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+7 (495) 531-00-00
Address: 11 Pokrovsky Bulvar, Pokrovka Complex, room G508
ORCID: 0000-0001-7298-6444
ResearcherID: A-7298-6444
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Office hours
Monday-Friday, 10am-7pm.
M. M. Yudkevich
V. Rudakov
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Olga Rotar

  • Olga Rotar has been at HSE University since 2021.


Administrative and research work as indicated in the contract.

Education and Degrees

  • 2021

    Lancaster University

  • 2016

    Master's in Finance and Credit
    St. Petersburg State University of Economics




Vladimir Potanin Foundation Scholarship, 2014-2016

Erasmus+ Research Exchange Grant, Middlesex University, London, 2016.

Global Education scholarship, Lancaster University, 2016-2020.

Peel Trust Grant for academic achievement for 2018/2019 and 2019/2020 academic years, Lancaster University.

SemyonovAward, Higher School of Economics, Moscow, 2019.

Main grant, British Federation of Women Graduates 2020/2021 academic year.



Vladimir Potanin Foundation Scholarship 2015 for the social project «Dobrosvet» (in partnerships with “Anton tyt ryadom”).

Galbraith Trust, Eric Wright Charitable Trust and Morecambe Town Council grants to launch the Morecambe Prom parkrun event. 

Employment history

2011-2013 Lecturer, Saint- Petersburg Aviation- Transport College, Saint- Petersburg, Russia (part-time)


  • Delivery of courses “Metrology, Certification and Standardisation”, “Economics of Air Transport” for college students. 
  • Supervision of diploma projects of college students. 
  • Administrative tasks and responsibilities as requested by the Head of Department.


2013- 2016 Associate Lecturer, Saint- Petersburg State University of Civil Aviation, Russia (full-time, three years contract).


  • Delivery of the practical seminars for modules “Economic Analysis and Evaluation of Investments” and “Economics of Air Transport” for undergraduate students.
  • Delivery of the lectures and practical seminars for distance students. 
  • Formative and summative feedback and assessment of students’ course projects. 


2015- 2016 Distance Learning Specialist, Centre for innovative and informational technologies, Saint- Petersburg State University of Economics, Russia (part-time).


  • Support and consultation of the academic staff on the use of the Moodle in their teaching practice. Specifically, assistance in designing and administrating test-based and other technology-enhanced assignments into the Moodle system.


April- November 2017 Research Assistant, Lancaster University, UK (60 hours).


  • Data collection and analysis for two faculty funded interrelated projects. Specific activities included conducting 20 semi-structured interviews and 40 hours of the systematic literature analysis. 


July- August 2019 Research Assistant, Lancaster University (33 hours).


  • Desk research using specialised EdTech databases (Crunchbase, Education Investor, etc.), building a database with pre-determined criteria, conducting initial data analysis of the trends in EdTech demands and offerings. 


June- September 2019 Researcher, Business Collaboratories Programme, Faculty of Humanities University of Manchester (120 hours).


  • Research for SME Catalyst Processes using PRINCE2 project management approach.  
  • Development of recommendations on how to eliminate ineffective processes and activities based on the market research and an analysis of the core business processes. 
  • Public presentation of the research report to the manager of the Catalyst Processes.


March-July 2019 Research Centre Assistant, Lancaster University (5 hours/week).


  • Design and delivery of episodes for the podcast “The Higher Education Researcher” (https://anchor.fm/chere-lu), including recruitment of volunteers, interview design and editing of the audio data. 
  • Podcast host.
  • Administrative and research work on provided video data (analysis and selection of video clips for publication of the promotional materials on social media). 
  • Other administrative tasks as requested by the director of the Centre for Higher Education Research and Evaluation. 


March-May 2020 Research Administrator, Lancaster University (15 hours/week).


  • Ongoing provision of administrative support to the research team.
  • Recruitment of students, alumni and broader for the participation in the market research. 
  • Mixed-method market research (e.g., benchmarking analysis of the competitor programmes and outcomes, video data collection (n=22) and analysis, administration of the survey in Qualtrics, delivery of the Executive report).
  • Website research and work on the development of the website content. 


November 2020 Technical Support for ESRC Festival Social Science, an online event (25 hours).


  • Technical and administrative support of the research team delivering online exhibition in Zoom, e.g. design of the promotional materials, promotion of the event on social media, moderation of online chats, breakout room discussions, administration of polls and post-event support. 


November 2020, Technical Support for AHRC Being Human Festival, an online event (3 hours).


  • Technical and administrative management of the online webinar, proportion of the event on social media. 


November 2020-April 2021, ESRC Accelerating Business Collaboration programme, Lancaster University (70 hours).


  • Knowledge Exchange training to develop a range of techniques and tools to apply for research funding.
  • Work on a bid for funding to undertake a research project with the non-HE organisation.


January 2021- May 2021, ESRC-funded research project, Primary Investigator

(project title: Learning Designers’ experiences of adaptation to the COVID-19 pandemic:

challenges faced, and lessons learned)


  • Project design (review of the relevant literature, identification of the gap, formulation of the research problem and research questions, development of the interview protocol).
  • Recruitment of study participants, data collection, data analysis, publication and other forms of dissemination of the research results (a blog post for collaborator’s website).


April 2019- Present, Morecambe parkrun Event Co-Director, UK


  • Preparation and submission of grant applications for launching a new parkrun event.
  • Charing the local team of 10+ volunteers. 
  • Performing a Run director role when required (e.g., coordination of volunteers, evaluation of course hazards, pre-event briefing, results processing).