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HSE Dormitories Introduce New Policy to Prevent the Spread of Covid-19

Students returning to campus from other regions must self-isolate in designated dormitory rooms for two weeks

Beginning April 29, self-isolation will be obligatory for students returning to Moscow from other regions. The new policy is aimed at preventing the spread of Covid-19 among students.

Students who have left their dorm rooms for a long period of time and have now decided to return must contact the dorm director at least 24 hours in advance and inform them of the date and time of their arrival. The student will get a response letter indicating at which dormitory they should arrive.

Rooms for self-isolation will be provided at two university dorms: Dubki and No. 7. The rooms will be equipped with tea kettles, microwave ovens, and disposable tableware. The students will have to stay in these rooms for two weeks.

The main goal of this policy is to protect HSE students and prevent the spread of Covid-19 in the dormitories. The new policy has received the support of the HSE Student Council.

The has come to the HSE administration's attention that students have understandably grown tired of long-term restrictions, and some students have started violating the social distancing rules. Just in the last week, four students have departed to visit their families and were planning on returning in the near future.

During the whole period of the pandemic, there has not been one Covid-19 case registered at the HSE University dormitories, but the epidemic is spreading in Russia's regions, and regional travel may lead to the spread of the virus in the dorms.

HSE University cannot ban its students from leaving the dorms or returning to them, and that’s why it had to introduce obligatory self-isolation for those who return. For those who have already departed to their home cities, the university recommends that you stay there until the end of the pandemic.

The new rule applies only to students who are absent from their dormitory for more than 24 hours. Students are still permitted to leave the dorms to go to a grocery store, pharmacy, or work.

Viktor Emelyanov, Director for Dormitory, Guesthouse and Recreation Centre Management, answered our questions about the new policy.

What will be the consequences if a student doesn’t follow the new policy?

They will be brought to disciplinary responsibility.

How long will the policy remain in effect?

Beginning April 29, 2020, and until the end of the high-alert regime in Moscow and Moscow Region.

Where are the isolation dorms located? Are students supposed to take their belongings with them or not?

The isolation dorms are located at two addresses: Dubki Dorm and Dorm No. 7 (Moscow, 5 Saratovsky Proezd, Building 2). The dorms have isolated rooms to accommodate students.

The rooms are equipped with beds, a fridge, a microwave oven, kettles, cooking ware, dishes, forks and spoons. There is a toilet, a wash basin, and a shower. There will be a supply of sanitizers, as well as cleaning utensils with disinfection agents. Students do the cleaning themselves.

A student who decides to come back to the dorm must contact the dorm director. They will be informed that as they return to Moscow, they are going not to their dorm, but directly into isolation to Dubki or Dorm No. 7. The information on the exact address of isolation dorm will be sent to the student’s university email.

It is up to the students whether to take their belongings or do without.

Self-isolation of students who come back is a necessary measure today to protect the other students who reside at the dorms.

How will the isolated students get their meals?

According to the Moscow Mayor’s Order No. 34-UM of 29.03.2020 and the Moscow Region Governor’s Order No. 163-PG of 31.03.2020, students can leave the dorm for a short period of time to buy food in the nearest grocery store, go to a pharmacy, or take out the garbage.

Will the isolated students’ health be monitored? How?

Yes, their body temperature will be taken three times a day. The thermometers will be in the rooms. If someone feels unwell, a doctor will be called.

April 28, 2020