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+7 495 772 9590
Address: 11 Pokrovsky Bulvar, Pokrovka Complex, room G220
SPIN-RSCI: 9053-7508
ORCID: 0000-0001-9331-8461
ResearcherID: GXW-3421-2022
Scopus AuthorID: 57418383700
N. Anisimov
I. Yaskov
M. Navdaev
D. Shminke
Михайловский А.
Рябова Л. В.
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Dmitry Zemtsov

  • Member of the HSE Academic Council
  • Dmitry Zemtsov has been at HSE University since 2021.



Lomonosov Moscow State University


Dmitry Zemtsov supervises HSE activities related to:

1. Coordinating the directions and activities of HSE University:

  • scientific and extracurricular work with students
  • scholarship provision and scholarship programmes
  • interaction with student government organisations and with the Commissioner for Student Rights
  • development of innovative and social entrepreneurship in students
  • interaction with graduates
  • implementation of HSE’s social mission
  • organisation of interaction with non-profit organisations at the university-wide level, including in the implementation of university-wide charitable and other social projects
  • implementation of university-wide activities aimed at developing the corporate culture of HSE University

2. Performs the following duties:

2.1. Coordinating the activities of managers:

  • Director for Student Development
  • Director for Internal Monitoring and Student Academic Development
  • Director of Partnership Development and Special Projects

2.2. Coordinating the activities of the following structural divisions of HSE University:

  • Student Development Office
  • Office for Internal Monitoring and Student Academic Development
  • Institute of Education
  • Office for Alumni Relations and Career Development
  • Rediscovering Russia Programme Office
  • Centre for Institutional Studies
  • Centre of Music Projects
  • Cultural Centre
  • Laboratory of the HSE Business Incubator
  • Laboratory for Anti-Corruption Policy
  • Laboratory of Public Administration
  • Laboratory for Economic Journalism
  • Laboratory for Media Communications in Education
  • National Technological Olympiad Centre
  • Laboratory for Youth Policy
  • Laboratory for Educational and Youth Journalism
  • Laboratory of Strategic Communications
  • Laboratory for Political Communications
  • Laboratory for Communications in Healthcare
  • Advertising Laboratory
  • Laboratory of Communication in Creative Industries

2.3. Coordinating activities in terms of defining general policy, approving the budget, activity plans, activity reports, approving the appointment of the head:

  • Laboratory of Design
  • Laboratory of Experimental Urban Design
  • Laboratory for University Development
  • Laboratory for State Policy in Education
  • Project-based Learning Laboratories established at HSE University campuses

2.4. Coordinating the activities of the Centre of Innovative Entrepreneurship at HSE–St Petersburg, the HSE Entrepreneurship Centre in Nizhny Novgorod, and the HSE Business Incubator in Perm in terms of interaction with development institutions and business structures, non-profit organisations in order to facilitate the implementation of joint projects.

Courses (2022/2023)

Courses (2021/2022)

Logic and legal reasoning (Bachelor’s programme; Faculty of Law; 1 year, 4 module)Rus


First 43 Expeditions Selected for New Season of Rediscovering Russia

The competitive selection of the inter-university student expedition programme Rediscovering Russia has ended. The expeditions will take place from May to November 2024 and will cover 26 Russian regions. Students and graduates from any university countrywide, including foreigners, can apply for any expedition.

Service Learning, Cybersport, and Worldview: HSE University at the World Youth Festival

The World Youth Festival held in the Sirius Federal Territory closed on March 6. A substantial team from HSE University was actively involved in the event. Here are some of the key projects and discussions at the WYF involving participants from HSE University.

Anniversary HSE University Model UN 2024

On February 13-19, 2024, the fifth HSE University Model United Nations #HSEMUN24 was held at the Higher School of Economics with the support of the Faculty of World Economy and International Affairs.

‘The Competition Lets Students Feel Like Scientists’

On February 5, 2024, the award ceremony for the winners and laureates of the Student Research Paper Competition (SRPS) 2023 took place. The competition received 1,730 papers in 25 categories from university students across Russia.

Cosmonauts and Neural Networks: Student NIGHT 2024 at HSE

Student NIGHT is a traditional HSE festival organised by Ingroup StS. On January 24–25, 2024, the Pokrovka campus turned into a huge party area, with lectures taking place alongside fitness sessions, a dance floor, quests, and themed clubs. Designer Artemy Lebedev, hip hop singer Antoha MC, and Olympic champions were the headliners of the party.

New Season of Rediscovering Russia Student Expedition Project Begins

From January 15 to February 15, the project website is accepting applications to organise and conduct expeditions for the 2024 season as part of the Rediscovering Russia project. In 2023, 1,000 students from 157 universities took part in the expeditions.

‘Educational Innovators Want Results that Are Useful to Society’: KIVO Opens Tenth-Anniversary Season

For the tenth year in a row, the Competition of Innovations in Education (KIVO) is accepting innovative project submissions—educational training resources, apps, platforms, events and media, methodological and technological developments and much more. The top 30 projects will be presented at the ‘startup alley’ of the Catalyst for Innovation in Education conference in Moscow. The creators of the best project will be able to conduct joint research with scientists from the HSE University Institute of Education. There will be two waves of applications; the first closes on October 15 (and offers certain bonuses to project creators), while the second closes on October 31.

Service Learning Programme Launched at Russia’s Universities

On September 5th, which is the International Day of Charity, the Service Learning programme was launched at many of the country’s universities. HSE University hosted a meeting with deputy deans and faculty project managers, followed by a large NGO fair, where both students and HSE University staff got to know more about  partner NGOs and planned further joint projects.

“ICEF is a Perfect Blend of Theoretical Knowledge and Practical Application”

Polina Chichulina enrolled in ICEF MSc Financial Economics after completing her bachelor’s studies at HSE Faculty of Economic Sciences. Currently in her first year of the programme, Polina joined SPIEF Academy 2023. Here’s how Polina defines the key advantage of MSc Financial Economics, how ICEF students benefit from the alumni engagement, and what major highlights SPIEF Academy came with in 2023.

HSE University at SPIEF: From Cyber Gaming to Arctic Development

The timeliness of Russia’s first cyber gaming platform, the importance of closing the gender gap in the IT industry, and the future of international cooperation in the Arctic were just some of the issues discussed at the St Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF). The HSE News Service reports on some of the topics of discussion at the forum.

Rediscovering Russia Expedition Submissions Open until June 15th

The Rediscovering Russia project invites universities, commercial and non-profit organisations to apply to organise and conduct student expeditions in 2023. Candidates can apply until June 15th, and the winning expeditions will receive financial and organisational support.

Big Challenges: Project Session on Yamal Held at HSE University

HSE University has hosted the project session ‘The Big Challenges Faced by Yamal’, whose speakers included Governor of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug (YaNAO) Dmitry Artyukhov, HSE University Rector Nikita Anisimov, and Vice Rector Dmitry Zemtsov. HSE University students designed concepts for expeditions to the region that they will be able to embark on in 2023–2024 as part of the ‘Rediscovering Russia’ project.

HSE University and Kamchatka State University Sign Cooperation Agreement

On April 17, HSE University and Vitus Bering Kamchatka State University signed a cooperation agreement at the Durasov House on Pokrovsky Boulevard. The new partnership will include joint expeditions, research, and educational activities, including a permanent expedition to research and preserve the languages ​​and cultures of Kamchatka.

Winning Expeditions of the First Wave of the ‘Rediscovering Russia’ Project Selection Announced

The first selection of winning expeditions of the inter-university student programme ‘Rediscovering Russia’ has been completed. The programme is being implemented by HSE University together with the presidential platform ‘Russia - Land of Opportunity’ and the ‘More Than a Trip’ programme. The Expert Council approved 47 applications, with 17 universities and 23 organisations among the winners. The expeditions will take place from April to July 2023 and will cover 41 Russian regions.

Dancing, Quizzes, and a Space Dog: HSE University Celebrates Student Night 2023

This year, HSE University started celebrating Student Day on the evening of January 24, when the traditional Digital Night festival kicked off at Pokrovka. For the first time since 2019, it was held in the pre-pandemic format: the quizzes, board games, lectures, dancing and master classes didn't stop until 6 am.

Second Congress of Young Scientists: Students Are Ready to Implement Breakthrough Projects

The 2nd Congress of Young Scientists was held at the Sirius Park of Science and Art in Sochi. HSE University representatives took an active part in it, working at various venues where a wide range of topics were discussed—from university development to machine learning and scientific cinema.

The Initial Results Are in for the Rediscovering Russia Student Expedition to the North Caucasus

KAVKAZ.RF summed up the initial results of the Rediscovering Russia student expeditions to the North Caucasus that were organised by HSE University and the Russia is the Land of Opportunities non-profit organisation. Drawing on the results of three expeditions, students prepared video depictions of six North Caucasus republics, developed a branding concept for Dagestani carpets, and drew up a new tour route through North Ossetia-Alania.

HSE University and Northern Caucasus Resorts Open Registration for ‘Rediscovering Russia’ Expeditions

HSE University together with Northern Caucasus Resorts with the support of the ‘Russia – Land of Opportunity’ platform have launched a series of research and practical expeditions in the North Caucasus as part of the All-Russian project ‘Rediscovering Russia’. They aim to attract young researchers to find solutions to some of the urgent problems hindering the region’s economic development.

‘Today’s Young People Strive to Be Involved in Socially Significant Activities’

Youth as a driver of economic development, the Arctic as a region of constructive cooperation, and innovation as a way to dispel illusions. Experts from HSE University took part in sessions of the 2022 St Petersburg International Economic Forum and HSE Rector Nikita Anisimov answered questions in the interactive studio of the Knowledge Society.

Anti-lectures, Cake and Soap Bubbles: HSE Faculty of Economic Sciences Celebrates Its 30th Anniversary

This year’s jubilee programme of Economfest turned out to be particularly eventful. Congratulations from university leaders, meetings with teachers, games, contests, quizzes, a job exchange with KPMG and Changellenge, as well as popcorn, cotton candy and cake were prepared for students, applicants and guests of HSE University.

NTO Superfinals: First International Technology Games to Be Held in 2022

The results of the National Technology Olympiad (NTO) of the 2021/22 academic year were recently announced. The Olympiad project office operates through HSE University.

‘Your Student Days Are the Best Time of Your Life’

Dmitry Zemtsov on student organizations, the university’s third mission, and Salvador Allende

New Coworking Space Opens at HSE Dormitory 8

The design was developed by HSE University students

Three Vice Rectors Join HSE Senior Management

Irina Martusevich was appointed Vice Rector responsible for HSE University Staff, Elena Odoevskaya was appointed Vice Rector for coordinating HSE digital projects, and Dmitry Zemtsov was also appointed Vice Rector