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Address: , room 406
SPIN-RSCI: 6956-2880
ORCID: 0000-0002-1263-8162
ResearcherID: W-2361-2017
Scopus AuthorID: 57193314113
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A. Shestakova
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Aleksandra Kuznetsova

  • Aleksandra Kuznetsova has been at HSE University since 2016.



Master's in Applied Mathematics and Information Science
HSE University, Computer Science Faculty



  • 2019
    BCI-Samara 2019 (Самара). Presentation: MEG based functional microscopy using traveling wave priors
  • Organization for Human Brain Mapping (Рим). Presentation: MEG based functional microscopy using traveling wave priors: a new technology for exploring epilepsy"
  • MEG UK 2019 (Кардифф). Presentation: Traveling wave model for SOZ localization in MEG data

Employment history

Aleksandra was a research assistant in the Institute for Industrial and Market Studies HSE from January 2016 to December 2017. She is now a research assistant in the Centre for Cognition and Decision Making. The responsibilities of a research assistant include: participation in research projects of the Centre; regular attendance of scientific seminars, conferences and workshops within the Centre.

Center for Bioelectric Interfaces presents at OHBM 2019

We have made four poster presentations at OHBM-2019, a major neuroscience conference held in Rome and sponsored by the Organization for Human Brain Mapping.

CBI is featured on Russia-24 channel

Russia-24 aired a story in which Alex Ossadtchi, Ksenia Volkova, Nickolay Smetanin, Alexander Belyayev and Alexandra Kuznetsova talk about the CBI and its research: an exoskeleton-controlling neurointerface, myographic interface to control a hand avatar and the main project to develop an invasive neurointerface to be used in clinical settings.

BCI-controlled exoskeleton: neurorehabilitation for patients with impaired lower limb function

At the international symposium ExoRehab Spotlights 2018 held on December 5 in Moscow, researchers of the Center for Bioelectric Interfaces Nikolai Smetanin, Aleksandra Kuznetsova and Alexei Ossadtchi presented Russia's first EEG-based neural interface that uses lower limb motor imagery for exoskeleton control. Alexei Ossadtchi also made a presentation "BCI for walk decoding". This work has been a collaboration with the Russian company ExoAtlet.

Megagrant #14.641.31.0003 "Bi-directional ECoG BCIs for contol, stimulation and communication". Lead scentist: Mikhail Lebedev.