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Irina Nikiforova / Nikivincze

  • Irina Nikiforova / Nikivincze has been at HSE University since 2012.



Courses (2021/2022)

Data Visualization (Bachelor’s programme; Graduate School of Business; 2 year, 1 module)Eng


  • 2014

    XV April International Academic Conference on Economic and Social Development (Moscow). Presentation: Распределение Нобелевских премий в области науки: Почему Российских учёных не награждают Нобелевской премией? The distribution of Nobel Prizes in Science: Why Russian scientists do not receive Nobel Prizes.

  • 2013
    The 108th American Sociological Association Annual Meeting (Нью-Йорк). Presentation: (2013). Predicting Turing Award Winners in Computer Science.


Articles and book chapters5

Working papers1

Preprint Nikiforova / Nikivincze I. Turing Award Scientists: Contribution and Recognition in Computer Science (Doctoral Dissertation). / ProQuest . Series UMI No. 3531822 "Available from ProQuest Dissertations and Theses database.". 2012.

Research, Grants

Ongoing Projects

1. The emergence of computer science (science vs. practice)

2. Peer review and the identification of excellence in computing

3. Recognition and star creation in computer science

4. Careers of women pioneers in computer science (Ph.D. holders)

5. The study of diffusion of knowledge from producers to consumers.

6. The study of productivity "Productive scientists in Sciences, Engineering and Computer Science: what do we know about them, similarities and differences by field."


  • Special Issues A: Selected Social problems (Undergraduate at the Faculty of Sociology (St. Petersburg); third year, Module 4)
  • Comparative Sociology (Master's at the Faculty of Sociology (St. Petersburg; Programme: Modern Methods and Techniques of Social Analysis; Speciality: Comparative Social Research Methods; second year, Block 1)

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