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  • Developing an International Sustainable Profile in Health Economics, Health Care Reform and Management and Public Health Policy

Developing an International Sustainable Profile in Health Economics, Health Care Reform and Management and Public Health Policy

Priority areas of development: economics
Head: Gerry, Christopher
The project has been carried out as part of the HSE Program of Fundamental Studies.

The overall goal of this project is to help develop and establish Health Economics in Russia.

To lay the foundations for achieving this, in 2015, four key objectives were developed: (i) to scope the current state of health economics in Russia; (ii) to develop an appropriate set of workstreams, pursuing policy relevant and leading edge research questions; (iii) to begin to build partnerships and identify external funding sources appropriate to each workstream; (iv) to develop the physical, human and social infrastructure and activity appropriate to the ambition. 


  1. Literature review
  2. Policy analysis
  3. Проведение сравнительных исследований (EQ-5D).
  4. Эконометрические and quantitative методы (RLMS – HSE, ULMS, SAGE).
  5. Qualitative методы (including focus groups and interviews).

Empirical base of research

The project builds on existing and long-standing collaboration among some of the participants while also recruiting new, early career and more experienced scholarly talents. Examples of existing collaborations:

  • Gerry, Davis, Raskina, Tsyplakova - Participation in the RANEPA Research Laboratory on the Economics of Health and Health Reform (Moscow, 2013-2016)
  • Gerry, Raskina, Tsyplakova, Shapiro (2 joint articles under review)Participation in Open Society Foundation ‘ReSET’ project ‘Global Health Economics’, (St. Petersburg, 2011-2014)
  • Gerry, Quirmbach (2 joint articles under review)Gerry supervised Quirmbach’s PhD at UCL (London 2011-2015)
  • Quirmbach, LuytenResearch and teaching collaboration at LSE (London, 2014-2015)
  • Quirmbach, LackoCollaboration in mental-health research
  • Verho, Bobrova, Gerry - Connected to major Wellcome Trust Cardiovascular Disease project, 2014-2019.
  • Gerry, AminiGerry supervised Amini’s PhD at UCL (London 2008-2012)
  • Gerry, Platts (1 joint article under review)Collaboration in project involving ULMS 

Results of research:

In 2015, the project has met the vast majority of its goals. It has exceeded some, adapted some others, and in very few cases – for good reasons – has been delayed in achieving the previously stated targets. In terms of research article outputs, funding applications and events we are ahead of our proposed schedule in each case. We have submitted 6 articles, developed an application for funding to the Russian Science Foundation, in the field of ‘Reforming outpatient care in Russia’ and have achieved co-funding of a position with the London School of Health and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM). We have held one significant 2-day launch event, one additional workshop, have participated in external conferences, and have extensive knowledge exchange plans for next year. Professor Gerry has given 2 keynote speeches on Russian health during this period. In social media, we have launched a website, developed a facebook profile and tweet regularly from a CHEMP account, which has 60 followers from around the world. 


Gerry C., Davis C., Nazarov V., Polyakova A., Sisigina N., Sokolov D. Оценка Эффективности и Результативности Системы Здравоохранения (Evaluating the Effectiveness and Efficiency of the Health System) // Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration . 2015