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8 (495) 772-95-90
Address: 11 Pokrovsky Bulvar, Pokrovka Complex, room T906
SPIN-RSCI: 4720-3365
O. Karpova
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Rakhat Zhoroeva

  • Rakhat Zhoroeva has been at HSE University since 2021.


• planning, organizing and coordinating the practice of undergraduate and graduate students of the FCS;

• work on the conclusion of contracts and letters of offer on the practical training of undergraduate and graduate students of the FCS with external organizations;

• organizing and holding annual meetings of FCS students with partner companies for the provision and passage of summer internships;

• Ensuring interaction between the Center and study offices and other departments of the Faculty of Computer Science and the University on the organization of internships/internships;

• processing and entering data into corporate information systems ASAB, LMS, SmartLMS;

• conclusion of contracts in the Electronic Document Management System (EDMS);

• interaction and consultation with the Center for Legal Work and the Service Center "Practice" on general issues of conducting and implementing practical training for students and concluding agreements on practical training;

• information support for students on internships;

• participation in the preparation of the annual report of the Center for Practice, Project Work and Entrepreneurship on the practical training of undergraduate and graduate students of the FCS;

• support of the page on practical training of the Center for Practice, Project Work and Entrepreneurship and a stand near the Center's office;

• assistance in organizing and coordinating work in the field of selection and implementation of projects by undergraduate students of the FCS;

• Assistance in planning, organizing and preparing events for the CPDP&P;

• maintenance of the register of current contracts, systematization and storage of the documentation of the Center;

• fulfillment of other obligations established by the legislation of the Russian Federation and/or local regulations (orders (instructions)) of the National Research University Higher School of Economics, as well as orders of the employer.



Degree in Finance and Credit
State University of Management

Continuing education / Professional retraining / Internships / Study abroad experience

Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation

Specialist of the Small and medium-sized business Lending Department

Internship: September 2017-December 2017

1. participation in the development and implementation of state policy and regulatory regulation in the development of small and medium-sized businesses and competition, organized commodity markets, as well as mandatory auctions, including the maintenance of the website torgi.gov.ru;

2. participation in the development of the financial program of state support for SMEs, assistance in the implementation and annual monitoring of the main provisions of the Strategy for the Development of Small and Medium-sized Businesses until 2030

3. preparation of draft letters, requests and other documents to state and other bodies, including foreign ones, on issues related to the implementation of the priority project of the Government of the Russian Federation " Small Business and support for individual entrepreneurial initiative»


- March 2022 - Advanced training course under the program "Oratory", Educational private institution of additional professional education "Center for computer training "Specialist.Ru" of the Educational and Scientific Center at the Moscow State Technical University named after N.E. Bauman (OCHU "Specialist.Ru" )

- October 2022 - Training in labor protection under the program "Training in labor protection for managers and specialists

Postgraduate Studies


State University of Management (GUU)

Department of Institutional Economics. Applicant, Teacher-Researcher

Dissertation topic: "Improving institutional transformations in the economy in the context of digitalization".

Employment history

2018-2020 State University of Management, Department of Institutional Economics


Responsibilities: Conducting training sessions with full-time and part-time students in economic disciplines. Development of the work program, funds of evaluation tools (materials for conducting current, boundary control and intermediate certification).

2016-2018 State University of Management, Department of Institutional Economics

Teacher's assistant.


Responsibilities: Providing students and trainees with methodological materials available at the department, plans for seminars and practical classes. Preparation of lectures: development of a plan, collection of material, preparation of methodological materials. Preparation of seminars and practical classes: preparation of a lesson plan, development of methodological manuals for students. Conducting seminars. Development of questions for exam tickets. Conducting pre-examination consultations. Acceptance of exams and tests, retakes. Preparation of reports on the implementation of the curriculum, filling out documentation. Providing the department with a schedule of classes, informing teachers about changes in the schedule. Execution of typewritten works (printing of methodological and other materials) and ensuring their replication. Participation in the preparation of reports of the department and other documents