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Swap and Ecobag Sewing Workshop

The guests will not only exchange clothes, cosmetics and attend the workshop, but also communicate with each other, as well as get new skills and information!

If you don't really know what to do with clothes or other items you no longer need, then this event, organized by HSE Green, will be perfect for you. Here you can get things for free and give away your own.

The clothes will hang on a rail, and you can bring and take clothes at any time of the fest. A live swap will also be organised: you will be able to tell other visitors about the things you brought with you.

You will also meet HSE Second! Moreover, we will hold a workshop on sewing bags from old clothes and arrange a screening of ‘The True Cost’ film. You can also participate in a discussion about fast fashion.

Be sure to read the swap rules and what is recommended to bring with you to the workshop!

Swap Party: What, Where and How?

Our swap event is coming soon. You will be able to give away your things and get something interesting and useful in exchange!

Swap Rules

  1. Bring any amount of clothes, shoes or accessories.
  2. The things should look VERY good: clean, ironed, without any lint, stains or tears, with proper fasteners etc.
  3. If you decide to bring your shoes, the requirements are the same: they should look good and be in proper condition.
  4. You can take any amount of clothes back with you!
  5. It is NOT allowed to bring underwear, as well as things in bad condition, dirty and not fit to be given to another person.

The main idea is that the quality of the swap party depends on us, so let’s think about other participants’ comfort!

There will also be a swap of beauty products.

If you BRING beauty products, please remember that:

  1. The products should be useable (not expired ten years ago and not used by 95%)!
  2. The products should be cleaned/disinfected.
  3. Do not bring lash mascara (the eye zone is too sensitive).

If you CHOOSE beauty products:

  1. Take only the things you really need!
  2. Use a sanitizer before trying the product.
  3. Close the lid after trying the product.

– But it is not just a simple swap meeting, is it? – It is not!

You’ll be able to participate in an eco-bag sewing workshop, a discussion, and a film demonstration!

What should I bring to the ECO-BAG SEWING WORKSHOP?

  • A shirt or another clothes item (preferably, made of natural fibre, so that it is easier to sew);
  • Scissors, a needle, and a sewing reel of matching colour.

The best option is to bring mesh-like fabrics. But cotton will also do. The main thing is that it should be easy to sew! For example, old net curtains are the perfect option. If you don’t have any fabric with you, we will have some spare. But, unfortunately, our stock will be limited.

Time and Schedule

> 5:30-6:45 pm — Swap Party
> 6:45 -8:00 pm — Workshop
> 8:00 -9:30 pm — Film
> 9:30 -10:30 pm — Discussion

DATE: January 25, 2020

LOCATION: 11 Pokrovsky Boulevard, Room N206

If you plan to attend the event, please register here

For more information please see the webpage

January 22, 2020