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­­­ Evaluation of the export potential of the health system of the regions of the Russian Federation and the development of proposals for the expansion of medical services export

Priority areas of development: state and public administration

Goal of research

The purpose of this research study is to develop proposals to expand the export of medical services for the Russian Federation. The federal project "Development of the export of medical services" is part of the national project "Healthcare", implemented in 2019-2024. At present, 71 subjects of the Russian Federation are participating in the project. The target of the project is to increase the export of medical services by at least four times compared with 2017, i.e. up to $ 1 billion.


The research methodology involves desk analysis and field interviews.

In the process of research, legislative acts and other official documents of state institutions in the field of healthcare regulation were used, the base of regulatory acts of the Russian Federation and its subjects, materials of scientific conferences, scientific articles in relevant areas, specialized studies, data from public industry organizations, websites of relevant ministries and departments, studies of independent agencies in Russia (BusinessStat, Expert) and abroad, Russian and foreign websites of medical institutions, medical tourism portals, publications in the press, as well as data from the Russian Monitoring of the Economic Situation and Public Health of the Higher School of Economics. In the course of work, theoretical and practical research methods, expert assessment methods, interviews, and statistical analysis were used. To create the tables, the statistical functions of the Excel software product were used.

Empirical base of research

In this study, we used expert, statistical, comparative, factorial and scenario analysis of empirical data using the methods of grouping, generalization, methods of classification, induction, deduction, analogy, comparison, formalization, abstraction. The information base of the study was the materials of monographs, articles, collections of publications of international and Russian scientific and practical conferences on the problems under study, legislative and regulatory acts and publications of official bodies in the field of health care, foreign reports on research work in the field of medical tourism development, primary materials and reports of medical institutions/hospitals, information from the global Internet.

Results of research

To achieve the stated research goal during the implementation of the project, the following tasks were solved, and the following results were obtained:

  • The most successful international experience in the field of the development of inbound medical tourism and the export of medical services was analyzed. International experience relevant to the Russian Federation was selected.
  • Potential donor countries for cooperation in the export of medical services have been identified.
  • The analysis of the potential of outbound medical tourism of selected donor countries was carried out, qualitative and quantitative factors affecting the flow of outgoing medical tourists in selected countries were described.
  • A general review was prepared, and an analysis was made of the available data on the export potential of the healthcare system in the regions of the Russian Federation. The most promising regions were identified and the analysis of the potential of the selected regions was carried out.
  • Promising models for developing the export of medical services in selected regions are recommended.
  • Optimal project management systems to increase the export of medical services in selected regions was identified.
  • Together with the National Council of Medical Tourism, guidelines were developed for the development of inbound medical tourism for medical institutions of various ownership forms.
  • Based on the analysis, proposals were prepared to expand the export of medical services in the Russian Federation.
  • The program of communication measures to inform foreign citizens about medical services provided in Russian institutions, as well as the monitoring system of statistical data of medical organizations on the volume of medical services to foreign citizens, was analyzed.
  • Three pilot regions of the Russian Federation were selected and proposed for testing the developed detailed concept for 2020 (city of federal significance Moscow, Primorsky Territory, Kaliningrad Region)
  • The model of the formation of medical tourism clusters in the recommended pilot regions is analyzed.
  • Potential opportunities for the construction of new infrastructure facilities to attract medical tourists from neighboring countries have been identified.

Level of implementation, recommendations on implementation or outcomes of the implementation of the results

The practical significance of the study lies in the possibility of using the results for the successful implementation of a National project to develop the export of medical services in the Russian Federation.

The practical application of the proposed recommendations should help to inform potential medical tourists about the possibilities of medical treatment in Russia, increase professionalism and service when taking medical tourists to medical institutions of the Russian Federation, improve and develop the infrastructure for serving medical tourists and citizens of the Russian Federation, increase the number of medical tourists from near and far abroad countries, as well as increase revenues from medical tourism up to 1 billion by 2024.

The main findings of the study can be used by relevant ministries and departments, including the Departments of Health in the regions; federal and private medical institutions; as well as higher educational institutions to prepare a specialized educational 72-hour program for future specialists in the field of medical tourism.

Proposals for the development of infrastructure facilities and the creation of international medical clusters may be of interest to private investors and state corporations.