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Marina Alexandrovna Kevesh

  • Marina Alexandrovna Kevesh has been at HSE University since 2004.



Moscow Institute of Economics and Statistics


Business Digitalisation Index

The HSE Institute for Statistical Studies and Economics of Knowledge designed the Business Digitalisation Index which measures the rate of entrepreneurial sector organisations’ adapting to digital transformation in Russia, European countries, the Republic of Korea, Turkey, and Japan. The index is calculated on the basis of the following five indicators: broadband internet access, use of cloud-based services, RFID technology, and ERP systems, and participation in e-commerce.

Trends in the Development of the Internet in Russia

The analytical report prepared by the NRU HSE ISSEK on the request of the Coordination Center for TLD RU presents the main results of a comprehensive study of the Internet development trends, transformational changes that take place in the economy, social area, and everyday life influenced by network technologies, assessment of the level of online technologies in Russia in comparison with foreign countries; regional comparisons are provided as well.

E-commerce in Russia

The latest HSE ISSEK bulletin in the “Science, Technology, and Innovation” series presents data about use of e-commerce by Russian individuals and enterprises. Almost every fourth Russian (23%) ordered goods or services via the internet in 2016. 12% of the business sector enterprises used the net to sell their products and services in 2015, and 17% made electronic purchases.

Information Society Indicators in the Russian Federation: 2016

This data book continues the series of annual publications by the Institute for Statistical Studies and Economics of Knowledge at the National Research University Higher School of Economics (HSE ISSEK). It presents statistical data on ICT infrastructure, activities of ICT sector enterprises, IT industry enterprises and content and media sector enterprises. It also presents indicators of ICT usage by enterprises, households, and individuals. Special sections contain international comparison.