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Transformation of structure in the Russian economy: development of intellectual energy sector and  of the urban economy

Priority areas of development: economics
Head: Yasin, Evgeny, Kosareva, Nadezhda, Volkova, Irina
Department: Laboratory of Industrial Market Studies

This research consists of two parts.

Research objective: Part I: development of approaches to development of intellectual integrated energy systems (smart energy systems) in the Russian economy. Part II: Analysis of current trends and perspectives of Russian cities’ development and the impact of cities on national economic growth

Research object: Part I: smart energy systems in Russia and abroad. Structural  and institutional changes in the Russian and foreign  energy systems under condition of development of Smart grid and distributed generation.   Part II: economic activities and social sector development at urban territories.

Research methods:  Part I: expert methods, comparison and analysis of data, induction, deduction, synthesis, observation, classification, others.    Part II: Information assembling and generalization (synthesis), systematization, comparative analysis of information from official statistical resources.

Empirical base of the research: Part I: data of  Russian Federal State Statistics Service, Ministry of Energy, International Energy Agency, other official executive authorities from Russia and abroad; academic and research papers of Russian and foreign specialists; data of energy companies;  information from different open  issues. Part II; Rosstat data, including data from Multistat statistical database, literature sources, including results of studies carried out under Fundamental research program of Laboratory of Sectoral Markets of the Expert Institute of HSE in 2012-2015.

Project results:

Part I:

  • System of conditions for energy sector transformation and for development of integrated smart energy systems in Russia, including   specification of   drivers, barriers, phases and transformation costs;
  • The methodological approach on  basis  of  theory of reform to development of strategy  for  energy sector transformation and creation of integrated   smart energy systems;
  • System of performance indicators for integrated intellectual energy systems.

Part II:

  • Elaboration of general typology of Russian cities, as well as amended typology with due account to characteristics of the housing sector.
  • Comparative analysis of basic trends in economic development of Russian cities by 4 basic types of  cities, analysis of basic trends of housing sector development by 13 types of cities conducted.
  • Methods of gross urban product assessment developed.
  • Assessment of Russian cities’ impact on GDP of Russia, including that by types of cities, carried out.
  • Simulations on forecast of contribution of Russian cities to national GDP till 2030 carried out.

Implementation of the research results

Part I: the research results could be used for development regulation legislation, strategy and road maps for several segments of the Russian energy sector: distributed generation, smart grid, integrated smart energy systems and Russian economy as a whole.  The results could be used for next economic and interdisciplinary researches of long-run development of the Russian economy (power sector development,    transition processes, etc.)  Also the results could be useful for preparation of training materials for higher professional education training courses in the fields of economics, management, state and municipal government.

Part II The research results could be used for justifying proposals to improve national urban development policies, as well as improvement of housing policy and urban planning regulations,  preparation of training materials for higher professional education training courses in the fields of state and municipal government.


Fedosova A. V., Volkova I. Client orientation of central power generation companies // International Journal of Energy Sector Management. 2018. Vol. 12. No. 1. P. 169-188. doi
Volkova I., Сальникова Е. А., Гительман Л. М. Active consumers in Russian electric power industry: barriers and opportunities, in: Challenges and Solutions in the Russian Energy Sector.: Springer, 2018. С. 27-35.