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Condensed-matter physics

Priority areas of development: engineering science

In this project we performed research in the field of condensed-matter physics. The goal was to advance our understanding of the physics of such systems and phenomena as well as creating the basis for further use of the results obtained in leading scientific and educational centers worldwide, including potential applications.

We have used the following methods in our research. In theoretical studies: methods of quantum field theory in application to condensed-matter problems, including diagrammatics, functional integrals, numerical methods, such as direct diagonalization and Monte-Caro simulations, nonlinear sigma-model, renormalization group methods, semiclassical equations in the theory of superconductivity. In experimental research: low-temperature spectroscopy electronic spin resonance for quantum magnetic materials, resonance inelastic light scattering, magnetofluorescence methods; use of modern nanotechnology for fabrication of hybrid nanostructures, low and untralow-temperature experiments (down to 20 mK) for transport and magneto-tramsport experoments.

Within this project we carried out the planned research and obtained results, which are described in detail in the report. Publications based on the results of the project  have been prepared and published in leading scientific journals. In particular, we obtained results that advanced theoretical and experimental investigations of such materials and phenomena as

  • electronic and spin transport in granular systems,
  • strongly disordered conductors,
  • superfluidity in fermionic systems with long-range interaction,
  • helical electornic edge modes,
  • desription of metastable states in atomic systems,
  • quantum computing in solid-state systems,
  • topological order in superfluids,
  • topological phenomena in low-dimensional el systems,
  • magnetic impurities in two-dimensional topological insulators,
  • spin transport in mesoscopic electronic structures,
  • Cooper-pair splitting in ballistic ferromagnetic SQUIDs,
  • two-dimensional chaotic flows,
  • two-dimensional electronic systems,
  • magnetic resonance in a chain magnetic material K2CuSO4Cl2 with uniform Dzyaloshinskii interaction and in a quasi-two-dimensional antiferromagnet on a triangular lattice  RbFeMo(O4)2 with a chaotic modulation of atomic bonds,
  • non-equilibrium electronic and spin phenomena in  hybrid nanostructures.

The results are desribed in the project report. 21 publications in leading scientific journals have appeared in the course of the project; the results have also been presented at conferences, symposia and seminars in Russia and abroad.


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