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Address: 47/7 Bolshaya Ordynka Ulitsa, Building 2, room 110
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A. B. Zhulin
A. Likhacheva
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Andrey Maslov

  • Andrey Maslov has been at HSE University since 2020.


Andrey Maslov performs the following duties:

  • Ensuring the work and control over the achievement of the strategic objectives of the CAS;
  • Distributing the load on the divisions of the CAS and its staff, controlling the labor process, schedules, regulations and deadlines;
  • Preparing of current and prospective work plans for the CAS, submitting them for approval to the HSE management and controlling over the execution of the approved plans;
  • Analyzing the information, notes and reports of CAS employees, preparing the proposals on issues related to the competence of CAS;
  • Arranging the effective interaction of the CAS with HSE structural divisions and external partners;
  • Involving the external experts and HSE experts in research projects of the CAS;
  • Performing other duties in accordance with the local regulations and the orders of the HSE management.


  • 2001

    Master's in Asian and African Studies
    St Petersburg State University

  • 2000

    Bachelor's in Asian and African Studies
    St Petersburg State University





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Article Маслов А. А. Интересы российского капитала в Африке // Экспорт вооружений (Российская Федерация). 2003. № 5

Employment history

2018-2021 — Deputy Director, Representative office of Gazprom in Algeria

2012-2018 — Managing Director, Gazprom Oil and Gas Nigeria Ltd. 

2010-2011 — Deputy Managing Director, Gazprom Oil and Gas Nigeria Ltd.

2008-2009 — Director for Sub-Saharan Africa operations and Supervisor of VTB Africa (sister bank in Angola), VTB Bank

2005-2008 — MD/CEO, Raex Fund (Rosafroexpertiza)

2001-2005 —  PhD Student, Lecturer (Sub-Saharan Africa Economies), St-Petersburg State University

2002 — Research Fellow, Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography (the Kunstkamera)

Russia and Africa: Sharing Knowledge in Digitalisation

A school focusing on the digitalisation of public administration for civil servants from African countries was held in Moscow in December 2023. The school proved the high demand for Russian training programmes — representatives of 23 countries and 3 international organisations received certificates following advanced training.

Russian Government and HSE University to Help with Digitalisation of African Countries

The Russian-African Competence Transfer Programme in the Field of Public Administration Digitalisation in African Countries, which is being implemented by HSE University's Centre for African Studies, will be partially state-financed. The subsidy will be provided by the Russian government in accordance with the corresponding order signed on September 21.

HSE Center for African Studies and Innopraktika presented the E-Governance Knowledge Sharing Program at the Russia–Africa Summit

On 28 July, at the Second Russia–Africa Economic and Humanitarian Forum, a round table "Knowledge Sharing: Exchange of Experience in the Field of Digitalization of Public Administration" was held. The discussion was moderated by Anastasia Pavlenko, Deputy Executive Director and Director for Strategic Partnerships of the non-state development institute Innopraktika. The event was attended by Andrey Maslov, Director of the HSE University Center for African Studies and Coordinator of the Knowledge Sharing Program; Igor Lyapunov, Senior Vice President for Information Security at Rostelecom and General Director of Rostelecom-Solar; Souef Kamalidini, Minister of Post, Telecommunications and Digital Economy of the Comoros; Peya Mushelenga, Minister of Information and Communication Technology of Namibia; Orlando Mazuze, General Manager of MaCh Digital (Mozambique); and Adamu Garba, President of IPI (Nigeria).

Russia to Help Africa with Public Service Digitalisation

Russian and African civil servants are to exchange experience in the field of digitalisation. The programme was presented by HSE University’s Centre for African Studies in cooperation with the Innopraktika company. The programme organisers are also ready to carry out educational events in any country on the continent.

'The Emerging Trends in Africa Will Shape the World Order, and We Need to Be Prepared for That'

Africa has the potential to become a new economic giant. Today, African countries are interested in comprehensive cooperation and strengthening their positions in the global arena, and they look forward to receiving assistance from Russia and China in developing their technology, economy, and social sphere. Effective engagement with Africa requires training a greater number of professional African studies specialists. The XXIV Yasin (April) International Academic Conference at HSE University featured a plenary session on 'Africa in a Changing World'.

BRICS model at Faculty of World Economy and International Affairs

On January 25, 2023 'BRICS model' was held at the Faculty of World Economy and International Affairs: 'Financial settlements between BRICS countries in their national currencies: opportunities and prospects'

Director of HSE Centre for African Studies Andrey Maslov presented the e-Governance Knowledge Sharing Hub and Programme for Africa at the round table «Russia-Africa: Digital Transformation of Public Administration»

On December 15 2022, HSE Center for African Studies in partnership with the company Innopraktika held the round table « Russia-Africa: Digital Transformation of Public Administration » and presented there the concept of the e-Governance Knowledge Sharing Hub for Africa. The experts discussed suggestions regarding the contents of the e-Governance Knowledge Sharing Programme and presented reports on the prospects of cooperation with African countries in the digital markets.

Dialogue with Africa: How Nigeria and Russia Can Promote Mutually Beneficial Cooperation

Russia and Nigeria have good prospects for cooperation in many economic sectors—from mining, petrochemicals, agriculture, and high-tech manufacturing to education and mutual investment. The Embassy of Nigeria in Russia, together with NUIA Consulting and HSE University, has held a business briefing on ‘Entering New Markets: Nigeria—Opportunities, Prospects and Practical Experience of Russian Companies’.

Russia and Africa: Time to Expand Cooperation

There is major potential for economic and humanitarian cooperation between Russia and African countries. Particularly, Russian organisations and universities can help transfer competencies and knowledge in the fields of agriculture, energy, industrial production, environmental management, climate change, and public administration. Experts and representatives of African embassies in Russia discussed these issues at the round table ‘Russia-Africa Sharing Knowledge’ hosted by HSE University.

‘Our Objective Is to Export Russian Expertise and Knowledge to Africa’

On December 27, Andrey Maslov was appointed Director of the HSE Centre for African Studies. In his interview with the HSE News Service, Mr. Maslov talks about the Centre’s objectives, whether HSE students will be engaged in the Centre’s activities, Russian-African relations and the practicalities of doing business in African markets.