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  • Structural Analyses and Methodology of Study of the US-Russia Relations in Conditions of Global Political and Economic Transformations

Structural Analyses and Methodology of Study of the US-Russia Relations in Conditions of Global Political and Economic Transformations

Priority areas of development: humanitarian
The project has been carried out as part of the HSE Program of Fundamental Studies.

Object of Research: The dynamics of US-Russian relations in terms of global economic and political transformation

Goal of Research: Development of methodology and structural analysis of political, military and economic US-Russia relations; research of key contradictions, regularities and possible implications for bilateral relations in terms of global economic and political transformation, development of practical recommendations for the contemporary US-Russia agenda

Empirical Base of Research: Consists of a long range of informational sources and academic literature on the external and defense policy of the USA and on US-Russia relations. In particular, research is based on programme documents on external policy in the US and Russia; official speeches and statements of key external policy figures in the two countries; announcements and communiqués of Russian and US media agencies on different events concerning US-Russian relations; academic papers and other works of Russian and US authors on the current stage of relations between the two countries.

Results of Research:

  • theoretical:

The research developed theoretical instruments of US-Russia relations, foreign policy decision-making and international relations analysis.

A new approach on theory of foreign policy has been developed. According to it, the logic and agenda of US-Russia relations should be based on challenges and opportunities, produced by international environment rather than issues adopted for the past. The main theoretical problems of US-Russia relations were revealed and analyzed within the research framework: strategic balance, strategic deterrence, mutual assured destruction, asymmetry, etc. The research also proposed certain ways of resolution and proposed new conceptual approaches to the theoretical problems, which does not suit current role of Russia and United States in the global economic and political system. 

  • mythological:

The research helped to develop mythology of structural analysis of US-Russia relations, which would help to define the key problems, regularities and trends; to develop recommendations for stabilization and transformation of US-Russia relations, adopting bilateral agenda for national priorities and interests of both sides

Also a new for Russian social science mythology of US-Russia relations research and analysis has been developed. According to the new approach their logic and agenda should be based on the main trends in global economy and international relations rather than the “old” agenda adopted from Cold War   

  • empirical data:

As a result of the research new data on the main problems and trends of US-Russia relations, their functional and regional aspects and contradictions during the second terms of B. Obama and the third term of V. Putin was collected.    

Field of application and implementation of the research results: The main results of the research can be implemented within both academic activity and the practice of governance. The new knowledge attained from the research is being used widely in the educational process at the HSE's Department of World Economy and International Affairs.

International Partners: Timothy Colton , Dean of the Government Department at Harvard University; Keith Darden, Associate Professor at Yale University; Samuel Charap, Associate Director for the Russia and Eurasia Program at American Progress; Jeffrey Mankoff, Deputy Director and Fellow of the Center for Strategic and International Studies; and Alexandra Vacroux, Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies, Harvard University, Executive Director. 


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