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Language Proficiency
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Office hours
Wednesday 11:30 am to 12:30 pm and 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm, Saturday 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm (Bol. Pecherskaya 25/12, office 408)
V. Zusman
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Bella Gribkova

Education and Academic Titles

  • 1991
    Associate Professor
  • 1987

    Doctoral programme
    N.A. Dobrolyubov Gorky State Teacher Training Institute of Foreign Languages

  • 1974

    N.A. Dobrolyubov Gorky State Teacher Training Institute of Foreign Languages

Student Term / Thesis Papers

Full list of of student term / thesis papers

Courses (2014/2015)

Courses (2013/2014)

Courses (2012/2013)

Selected Publications

Continuing Education, International Experience

January - May 1992 - Visiting teacher of Russian at Taylor University, Upland, IN, USA

1995 - Summer School for Eastern European language educators (USIS Programme), The University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS, USA (5-week program, 100 hours)

1996 - International Workshop for Language Project Managers; European Centre for Modern Languages, Graz, Austria

1997-1999 - member of the Council of Europe expert group to develop a concept of intercultural competence for the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (1997 - Strasbourg, 1999 - Paris, France)

2000 2001 - three-week training programmes on project work and management in language teaching at IELE,  Lancaster University, U.K.

International Conferences

1994 & 2008 - International TESOL Conferences (1994: Baltimore, MD, USA; 2008: New York, NY, USA)

1997 - International conference on language instruction reform for Eastern European educational officials, hosted by Longman, London, UK

2001 - IATEFL International Conference, Brighton, UK

2002 - International symposium on language testing (Oxford University Press), Oxford, UK

2003 - Seminar for managers of educational programmes for international students (Excel English School, London, UK)

2004-2012 - Annual international educational programme (schools, language centers, universities) conferences and trade shows - London, UK; Berlin, Germany; Washington, DC; Miami, FL; Toronto, Canada

Preparation for the Cambridge International Examinations

  • CEELT (Certificate in English for English Language Teacher) - since 1996
  • IELTS и CAE (Certificate in Advanced English) - since 1998
  • BEC Higher (Business English Certificate) - since 2000
  • ТКТ (Teaching Knowledge Test) - since 2003
  • ILEC (International English Certificate) and ICFE (International English Certificate in Financial English) - since 2006