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Language Proficiency
Address: Perm, 38 Studencheskaya Ulitsa, room 211
Office hours
Monday-Friday, 9.00-13.00
E. Shakina
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Anna Vladimirovna Shtennikova

  • Anna Vladimirovna Shtennikova has been at HSE University since 2012.


  • 2008

    HSE University

  • 2008

    Degree in Finance & credit
    HSE University, Part-time evening Faculty

  • 1999

    Perm State Pedagogical University

  • 1999

    Master's in Philology
    Perm State Pedagogical University, Foreign Languages


International Laboratory of Intangible-driven Economy, Manager

Professional Development

2013    Course An Introduction to Financial Accounting, University of Pennsylvania
2013    Course An Introduction to Operations Management, University of Pennsylvania
2012    Course Careful Communication, RTSC

2011    Earned Value Management Certification, RTSC
2011    Course Handling Competitive Intelligence with Care, RTSC
2011    Course Code of Conduct, Ethics Course, RTSC
2011    Understanding the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, RTSC
2010    Earned Value Management Certification, RTSC
2010    EV Refresher Course, RTSC
2010    Course IT Information Security Awareness, RTSC
2010    Course Foundation of Diversity and Inclusion, RTSC
2010    Ethics Checkpoint, Ethics Course, RTSC
2010    Four FCPA Aware Modules on Supplier Due Diligence, Gifts and Gratuities, Offsets, Books and Records, RTSC
2010    Course Labor Charging and Code of Conduct, RTSC
2010    Electrical Safety Awareness, RSTC
2009    Course IT Information Security Awareness, RTSC
2009    Ethics Checkpoint, Ethics Course, RTSC
2009    Earned Value Management Certification, RTSC
2009    EVMS Program Execution, RTSC
2009    Course Introduction to Auditing, FIN0231, Skillsoft
2008    Course Raytheon Respect Education, RTSC
2008    Course IT Information Security Awareness, RTSC
2008    Course Creating and Analyzing an Operating Budget, FIN0161, Skillsoft
2008    Course Accounting Fundamentals, FIN0121, Skillsoft
2008    Course Basics of Budgeting, FIN0152, Skillsoft
2008    Course Budgeting and Controlling Costs, PROJ0552, Skillsoft
2008    Course Estimating Activity Costs, PROJ0551, Skillsoft
2008    Course Introduction to Project Management, PROJ0511, Skillsoft
2008    Course Principles of Financial Management, FIN0151, Skillsoft
2007    Course IT Information Security Awareness, RTSC
2006    Course IT Information Security Awareness, RTSC
2006    Raytheon Six Sigma Specialist Qualification, RTSC
2005    Course in Accounting, HSE-Perm
2005    Six Sigma Course, Raytheon Technical Services Company (RTSC)

Australian Teacher Trainer James Thomas Conducts Refresher Training Course for HSE Perm Faculty

Last week Australian teacher trainer James Thomas visited HSE Perm at the invitation of Elizaveta Smirnova, Associate Professor of the School of Foreign Languages. From 24 to 27 September, James conducted a refresher training course on “English as a Medium of Instruction” for the HSE Perm faculty.

Orientation Session for International Students Held at HSE Perm

International freshmen at the HSE campus in Perm have taken part in an orientation session, where they met the leaders of the educational programmes and learned about the specific features of studying at the Higher School of Economics.