in Education

The latest update of QS World University Rankings that was released earlier this week has placed HSE in an upper ‘100–150’ band in ‘Education’ – the highest position in this subject area among all Russian HE organizations to date.

HSE Continues its Ascent in QS World University Rankings by Subject

The latest results of the QS World University Rankings by Subject demonstrate that Russian universities are continuing to make great strides in international rankings. Among the Russian universities that made the rankings, HSE tops the list with 16 specific subjects and 3 broad subject areas entering the rankings. Compared to last year, HSE has improved its performance in almost all subjects.

Leading Education Reforms that Make a Difference

There is never a single-model approach or uniform guidance as to how an educational leader should best proceed to spearhead reforms that can spark positive change to benefit multiple realms and stakeholder groups. Letters to a New Minister of Education, a volume edited by Dr. Fernando M. Reimers that has recently been out in the U.S., shares a deep well of cross-country experience in how to make sustainable transformations in education come about.

Isak Froumin Becomes Consulting Editor for UNESCO International Review of Education

The head of the HSE Institute of Education, Professor Isak Froumin, has joined the journal International Review of Education as a consulting editor. David Atchoarena, the publication’s editor-in-chief and the director of the UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning, recently informed the Institute of Education that he was extending this offer.

International Visiting Committee Discusses IOE’s Development Strategy through 2024

The first meeting of the IOE Visiting Committee, which includes six international experts in education from five countries alongside three Russian experts, was held on October 19–20. The Committee gave independent assessments with respect to multiple areas of the Institute's academic profile, which will serve as important groundwork for refining and reinforcing IOE’s Development Strategy through 2024.

Institute of Education: From Extensive Growth to Quality Development

The first meeting of IOE Expert Committee, which includes six international experts in education from five countries alongside three Russian experts, was held on October 19-20. The Committee gave an independent assessment of the Institute's activity and recommendations for finalizing its development strategy until 2024.

Project 5-100 International Council Confirms HSE’s Leadership

From October 26-27, a regular meeting of the Russian Academic Excellence Project 5-100 was held in Kaliningrad. The academic institutions involved in the project presented the results of their work and plans for the upcoming period of their respective roadmaps.

Exploring Novelty Perspectives in Human Capital Theory and Education

On October 5–7, Hakone, Japan hosted the 2018 Conference of Asia Pacific Sociological Association (APSA), the largest forum for multifaceted social scholarship in the Pacific Rim region. Senior researcher Pavel Sorokin, Academic Supervisor in IOE’s Evidence-based Educational Policy MA, presented at the event about a recent study he carried out together with IOE Head Isak Froumin, which aims to largely rethink the conceptual framework of human capital.

Adaptive Learning: Understanding Experience from the U.S.

Flexibility and personalization are universally recognized as the key hallmarks of 21st century learning, but how do we go about implementing these principles in practice? At Arizona State University (ASU), which ranks among top U.S. institutions by technology and innovation, it is an advanced AI framework of adaptive learning that reigns supreme, enabling student-centric strategies that are best tailored to one’s personality traits, aptitudes and educational needs. IOE Head Isak Froumin has talked to Dale Johnson, EdPlus Manager at ASU, about what makes this adaptive learning system tick and how it contributes to effective learning.

Roadmaps for Tomorrow: How to Improve Social Justice, Equity and Mobility

Can basic income help even out inequality by empowering the less privileged? How should education be overhauled and what skills will become central to the human capital of tomorrow? Is Life-long Learning in fact set to spark a greater momentum for social mobility? Dr. Isak Froumin, Head of the HSE Institute of Education, and Dr. Philippe Van Parijs, a co-founder of the Basic Income European Network, addressed these and other topics of building a sustainable, better future for everyone during a special session held as part of this year’s ‘OSTROV 10–21’ international foresight forum in Vladivostok, Russia.

Exploring Higher Education Landscapes in Federal Nations

An international research team led by IOE has completed a large-scale study that analyzes how higher education systems have been evolving in federal countries. The resulting volume has recently come off the press at SAGE.

HSE Hosts Consortium of Higher Education Researchers Conference for the First Time

145 researchers from 30 countries discussed how higher education systems work on global and national levels, and how they are influenced by the processes of differentiation and integration.

2018 CHER International Higher Education Conference: Firsthand Impressions from IOE Experts

As the 2018 CHER International Higher Education Conference was underway at HSE Moscow during August 30 – September 1, we approached several IOE experts in between the forum sessions to ask about the most interesting topics and areas on the Conference agenda.

IOE Now Able to Nominate Projects for Yidan Prize

The HSE Institute of Education has been authorised to nominate projects for the largest annual award in the field of education, the 2019 Yidan Prize. The amount of the prize is nearly four times that of the Nobel Prize, with $3.87 million being awarded in two categories – education research and education development.

IOE Experts Speak at 2018 WERA Congress in South Africa

On August 3–5, South Africa’s Cape Town welcomed over 500 leading academics from 62 countries for the 2018 Global Congress of World Education Research Association (WERA), the largest international venue for multidisciplinary educational scholarship and networking. IOE researchers Pavel Sorokin, Sergey Kosaretsky and Roman Zvyagintsev were also presenting at this year’s WERA event.

HSE Institute of Education Now Able to Nominate Projects for Yidan Prize

The HSE Institute of Education has been authorised to nominate projects for the largest annual prize awarded in the field of education, the 2019 Yidan Prize. The size of the prize is nearly four times that of the Nobel Prize, with $3.87 million being awarded in two categories – education research and education development.

IOE to Partner with WorldSkills Russia

On August 8–12, the city of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk hosted this year’s Finals of the WorldSkills Russia national competition of young professionals. As part of the event, a Memorandum of Cooperation was signed between the HSE Institute of Education and WorldSkills Russia, marking an important new alliance for further advancing the national system of vocational education & training.

HSE Signs Cooperation Agreement with WorldSkills Russia

The Higher School of Economics and WorldSkills Russia have agreed to join forces to develop professional competencies and implement international best practices into the vocational education system.

IOE to Partner with Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University

This July, a Memorandum of Cooperation was signed between IOE and Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University (KazNPU). In accordance with the agreement, the parties will jointly embark on a multifaceted, high-scope agenda in R&D areas central to IOE’s academic profile.

HSE Hosts Sixth International Summer School on Higher Education Research

On June 9–15, the town of Pushkin near St. Petersburg, Russia hosted the Sixth International Summer School on Multidisciplinary Higher Education Research organized by the HSE Institute of Education (IOE). Bringing together a premier cohort of accomplished international academics and bright early-career scholars, the 2018 School aimed to explore new and deeper perspectives on how higher education can contribute to positive socio-economic change at all levels.   

'The Economist' on IOE’s Vision of Future-proof Education

A European round-up in the May 26 issue of The Economist spotlights what Vladimir Putin’s fourth presidential term will likely bring for Russian education and how the country’s academic progressives, led by the HSE Institute of Education, conceive of L&D policy priorities and reforms.

Dr. Martin Carnoy Recognized by HSE Academic Honors Award

The HSE Academic Honors Award acknowledges contribution to high-impact scholarship and the advancement of multifaceted cooperation in global science and education.

Martin Carnoy and Christian Welzel Awarded HSE Medal

The Contribution to Science and Education Award, established by the HSE, recognises outstanding contributions to academic development and international academic cooperation.

Breakthrough Solutions to Lead the Way in Modernizing Education

On April 11, the educational portion of the XIX April International Academic Conference featured a presentation and discussion of the paper ‘12 Solutions for New Education,’ which was prepared by the Higher School of Economics and the Centre for Strategic Development.

Russian Educational Research Association Joins EERA: Unlocking New Prospects for Global Cooperation

Russian Educational Research Association (RERA), where the HSE Institute of Education (IOE) is one of the founding members, has recently completed formalities to join European Educational Research Association (EERA).

‘When there’s a good opportunity for a research internship abroad, just don’t miss out’

IOE doctoral student Irina Shcheglova has recently completed her internship with the Center for Studies in Higher Education at the University of California Berkeley (the USA). Immediately after she returned to Moscow, Irina was thrilled to finally share with IOE fellows about the academic experiences she has gained and her overall impressions of this trip.

IOE Experts Take Part in International Conference at University of California Berkeley

A team of IOE researchers has recently visited the Center for Studies in Higher Education at the University of California Berkeley, the U.S. to take part in the international conference New Nationalism and Universities.

‘HSE Offers Solutions Aimed at the Future…’

On November 27, the HSE Academic Council held an awards ceremony dedicated to the university’s 25th anniversary. The meeting saw the participation of representatives of the Russian President, members of government, and members of the Russian Federal Assembly. Governmental awards were given to a number of HSE employees for their tremendous accomplishments.

IOE Experts Take Part in 7th International Conference on World-Class Universities in China

On November 6–8, 2017, China’s Shanghai Jiao Tong University welcomed the 7th International Conference on World-Class Universities (WCU-7). The forum’s special topic was “World-Class Universities: Towards a Global Common Good and Seeking National and Institutional Contributions." IOE experts Isak Froumin and Mikhail Lisyutkin took part in WCU-7 to present about a leading global university’s multi-mission development model. During the visit, a Memorandum of Understanding was also signed between IOE and Zhejiang University’s College of Education.

Human Doing: Lessons from Dmitry Semyonov

September 26th marked 40 days since the tragic death of Dmitry Semyonov, the Head of the IOE Laboratory for University Development and Aide to the HSE Rector. Below, the Academic Supervisor of the HSE Institute of Education, Isak Froumin, discusses the impact Dmitry (Dima) had on his colleagues, as well as his contribution to education research.

Helsinki Welcomes Seminar by International 21st Century Skills Consortium

On September 15–16, 2017, the University of Helsinki, Finland, welcomed the second seminar by the International Academic Consortium working as part of the Key Competencies and New Literacy project, a joint initiative between IOE and Sberbank’s Investment in Future foundation.

HSE and China’s National Institute of Education Sciences Launch Joint Education Project

Russian and Chinese researchers will join forces to study the two countries’ education systems and develop possible strategies for their further modernisation over the period to 2030, in a new joint project set to run for a decade.

IOE Welcomes First International Summer School ‘Inequality of Educational Opportunities’

In July 2017, the HSE Institute of Education welcomed its first international summer school Inequality of Educational Opportunities. Organized by the IOE International Laboratory for Education Policy Analysis, this venue aimed to promote best-practice approaches to inequality research through multi-dimensional academic debate and learning about today’s advanced methodology in social data analysis.

IOE Researchers Contribute to Encyclopedia of International Higher Education Systems and Institutions

IOE experts Isak Froumin and Farida Zagirova have recently contributed a chapter on the modern system of higher education in Russia to Encyclopedia of International Higher Education Systems and Institutions, edited by Jung Cheol Shin and Pedro Teixeira.

China’s National Institute of Education Sciences and IOE to Cooperate on Long-term International Comparative Study

On April 12, IOE representatives held a meeting with a delegation from China’s National Institute of Education Sciences (NIES). The parties have shared their overall vision of cooperation prospects and made a series of specific project commitments.

Converting Russia’s Educational Potential into Capital

At ‘Crossroads and Prospects for the Development of Russian Education’, a special session held as part of the XVIII April Conference, experts discussed the section related to education from a recent report on the strategy of Russia’s development by the Centre for Strategic Research. Since investments in education have an effect after 15-20 years, participants analyzed development prospects up to 2035.

Russian Students in More Difficult Circumstances Improve Their Academic Performance

The International Symposium on Economics and Sociology of Education is being held on April 11-14 as part of the XVIII April Conference on Economic and Social Development. On April 11, experts discussed the dynamics of educational outcomes in Russia and beyond (based on data culled from international projects to monitor the quality of education) at a roundtable session organized by the World Bank.

April Conference Discusses Strategic Areas of Russia’s Development

The XVIII April International Academic Conference has kicked off at Higher School of Economics (HSE). This major event includes expert discussions on the strategic problems facing Russia’s economic and social development. Representatives of the Russian Government will take part in the debates.

IOE Researchers Speak at 2017 CIES Conference in Atlanta

On March 5–9, 2017, the U.S. city of Atlanta, Georgia hosted the 2017 Conference of the Comparative and International Education Society (CIES). Seeking the most diverse engagement in the venue’s multiple opportunities for expertise exchange, debate, and academic networking, a representative team of experts with IOE’s leading research & advisory centres took part in this year’s CIES event. Presentations were given by Isak Froumin, Oleg Leshukov, Elena Minina, Pavel Sorokin, Zumrad Kataeva, Martin Carnoy, Tatiana Khavenson, and Andrey Zakharov.

IOE Experts among Authors of Encyclopedia of International Higher Education Systems and Institutions

An article by IOE Academic Supervisor Isak Froumin and Junior Researcher Daria Platonova has been published in Encyclopedia of International Higher Education Systems and Institutions.

International Experts Meet to Advise on HSE Development

The meeting of International Advisory Committee starts December 6. Three newly appointed members of IAC have shared with HSE News Service their views on the role of external consultants in the development of universities, described their reasons for joining the committee and spoke about HSE’s academic reputation and the challenges the university faces.

HSE Scholars at 29th Consortium of Higher Education Researchers Conference 

The Annual Conference of the Consortium of Higher Education Researchers, CHER, is a key event in higher education research in Europe. Traditionally, CHER has attracted the best researchers and experts with a unique opportunity to learn about cutting-edge studies in the field, as well as to present their own research to the global community. This year’s conference took place from September 4 to 7, 2016, in Cambridge, England. A group of staff from the HSE Institute of Education took part in the event, including Isak Froumin, Igor Chirikov, Mikhail Lisyutkin, Dmitry Semyonov, Daria Platonova, Ksenia Romanenko, and Tatiana Semenova.

Education Innovators Face Experts and Pitch Sessions at KIvO 

The summer session of the Competition for Innovators in Education (KIvO), organized by the Higher School of Economics, was recently held in Moscow. Over a four-day period and under the careful watch of respected experts, KIvO participants worked on and developed projects, which will be presented to potential investors at the International Conference on New Educational Technologies EdCruch, slated for September 12-14, 2016 in Moscow. 

Challenges of the Teaching Profession Disccused in HSE Journal

The second issue of Voprosy obrazovaniya/Educational Studies.Moscow has been recently released. The current issue features the following thematic section – Recruitment, Education and Retention of Teachers: Issues and Challenges in the Eastern/Central Europe, the Caucasus, Central Asia and Mongolia.

The 1st International Conference on Initiatives of Academic Excellence

The first International Conference on Excellence Initiatives took place in St. Petersburg from June 30 to July 2. It was organized by 5-100 Russian Academic Excellence project, and its participants came from 11 countries. Academic advisor of the HSE Institute of Education Isak Froumin and Institute’s junior research fellow Mikhail Lisyutkin were among the speakers at the conference.

Schools of Education at Research Universities: Challenges, Opportunities, Collaboration

On June 17–18, Deans of Schools of Education from leading research universities gathered in the town of Pushkin, near St. Petersburg, Russia. The Summit entitled “Schools of Education at Research Universities: Challenges, Opportunities, Collaboration” was organized by the Institute of Education, Higher School of Economics, and the Graduate School of Education, Peking University.

International Summer School on Higher Education Research

The IV International Summer School on Higher Education Research, which was devoted to ‘Higher Education, Society and State’, was held June 4-10 in St. Petersburg. Organized jointly with the China Institute for Educational Finance Research at Peking University, the Summer School brings together senior and junior scholars in the field of higher education research; it aims to facilitate the exchange of ideas, enhance research quality, and foster the integration of early-career researchers into the international academic community.

New Tenured Professors at HSE

On April 29, 2016 at the Academic Council meeting 25 HSE Professors were conferred the status of Tenured Professor.

Low Income of Parents Should Not Stand in the Way of Their Children's Education

The plenary session of the XVII International Academic Conference ‘From the Broad Educational Opportunities Towards Social Mobility Through Education’, held on April 20, 2016, was dedicated to the ways of overcoming inequality in education.

‘It Is Important for Us to Turn HSE into a World-class Research University’

On December 7, the sixth meeting of the HSE International Advisory Committee opened with leading experts from around the world in the field of science and education coming together to discuss the university’s achievements and the challenges it faces, as well as its objectives for the coming years. Following two days of discussions, the committee members will form recommendations on changes to the primary areas of development.

HSE Researchers at the Annual ASHE Conference in Denver

On 4th - 7th November the annual conference of the Association for the Study of Higher Education, ASHE took place in Denver, Colorado. Incorporated in 1976 ASHE is the oldest professional association in higher education studies and has more than 2,000 members, mostly Americans.

Annual Conference of Consortium of Higher Education Researchers

On September 7-9 The Annual Conference of The Consortium of higher education Researchers / CHER 28th Annual Conference took place in Lisbon, Portugal. This year’s theme was ‘Global Challenges, National Initiatives, and Institutional Responses – The Transformation of Higher Education’. The participants discussed recent transformations in higher education: what global challenges the universities face and how to cope with these challenges.

Building Partnerships in Central Asia

On July 23, 2015 HSE hosted the delegation from University of Central Asia, represented by Mr Shamsh Kassim-Lakha, Executive Chairman, Board Executive Committee and Dr Ariff Kachra, Dean of Academic Affairs.