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Digital Permits Required for Travel by Transport within Moscow

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

Starting Wednesday, April 15, residents will be required to obtain digital permits in order to travel within Moscow and the Moscow Region by any form of public or private transport. Trips to your nearest grocery store or pharmacy on foot do not require a permit. Here we explain what it is and how to get one. Full official information in Russian is available on Moscow Government website. Abridged information in English is also available.

What's a Digital Permit?

The digital permit consists of a code that can be obtained online from the official website of the Mayor of Moscow. The code is a series of numbers and letters: the first four numbers indicate the expiration date of the permit, and the remaining 12 symbols are used to identify the permit holder.

When you are outside of your home, authorities can stop you and check your permit (the expiration date, your identity, and the purpose of your trip) at any time. They will cross-check your permit information with your ID.

Permits are issued free of charge. When travelling within the city with a digital permit, be sure to also carry your usual forms of identification (e.g., passport, etc.). 

Digital permits are required for travel within Moscow and the Moscow Region by any form of transport (public transport, personal vehicles, taxis, bicycles, scooters, etc.)

Permit Types:

1. Work-related travel

Who is eligible: for those whose place of employment is continuing to operate during the self-isolation orders and whose presence at work is necessary. This permit is also issued to employees whose work involves travel (such as transportation and delivery services).

Valid for: the date of issue until April 30.

Where it permits one to go: to the workplace and back, as well as business trips, such as deliveries.

Permit issue limit: unlimited.

2. Travel to a medical institution

Who is eligible: those who need to visit a medical institution to receive medical assistance.

Valid for: one day.

Where it permits one to go: this permit is valid for a trip to a specific medical institution.

Permit issue limit: the number of permits of this category that an individual can receive is unlimited.

3. Travel for other private purposes that are permitted during the state of high alert

Who is eligible: those who need to travel within the city or the Moscow Region by public or private transport for private purposes (excluding visits to a medical institution). Trips of this nature include, for example, trips to a store, to one’s country house, or to an airport if you are leaving the country.

Valid for: one day.

Where it permits one to go: this permit allows travelling to the destination indicated on your request form and back.

Permit issue limit: one can receive permits of this category no more than twice a week.

How can I receive a permit?

There are three ways to receive a digital permit.

1. Send a text message (SMS) to 7377.

The message should include the code of the purpose of the trip and the necessary information for processing the digital permit.

There are three codes to choose from when designating the purpose of your trip:

1 – employment-related travel;

2 – one-time trip to a medical institution;

3 – one-time trip for other purposes.

The text message must include your passport or other ID information.

What to send in your text message:

Digital permit for a one-time trip to a medical institution (type of travel: 2)—send a text message using the following template:

Пропуск*2*2*passport series number (if applicable)*passport number*date of birth (separated by periods: DD.MM.YYYY)*car license plate number (if applicable)*Troyka transport card number (if applicable)*Strelka transport card number (if applicable)* short or abbreviated name of the medical institution

The word ‘Пропуск’ (permit) must be typed in Cyrillic. The rest of the information may be provided in Cyrillic or Latin letters. Do not insert spaces before or after asterisks.

EXAMPLE. Trip to a medical institution by taxi:

Пропуск*2*2**123456*15.04.1981****EMC hospital

(In the example, the passport series number (which many non-Russian passports do not have), car license plate number, and Troyka&Strelka card numbers are not indicated. But the asterisks stay in place with no information between them. 123456 is the passport number).

You will receive a digital permit code in a response text message.

Digital permit for a one-time trip for other purposes (type of travel: 3)—use the template below:

Пропуск*3*2*passport series number (if applicable)*passport number*car license plate number (if applicable)*Troyka transport card number (if applicable)* Strelka transport card number (if applicable)*purpose of the trip (max 20 characters)*destination address

NOTE: if you do not enter information that is unrequired because it is inapplicable to you, replace those fields with asterisks and do not enter any spaces. In other words, do not enter anything between * and *. Leave the characters as ** (as shown in the examples). If you take a taxi, you don't need to add car license plate number or Troyka/Strelka card numbers.

EXAMPLE. Trip to Paveletsky railway station by metro:


(The purpose of the trip is 'вокзал' and the destination address is 'Paveletsky' train station. There is no data for passport series and no car license plate number or Strelka card number. 123456 is the passport number; 1111222333 is the Troyka card number).

2. Call the Moscow City Government hotline: +7 (495) 777-77-77.

The phone operator will ask you for the necessary information and process your data to issue you a digital permit. The operator will tell you your permit code over the phone. You can write it down on a piece of paper and show it to the authorities if you are stopped. The hotline is operated in Russian and English.

3. Go to the Moscow City Government website (in Russian).

Register on the website, login, choose the service ‘Receive a digital permit for travel within Moscow’, enter the necessary data, and submit your request.

Pro Tip: Submitting a permit request via text (SMS) is the simplest way to receive a permit if you don't speak Russian.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I attach a photo of myself to my permit request?

No, you do not need to attach a photo.

What home address should I indicate when applying for a permit online—the address indicated on my registration or, if different, the address of the place where I live?

Indicate the address of where you are staying in Moscow. You do not need to indicate the address if you are applying for a permit via SMS.

My Moscow registration is not up-to-date. Can I still receive a digital travel permit?

Yes. On your request, simply indicate the address of where you are living in Moscow. You do not need to indicate the address if you are applying for a permit via SMS.

In what circumstances do I need a permit?

You need a permit if you are going to travel within the city by car, taxi, public transport, or personal transportation such as a personal car, bicycle, scooter, etc.

In what cases do I not need a pass?

If you are traveling on foot for purposes that are permitted by self-isolation rules outlined by the order of the Mayor of Moscow, you do not need a permit. For example, you can walk your dog within a 100-meter radius of your home, take out the garbage, or go to your nearest grocery store or pharmacy.

How long is a digital permit valid for, and how often can I receive one?

Employee permits are valid until April 30.

One-time permits for medical visits are valid for one day. There is no limit to the number of medical permits you can receive.

One-time permits for other private purposes are valid for one day. You can receive permits of this category no more than twice a week.

How far can I travel with my digital permit?

You can travel any distance. When applying for a one-time travel permit online, you will indicate the departure address and the destination address. If applying via text (SMS), you must indicate the destination address. You do not need the departure address. To obtain a work-related travel permit, you do not need to indicate the addresses.

Is it possible to be denied a digital permit? What may be the reasons for this?

You won’t be issued a permit if your inquiry includes incomplete or incorrect information. Please check your entered information and re-apply.

I need a travel permit right away. Won’t it take a while for my passport information to be verified? What do I do?

Digital travel permits are issued online and do not require any waiting time for interagency verification checks.

Can I travel within the Moscow Region with this permit?

Yes, a permit obtained in Moscow is valid for travel within the Moscow Region (Moskovskaya oblast’). Similarly, a pass issued in the Moscow Region will be valid in Moscow.

Can I travel around the city by taxi?

Yes, you can, if you have a digital permit for travel to an appropriate destination. The taxi service will check your permit when you order a car.

I ride a bicycle or a scooter. Do I need a permit?

Yes, you will have to get a permit for travel around the city by bike or scooter.

I need to travel to another region. What should I do?

In order to travel to another region, you must get a one-time travel permit for other purposes. Make sure to check the current rules that are in place in your destination region.

I need to go on a business trip or vacation. What should I do?

A necessary long trip is a valid reason to leave your place of residence. You’ll need to get a pass for 'a one-time trip for other purposes'.

I need to go out to buy groceries. What should I do?

You can leave your home to buy groceries or other items that are not limited by the Moscow Mayor’s order. Try to go to stores that are closest to your home. If you are going shopping on foot, you do not need a permit. If you need to travel by car or public transport to do your shopping, you must request a permit and select ‘one-time trip for other purposes’.

Do kids need a digital permit?

Children under 14 do not need a travel permit. Children aged 14 and older must have a digital permit if leaving their home for the reasons outline above that require a permit.

Who can check my digital permit?

You must show your digital permit to representatives of official bodies enforcing self-isolation compliance.

Taxi services may also check your permit when you order a car.

I’ve received a digital permit. What should I do to use it?

Save your permit code by writing it down, printing it out, or taking a screenshot of it on your phone in order to be able to show it to officials enforcing self-isolation regime compliance. You can show your digital pass in any way: on a mobile device or on paper. You must also have your ID, which is indicated in the pass, with you.

How will the official check the information on my permit?

The official will enter your digital pass code into their device, and the system will provide them your information and the purpose of your trip. They will cross-check this data with your proof of ID.

What happens if I leave my home without a digital permit?

If you are traveling by foot and abiding by the isolation rules established by the Moscow Mayor’s order, you do not need a digital permit. If you are going to work or are using transportation for other purposes, you must obtain a travel permit.

If you are detained while traveling without a digital permit, you will be issued a warning or fined 1,000-30,000 roubles. If the same action causes harm to the health of others or property damage, or if it is a repeat violation, you will be liable to pay a fine of 15,000-50,000 roubles.

Violation of the self-isolation regime by car is punishable by a fine of 5,000 roubles. The police are within their rights to detain and impound your vehicle.

Are digital permits free?

The digital permits are issued for free. If you required to pay for your permit, do not do it—this is fraud!—and report the incident to the police.

Will my personal data be protected?

All personal data given to the city by Moscow residents to obtain a permit will be stored on the territory of Russia in a protected circuit of the Moscow City IT Department Information Centre. When the state of high alert is lifted, all information collected in the digital permit system will be destroyed.

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April 14, 2020